30 Cute Hipster Outfits For Girls

hipster outfits for girls

30 Cute Hipster Outfits

The Hipster look is often scrutinized for being somewhat pretentious, think back to the golden days of Tumblr – #hipster alert! Sighing at the copious quantities of flannel and the trilbies… oh the trilbies… but the hipster look is all about looking smart yet edgy, pretentious maybe, but when you see these hispter outfit looks you will realize it is totally worth it!

1Less Is More

Put your designer gear aside for casual, loose-fitting clothes. An oversized vintage tee will now be part of your lengthy dress collection, and team it with knee-high socks and a trilby hat for an edgy look. Add a choker for a 90s twist!

2Slouchy Chic

Nothing is wrong with wanting to look as chilled out as you aspire to be! Slouchy tees tucked into jeans with an oversized coat is perfect for fall and the beginning of winter. Ripped jeans are the perfect way of showing a bit of skin whilst wrapping up warm. Last but not least, add loafers, a comfy and practical shoe that still adds a hint of sophistication to your outfit!

3Mesh Edge

Mesh will instantly add that much-needed edge to a simple outfit. It also makes your look seem sexier. Dare to bare with a cute bralet and high-waisted skater skirt to show off those long pins. Get snap-happy with this look and prepare yourself for Insta-fame!

4Casual Vibes Only

You can’t go wrong with a cropped top and slouchy jeans for the ultimate casual look. Throw on a pair of shades and lace-up brogues for that Hipster factor. High-waisted Mom jeans will sit perfectly on your hips and elongate your legs with the cropped legs. A messy bun will complete the casual vibes of this outfit.

5Fab And Frayed

This Hipster look is ideal for the hot temperatures! For summer, we do love short shorts, but we are a bit tired of the same old Daisy Dukes. Frayed denim is in and adds texture to your outfit. Team with a band tee for a tomboy feel and tie your hair up into the messiest bun possible – yup #messyhairdontcare!

6Daring Dungarees

Dungarees aren’t just for 5 year olds now guys! Slip a cute, baggy sweater underneath for a trendy librarian look. We would team these with white sneakers for an even fresher look, combining old and new to make this wonderful outfit. Keep your makeup basic and let your fave dungarees do the talking.

7Vintage Shirt

There is nothing wrong with a loud shirt! The louder, the better! Don’t be afraid to step into your local thrift store for some truly amazing finds. Then, turn a summer spin on it with some girly denim shorts and a suede satchel. Slick your hair up into a ponytail and add a bit of red lippy for a pop of color!

8The Groupie

What Hipster look would be complete without Vans? Vans slip-ons are sometimes neglected, but these classic checkered ones are so reminiscent of 2000s Avril Lavigne. Show off your cutest socks, and team pastel pink and light blue denim for a girly yet hip look. We recommend adding a slither of pastel pink blush onto your cheekbones to freshen your complexion and match your fave sweater!

9Shearling Perfection

If you are already eyeing up your next winter coat or jacket, shearling will be making another comeback this fall. It is effortless, comfortable and truly stands out from the somewhat smarter coats. Team ripped cropped jeans and your beloved Converse for a youthful yet warm look!

10Vamp It Up

Bored of your sweater dress? Don’t throw it out – change it up! How can you do that? Get your hands on some crazy tights. You may have seen fishnet tights and socks are back – so why not make this look a Hipster one? It is sexy yet casual, and will still keep you warm during those winter months.

11Parisian Hip

Stripy shirts, brogues, this outfit screams Parisian, yet with the Hipster twist of these thick-framed glasses, will combine two looks into one. Slip on a pair of straight leg jeans that will show a slither of ankle and make the outfit more feminine.

12Striking Combos

For the start of Fall, why not team two of the most stunning colors together? Navy blue and mustard compliment each other wonderfully and are on trend all year round. A mustard midi skirt will be timeless AND hip! We love the addition of super bright hair for that shock factor!

13Cat Lady

A cute cat print tee is a must have, even if it is just for lounging around at home, you have to admit – you want it! Make the outfit all that much more playful with dungarees, and add the Hipster glasses and hat for an Instagrammable outfit.

