Reasons Why I Love You

reasons why i love you


Best Reasons Why I Love You

Sometimes when you love someone, it can be hard to articulate exactly why you love them since your feelings are so strong and overwhelming! Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for writing your wedding vows or you just want some ideas for something cute to text your special someone, keep reading to see our top picks for reasons you love them!

1Reason Why I Love You #1: I love you because you are kind to everyone, even people who may not deserve your kindness.

What makes this special?: Truly kind people treat everyone with kindness and this quality is especially impressive when they demonstrate kindness toward people who they don’t “need” to be nice to. It can take strength and self-control to bite your tongue if someone is rude to you, so this is an impressive characteristic that the person you love will appreciate you admire in them!

2Reason Why I Love You #2: I love you because you know how to light up a room and make everyone feel comfortable and welcome even if you’d prefer to keep to yourself.

What makes this special?: More often than not, the people who seem to be natural hosts are not any less insecure than anyone else in the room. There is nothing wrong with keeping to yourself at a party, but there is something very impressive and self-less about taking the time to reach out to other people make an effort to help them have a good time and feel relaxed and comfortable.

3Reason Why I Love You #3: I love you because you remind me to see the good in every person and situation even when it is easier for me to be negative.

What makes this special?: It’s very easy to see other people as competition and obstacles that stand in the way of getting what you want and what you think you deserve. Similarly, it is very easy to lose perspective and think that when something bad happens to you, it is the worst thing in the world and that you have been targeted unfairly. It is an extremely admirable quality to be able to see people and situations optimistically instead of indulging the first negative thoughts that come to mind. If the person you love has this quality, you should definitely let them know you love them for it!

4Reason Why I Love You #4: I love you because you don’t take life too seriously and have an incredible sense of humor.

What makes this special?: Life is short and it is a drag to be around people who are always worrying and complaining about the small things! While it’s important to take certain things seriously, having a generally relaxed approach to life is awesome and helps you make the most out of your time on earth. People who are positive and who choose to find the humor in seriousness are the most fun to surround yourself with!

5Reason Why I Love You #5: I love you because you make an effort to spend time with my friends and family.

What makes this special?: Putting yourself out there and hanging out with people who are not in your primary social circle can be tough, especially for people who can experience social anxiety! Making an effort to spend time with the people who are important to your significant other, or to your friends, is absolutely a loving gesture. If someone you love makes an effort to spend time with the people who are important to you, this is definitely a reason to love them!

6Reason Why I Love You #6: I love you because you are amazing at everything you do, but you never brag or make anyone feel inferior.

What makes this special?: Vain people are tiresome and frustrating to be around. If the person you love is super awesome, but also super humble, you definitely should think about how lucky you are to have someone like this in your life and remind them that this is a reason you love them!

7Reason Why I Love You #7: I love you because you always own up to your mistakes.

What makes this special?: It takes a lot of humility and maturity for someone to own up to their mistakes instead of staying defensive. The important thing is not that the person you love never makes mistakes, but that they are the kind of person who understands that apologizing for a mistake is always more admirable than “being right.”

8Reason Why I Love You #8: I love you because you make me feel like my true self when I am around you.

What makes this special?: Most people have conscious and unconscious walls up around people that they don’t fully trust. When someone is able to make you feel completely safe and at ease with yourself, it is very natural to love them for it!

9Reason Why I Love You #9: I love you because you are able to have fun no matter where you are or what you are doing.

What makes this special?: Sure, it’s easier to have fun when you’re doing exactly what you like or if the situation you find yourself in isn’t challenging. However, there is something awesome and impressive about people who are able to be positive and happy even if they can’t control the situation. This is a great reason to say why you love them because it shows how much you respect their outlook on life!

10Reason Why I Love You #10: I love you because you make time to relax, but you are not lazy.

What makes this special?: Everyone needs to relax in order to maintain mental health, but there is a big difference between enjoying relaxing and being a lazy person. Lazy people are not motivated beyond achieving their immediate comfort and don’t put themselves in situations in which they will be challenged. It’s hard to love someone who is fundamentally lazy because it makes them very self-involved and boring. Considering this, it definitely makes sense to love someone for being motivated and self-respecting!

11Reason Why I Love You #11: I love you because there is no one else in the world like you and I can’t imagine my life without you.

What makes this special?: It’s totally valid to love someone simply because they are unique and make you feel a certain way that no one else does!

12Reason Why I Love You #12: I love you because you are cute no matter what you are wearing or what you are doing.

What makes this special?: This is definitely one of the more light-hearted reasons to love someone that made this list. Having said that, love isn’t always mushy and deep, sometimes you can get that giddy, butterflies-in-stomach feeling by just by thinking about how cute your special person is in all situations!

13Reason Why I Love You #13: I love you because you know what you like and what you want, but you are not afraid to try new things.

What makes this special?: It can be difficult and frustrating to love someone who either has no idea what they want, or someone who has such tunnel-vision about what they want that they can’t deviate from their plan. It is a wonderful quality to balance a solid sense of self with an open-mind, and this characteristic is definitely something to love in someone!

14Reason Why I Love You #14: I love you because I know I can always count on you to be there for me.

What makes this special?: Love is something that grows over time, and often results from situations in which you realize that someone goes above and beyond to make you feel valued and special. The thing about this quality is that it takes a lot of time to realize that someone is always there for you so you may not love someone for this reason right away. However, over time, this is one of the strongest reasons to love someone since love is about being able to be confident that someone always has your back-and knowing that you have their back too.

15Reason Why I Love You #15: I love you because you’re you.

What makes this special?: This is perhaps the simplest reason on this list, but we would argue that it is probably the most poignant. The phrase ‘unconditional love’ has been one of the most romantic in history for a reason, and that’s what #15 is all about. Being able to love someone for no other reason than that they are themselves is incredibly romantic and represents the purest love there is. When you can love someone not for what they do for you, but simply because they are who they are, it is true love. This is because the love that lasts forever is the unconditional love that exists through thick and thin and grows stronger no matter what the circumstances are.



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