30 Disney Inspired Outfits

disney inspired outfit

Must Have Disney Inspired Outfits

It’s always fun to go back to our childhood and have a bit of fun with fashion – and after our Disney inspired makeup and nail ideas, it’s time to go through our favorite Disney inspired outfits. Whether you were a fan of beautiful princesses such as Cinderella or Pocahontas, the villains, such as Ursula, or the more fun classics such as Alice in Wonderland, you will definitely get inspiration from these creative Disney looks!

1Mary Poppins inspired Outfit

This is a very modern, everyday representation of the Disney classic, and we are in love with this cute little outfit! The black hat, the red tie with the collared shirt and the floral accessories on the hat make the reference to Mary Poppins obvious, even if it’s something surprising.

2Ariel Inspired Outfit

Instead of the regular purple-green-red combination (Ariel’s mermaid look), this outfit took inspiration from Ariel’s human look, with the pastel ad dark blue shades and the huge bow accessory. Our favorite part of the look has to be the high waisted, button up shorts!

3Old School Disney

If you would just like to add a hint of Disney inspiration to your look, why not experiment with pins? These Mickey Mouse pins look adorable, especially with the vintage, acid wash denim jacket.

4Alice in Wonderland

Alice’s is look is pretty easy to recreate, so it’s a great choice for any dress-up event. A white T-shirt or top with a puffy, blue A-line skirt and black accessories (black hair tie or bow and high-heeled oxford shoes or platforms) is easy to get from anywhere, and you can make it, even more, Disney by adding vintage jewelry or making your own „Drink Me” necklace.

5Monochrome Mickey Outfit

Who doesn’t love an A-line leather skirt? Especially if it’s matched with a black and white Mickey Mouse T-shirt! For this look, we would recommend adding a pop of red either on your lips or nails, and a pair of cute, yellow or black heels!

6Belle Inspired Outfit

Belle’s regular outfit would be perfect for the first day of school! With the round neck blue top, white A-line skirt and brown oxford bag, it’s a cute, romantic and casual overall look. To emphasize its Belle reference, put your hair in a ponytail or in pigtail braids.

7Ursula Outfit

The lace up black top with the dark purple bottoms and the light purple accessories is a great combo that reminds us of Ursula, the villain from The Little Mermaid. For a dress up party, you can make it more dressy and costumy by adding seashells to your outfit or switching the shorts to a dramatic, purple tulle skirt.

8Jasmine Inspired Outfit

Besides the beautiful light turquoise shade of the outfit, the off shoulder crop top matched with the tulle skirt is absolutely stunning as well. If you don’t have pastel blue heels, wear gold pumps, and don’t forget to add gold, statement jewelry to your outfit.

9Wendy Inspired Outfit

Peter Pan’s sweetheart, Wendy tends to be a forgotten Disney character, but besides her personality, her style was memorable as well! To recreate her outfit, choose a baby blue dress and add a bow to your wavy hair. Keep your accessories neutral, such as beige, tan or white.

10Cinderella Outfit

Another pastel blue princess’ outfit inspired by Cinderella. We love the interesting mix of the satin crop top and the taupe tulle skirt, but what really make this look pop are the crystal statement necklace and the snakeskin clutch. For a dress up party, add a crystal tiara to the outfit!

11Belle Outfit

If you’d like to see a more literal interpretation of the Belle look, this one will win you over. The white peasant blouse with the baby blue dungaree skirt and the side ponytail is just perfect.

12Snow White Inspired Outfit

The adorable, Peter Pan collar white lace and dark blue top matches perfectly with the red skirt and creates nostalgic Snow White vibes. Add red lipstick, yellow heels/nail polish and vintage curls to your look to complete the Snow White inspiration.

13Pocahontas Outfit

This Pocahontas inspired outfit is the perfect everyday summer look! The beige shirt dress with the belt and brown fringed accessories will emphasize your summer tan, and it goes perfectly with the turquoise details and beaded jewelry.

14Classic Princess

We are not even sure which Disney princess this dress could reflect (maybe Cinderella?), but we had to include it in our list because of its design…the combination of materials and colors is breathtaking.