14Serious In Stripes

Blue and white bank stripes are in this summer, so don’t miss out on this cute trend! Thick glasses and cute little ankle socks will add that Hipster Schoolgirl vibe we used to see around Tumblr back in the day. A straw hat will be the perfect finishing touch to this summer look!

15The Slogan Jacket

Anything with a sassy slogan is so hipster. Team it with basic tops and jeans to let the slogan bomber do the talking. We love the Grease vibes coming from this bomber jacket. This one is from British brand Olive & Frank, and there is plenty more where that came from!

16Dark Days

There is nothing wrong with going dark some days. So what if it is summer? Black can still be your go-to color. Black sunnies and crop top make this outfit edgier and less feminine. Finish the look off with a delicate choker.

17Hipster Summer Style

There is nothing a band tee can’t do to change the look from feminine and flirty to hipster. We love this outfit, and the belt just pulls it all together and cinches you in too! Team with crisp white sneakers for a fresh look. The accessories make this outfit – the burgundy fedora and bag add texture and tick all the right boxes.

18Velvet Dreams

Velvet has made its comeback and is perfect for those night out wardrobe dilemmas. It instantly looks glam and clings to your curves. Layer it over a long sleeve shirt for a casual yet sexy vibe. Add a pair of sunnies and you are good to go!

19Printed Pants

The Hipster look isn’t always all about the denim! Printed pants are effortless, comfy and just work with literally everything! Whether it’s a cropped top, a band tee or a dressy blouse, these pants will solve those wardrobe crises. Team with sneakers for a sporty vibe.

20Girly Hipster

If your look is preppy, but you want to embrace your inner hipster, why not mix the two together? This concoction is girly with its subtle touches of floral and pastel pink, yet the sweater and shirt combo is so hipster. Layer some pearls to add another dimension to the look.

21Love Layering

Layering is essential to getting the hipster look. Team your comfiest sweater with a basic tee that will poke out from under the top layer and will add more detail to your look. Finish the look with a messy bun and a thick black choker.

22Tartan Times

We love a bit of tartan, and navy blue and green again, add a school girl vibe. Chose a flirty skater skirt and a slogan sweater for a bit of sass. Team these with loafers during the warmer months to add a hint of sophistication.

23Geek Chic

There is nothing wrong with a bit of geek chic! A floral shirt will spice up your wardrobe and will work with so many of your things – the more extravagant, the better! Team it with low waist shorts and throw on a cardigan for those breezy evenings.

24Lace It Up

We want this lace-up top for ourselves! It just looks effortlessly cool, which is what the hipster look is all about. Tuck it into some high waist jeans and throw on a light blue wash denim jacket to compliment the top and also that summer tan of yours! We love the vintage feel of this denim jacket, it just looks so edgy!

25Pretty Pinafore

Pinafores are cute all year round – for the summer, light blue denim pinafores will freshen up your wardrobe, but in the winter, you can go all out on those dark shades! Burgundy just pops out over a light blue shirt, yet doesn’t distract us from it. Apply some burgundy lipstick to match with minimal eye makeup.

26Tweed Chic

Tweed can look very pretentious but hey, isn’t that the whole point? Don’t be afraid to be out there with your personal style. We love these cropped tweed pants, and the layering of tights and socks add different textures to the look and make it that bit crazier. Team some cute buckled shoes from Dr Martens for a spot of innocence.

27In The Band

Band tees are everywhere at the moment – ACDC, Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones… get your mitts on some of your own to integrate into your wardrobe! Tucking it into these muted red jeans is an understated yet cool look. Sunglasses make you look even cooler if that is even possible!

28Festival Fabulous

What were we saying about patterned shirts? Tucked into shorts, they are perfect for any summer concerts or festivals you have lined up. Throw your hair into space buns for a touch of the 90s and a cute rucksack will be your companion on the trips you have planned!

29A-Line Amazing

A-line skirts have been in style for a while, but our faves are the denim skirts! They cling to your hips and cinch you in at the waist, all whilst being flattering on the thighs. Tucking a basic tee will make it casual, but you can wear these all day and all night. For the evening, exchange your top for a smart white blouse – it is that simple!

30Distressed Denim

Distressed and washed out denim is another must-have. We love this denim jacket that has been washed out for a vintage feel. If you have an old denim jacket lying around, why not do the rips yourself? There are tons of tutorials online for you to try! Then you will have a truly unique piece.



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