35 Cute Outfits With Leggings

cute outfits with leggings

35 Cute Outfits With Leggings

Everyone loves a casual day in with a pair of leggings, a Netflix series and a hot chocolate, but your Sunday favorite can be used all throughout the week if styled right. From colorful and sporty to cute and classy, we’ve gathered for you our favorite chic and cute outfits with leggings to inspire and guide you how to wear leggings in a fresh new way every day.

1Sport Street Style Leggings Outfit

For the girl on the go, leggings with a stylish oversized hoodie will do the trick. This look is perfect for those colder days towards the end of fall, and is a cool way of embracing the sportswear trend without over-facing yourself. A cute beanie hat will add a girly touch to the whole look – the fluffier the pompom, the better!

2Cute And Classy Outfits

If the sportswear trend isn’t your cup of tea, then how about this one? It is casual, yet simple and is a smart way of wearing leggings. Throw over a chunky knit for the beginning of the season, and a statement handbag if you want the outfit to look more glamorous. Finish the look with some dramatic oversized sunglasses, and look like you’re on the run from the paparazzi!

3Fabulous Fall Fashion Outfits with Leggings

We love fall, the cooler days mean bringing out our favorite outerwear that we had long forgotten. Team your leggings with some soft camel ankle boots and a khaki jacket to rock the military style that is still so on trend this season. Slip an oversized camel scarf to complete the look and match those gorgeous shoes! Who knew that leggings could look so trendy?

4Sporty Spice Leggings

Whether you’re a gym bunny, or just a beginner, let’s be honest, nothing motivates us more to go to the gym than cute gymwear. A grey, black and white ensemble with a matching Nike baseball cap will make you feel ready to face anything that your coach will throw at you. Treat yourself to some Nike sneakers for extra comfort and style points.

5Pink Perfection Leggings outfit

When wearing all black, a touch of pink will instantly stand out and become elegant. A faux fur gilet is just what you need when the weather is up and down, and this ombré one going from wine to pastel pink is like nothing we’ve ever seen. Team the outfit with wine accessories for a more grown-up, sophisticated vibe.

6Pleather Please Leggings

If you want a grungier look like Kendall, then you can also rock the pleather leggings trend. Throw on an oversized sweater for model off-duty vibes, and of course those oversized sunglasses. With normal leggings, this outfit is a bit basic, but the pleather leggings add another texture and therefore another side to this look.

7Casual Glam Leggings Street Style

If you want a smarter version of Kendall’s look, something that is appropriate for the office, for that interview, or just to flaunt in town with your girl pals, then here it is. A v-neck will flatter all chest sizes, and the length is very flattering yet comfortable, hiding that Starbucks you just had. The leopard print flats add a rock glam edge to the outfit, and they add that much-needed pop of color.

8Awesome Army Leggings Look

Another celebrity we love who is rocking leggings at the moment is Zendaya. Though the white tee and black leggings look is something we could wear on a Sunday in front of Netflix, the military jacket is the center piece and transforms the whole look. The jacket is perfect for slipping on over your gym gear after a hardcore session if you are on the go.

9Oxblood Beauty Leggings Outfit

Another season where oxblood is in and that means that you can wear oxblood pleather leggings. The silver hardware compliments the color beautifully, and the leggings give us true biker vibes with the piping just above the knees. Pair with your favorite knitwear and a biker jacket that also has silver hardware to avoid clashing details.

10Blogger Chic Outfit with leggings

If you lust for a blogger’s wardrobe, this look is a good place to start. This look is, again, based around pleather leggings, but this time, for a more sophisticated look, is styled with a black high neck sweater, and a boyfriend coat. A black designer handbag elevates the loograynd grey sneakers make it practical and comfortable for girls about the town. Roll up the sleeves to show off your accessories and voilà!

11Gorgeous Gymwear Leggings

Nothing is more motivational than gorgeous and girly gymwear. The more eccentric your leggings are, the more you are going to want to go down the gym to show them off. Pink and lilac tones are great for adding a girly touch to your sportswear. Cut out detailing shows a bit of skin and are perfect for showing off that end of summer glow. You have absolutely no excuse to have skipped a gym session now!

