5 Cool and Unique Ear Piercings



Top Cute Ear Piercings Ideas

One of the easiest way to spice up your look is to add an interesting and unique ear piercing (or a few!). Unlike tattoos, piercings can be removed which means that you can enjoy making a statement without worrying that you are stuck with it long term if you decide it no longer is what you want to wear. Although there is nothing wrong with having unpierced ears or keeping it simple with a standard lobe piercing, adding a unique ear piercing can be a lot of fun if you want to add a bit of edginess to your look. Having said that, it is important to take care of your ear piercing even after you think it has healed because improper care can lead to scarring and infection. If you are looking for some inspiration for your next ear piercing, keep reading because we have compiled a list of our favorite 10 unique ear different ear piercings!

1Tragus Piercing

Why we love this piercing: This adorable piercing is awesome because it is pretty subtle as far as piercings go, but the placement is unique enough that you will get some major style points! The “tragus refers to the small oval shaped piece of cartilage outside of the ear canal. The great thing about this piercing is that is looks equally great with a ring or a stud, so you can enjoy changing up your look!

What to expect: As far as cartilage piercings go, the tragus is on the lower end of the pain scale since there are not too many nerve endings in this location. If you want to minimize the pain experienced during the piercing, you should use a straight barbell piece of jewelry (which will look like a stud on the outside). Though you may wish to wear the ring right away, rings cause more pain during the piercing process so it is recommended to wait to change out your jewelry until the piercing has healed. At a minimum, you should expect that your tragus piercing will cause discomfort and be prone to infection for 3 to 6 months. During this time, you will need to be diligent about cleaning it and cautious to avoid knocking into it, getting hair caught around the piercing, or messing with it. Like all piercings, you should ensure that you go to a high-quality piercer and follow the professional advice and instruction given for aftercare for your tragus piercing.

2Double Forward Helix Piercing

Why we love this piercing: The forward helix piercing is at the front top of your ear, above the tragus. While single forward helix piercings look awesome, we think double forward helix piercings look super cute. We love that they are easy to disguise when you have your hair down, and then you can reveal an edgy surprise when you put your hair up!

What to expect: The forward helix piercing can be a bit high on the pain scale depending on how thick your cartilage is. However, the pain is momentary so it’s definitely worth it if you love the look. Although it can be tempting to get both of your forward helix piercings done at the same time, it might be a good idea to do one at a time so that you can focus on healing a single area rather than two. As with all piercings, ensure that you get your piercing done at a high-quality establishment and make sure to care for your piercing according to the instructions you receive. Since you may be in the habit of tucking your hair behind your ears, be careful not to knock your forward helix piercing because it will be painful and touching it increases the risk of infection.

3Daith Piercing

Why we love this piercing: The daith piercing goes through the inner fold of cartilage in the top inside of your ear. Although a lot of jewelry looks great in this place, we are absolutely in love with the heart shaped daith earring!

What to expect: The daith is a tricky place to pierce because of the curves of the cartilage. Some ears are not able to be pierced in this location so make sure you consult with your piercer before you get your heart set on this piercing. In order to minimize pain during your piercing and reduce the risk of infection during healing, use a barbell instead of a captive bead ring or the heart jewelry. Although it is possible to get the heart jewelry right away, it is not recommended because it is more likely to cause problems while you heal. The pain of this piercing depends on your cartilage thickness and shape, but keep in mind that you will probably not be able to comfortably wear earphones until it heals.

4Conch Piercing

Why we love this piercing: The conch is definitely a bold piercing and is perfect if you want to make a statement! The piercing passes through the thick cartilage in your inner ear and it looks great with both a captive bead ring and a stud!

What to expect: We can’t lie to you, this piercing hurts A LOT. The cartilage in this area is super thick and the horrible noise that you hear as the piercing needle creates the hole will be seared in your memory for some time. Having said that, this piercing looks so good and we haven’t met anyone who has regretted getting there’s done! When you get your conch piercing done, try to sleep on the opposite ear because your new piercing will get very sore if you continually sleep on it!

5Snug Piercing

Why we love this piercing: The only thing cuter than the name of this piercing is the piercing itself. We love how unexpected it looks. At first glance, it seems like a normal upper lobe piercing, but it’s so much cooler upon further inspection!

What to expect: This piercing varies on the pain scale. For some people it feels like an uncomfortable but brief pressure, and for others, it is excruciating. Like all piercings though, the pain does not last long. The most important thing you can do to ensure that you maximize the success of your healing process is to ensure that your piercer uses a barbell that is long enough to accommodate initial swelling. The piercing will swell a bit, and if the barbell is too short, your swelling with overtake the piercing and cause problems. Other than that, this piercing doesn’t feel great when you first get it, but it heals well if you care for it properly and it looks so amazing!

Has this list inspired you to add some cool jewelry to your ears? These are our top 5 picks for unique and cool ear piercings, but don’t forget that there are other piercings out there that didn’t make the list. Even though there are some terrifying piercing gone wrong pictures on the web, most people get piercings without any problems so you don’t need to panic. As long as you care for your piercing properly and are patient with the process, you can be confident that you will enjoy a new awesome piercing without any complications!



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