15The Little Mermaid Outfit

From casual and formal outfits to something very comfy, this Ariel loungewear immediately stole our hearts, especially the frilled, green and purple little shorts.

16Dumbo Outift

Dumbo has to have one of the most heartbreaking stories in Disney’s histories, and if you loved him just as much as we did, you will need this outfit in your life as well. Besides the pink and grey T-shirt, the purple shades and the grey shoes tie this look together beautifully.

17Grunge Mickey Outfit

The ripped jean shorts, the red and black plaid shirt, the grey Mickey T-shirt and the edgy accessories…this look takes the classic Mickey Mouse print and shades to a whole new level.

18Casual Mickey Mouse Look

For the first glance, you might not even realize the Mickey Mouse element on the T-shirt, but this is what makes it even more special. If you’d like to make it more Minnie or Mickey Mouse inspired, switch from the striped cardigan to an oversized, polka dot one.

19Everyday Tulle Outfit

Who says you can’t dress like a princess on a casual Tuesday? Match a tulle midi skirt with an oversized sweater or T-shirt for a mix of comfy and formal vibes! For princess Belle, choose a yellow skirt, but if you’d like to channel Cinderella or Alice, go with a baby blue skirt instead.

20Subtle Inspiration

Another way instead of T-shirt prints is Mickey in your jean pockets! How adorable is that? We would rock this outfit with a polka dot or striped T-shirt and a pair of high heel boots.

21Lilo & Stitch Outfit

One of the cutest Disney characters, Stitch is now on T-shirts and sweaters as well, and it’s just the ideal summer outfit matched with high waisted or crochet shorts, sunglasses and gladiator sandals.

22Cheshire Cat

If you decide to go with the iconic Disney character, the Cheshire cat, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and take it to a whole new level. Anything pink and purple striped can work from tulle skirts and midi dresses to jeans and a T-shirt. Make sure to include that crazy smile makeup as well if you are going to a dress up party.

23Jane Outfit

The way this outfit incorporates warm tones and fun, asymmetric shapes reminds us of Jane from Tarzan, especially with the gold bangles and the leopard print bag.

24Lilo Inspired Outfit

Could you think of a cuter summer outfit than this Hawaiian, red and white floral print dress? The strapless, sweetheart neckline matches the A-line silhouette perfectly, and besides brown accessories, it can also be combined with red, black or white shoes and bag. Don’t forget to put a flower in your hair!

25Megara Outfit

Who wouldn’t like to recreate this beautiful Greek goddess look with a pop of purple and gold? If you want something more extra, choose a bright purple, sheer maxi dress and add gold hairband and cuffs to finish the outfit. For shoes, gladiator sandals is a must!

26Princess Vibes

If you want something more girly and fun than the Mickey Mouse pins, we’ve got the right solution for you princesses such as Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Jasmine and Cinderella. The small pastel and hot pink hearts make the jacket even cuter, but we would love to see a gothic, black version of this princess jacket as well with a black, ripped jacket or vest.

27Rapunzel Inspired Outfit

There is something so romantic about lavender and lilac shades, especially if they are combined with florals and white accessories. This look channels Rapunzel with an A-line, white collared dress, killer heels, gold jewels and of course, a purple and burgundy floral headband.

28Grunge Cinderella Outfit

This combination is surprising and daring, and it is the perfect mix of casual and feminine! We can totally imagine Cinderella rocking something like this: the top with the bow detail, the flannel shirt and the ripped shorts match perfectly with the white, high heeled boots.

29Captain Amelia

She is definitely an overrated character, but the captain from Treasure Island has a killer style, which you can easily recreate with the help of a white silk or satin shirt, long boots, a navy and gold blazer and a hat! For a dress-up party, don’t forget to create a cat makeup look to imitate her perfectly.

30Kida Outfit

Kida from Atlantis was one of my personal favorite Disney characters ever, so I had to include her in our list. The shades of different blues, her gorgeous necklace, silver hair and bold makeup looked so different from usual Disney princess looks, and it’s actually easy to recreate with sheer, asymmetric dresses and a white or silver wig.



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