12Winter Wonder Leggings

What we love about those winter months, apart from hot chocolates and Christmas, is the perfect slouchy outfits we can get away with wearing. Team your thickest sweater with leggings and lace up boots for serious hipster vibes. A choker and a half up/half down hairstyle will make your look grungy and edgier. Vamp it up with some oxblood lipstick and there you go! Simple winter style in a flash!

13Layer It Up – Layered Outfits With Leggings

Now summer is over, you have the perfect excuse to start layering. Leggings with a long white shirt, a beige cardigan and a military style coat is perfect for school, or for the office. Who said being warm meant not being on trend? Finish the look with some lace up heeled boots to elongate your frame, and pleather gloves for a bit of texture.

14Luxe It Up Leggings Outfit

Nothing can elevate a basic outfit more than a statement piece, whether it be designer or just an eccentric item, throwing it over a basic leggings and tee-shirt combo is the best way to wear it casually. Who wouldn’t want this cute Tommy Hilfiger cardigan in their wardrobe? Sometimes an investment piece is totally worth it if you can through it over your slouchiest, most casual outfit.

15Urbanwear Outfits with Leggings

For the girl about the town, or the city, you can get away with head-to-toe sportswear. Adidas leggings, teamed with an oversized sports sweater and white sneakers, has somewhat of a 90s feel to it. If Kendall and Kylie can pull it off, you can too!

16Fabulous Fake outfit

Another way to dress up a pair of leggings is with an extravagant faux fur coat. Slip on your trusty sneakers and a pair of leggings, and styled with a fabulous faux fur coat will make the outfit seem effortless but with a more glamorous feel. This coat is ideal for throwing over gymwear for those winter sessions too!

17Workwear Ready Outfit with Leggings

If you aren’t allowed basic leggings at work, or for a particular occasion, black pleather leggings are the way to go! They make the look more chic, and cling to your curves. Get a pair that are cut just above the ankle for a sexier, elongated frame. With a high neck sweater and a matching black clutch, this is a look we are longing for, for the next internship or smart casual occasion.

18Marvelous Marble Leggings

We are in love with these marble-print leggings. Despite the crazy pattern, they are so versatile! Wear them with a cute crop top for a tough gym class, or wear them with a baggy black sweater for an everyday look, inspired by our favorite top models. The cut out detailing isn’t too revealing either, which makes them perfect for school!

19Date Night Leggings

I can’t wear leggings on a date night, right? WRONG! Get those pleather leggings out, and style the with a black and white Bardot top for monochrome heaven! You can never go wrong by finishing the look with strappy heels and a black clutch. Your date will definitely sweep you off your feet with this stunning outfit!

20Hip Hype Outfits with Leggings

The hipster look is so in right now, but if you are afraid to fully embrace your inner hipster, mixing flannel with leggings is the best starting point. High-waist leggings are comfortable, more flattering than low-waist ones, and are so convenient for styling with those long lost summer crop tops and a flannel shirt. All you need is those over the top geeky glasses to finish this hip outfit.

21Indie Inspired Look

Another way to perfect your layering skills with leggings is through an indie-inspired look. Dark blue denim shorts, over your favorite leggings, is the perfect autumnal look. Teamed with Doc Martens and a khaki parka, your look will be reminiscent of the 90s.

22London Look Outfit

If you want Kate Middleton-esque vibes, you don’t necessarily need a fancy wardrobe. If you want an early Kate Middleton-inspired look, throw on your favorite pair of leggings, with riding style boots and a navy peacoat with gold hardware for a sophisticated country meets city girl look.

23Cute In Camel Outfit with Leggings

Make your leggings instantly more glamorous by covering up with some gorgeous knee-high camel boots. By doing this, you will get away with wearing leggings at the most dressiest of occasions! A basic stripey Parisian chic top styled with a camel scarf and a statement handbag will turn heads. For a dressier spin, curl your hair for a Hollywood actress on the go outfit.

24Pretty Practical Outfit

Yet again, Zendaya shows us how to rock leggings whilst filming on the set of the latest Spiderman movie. Ideal for a day on the go, for a sporty date or just for a lazy day, just pair your leggings with a basic tee and for extra laid-back vibes, tie your favorite sweater around the waist. You will look so effortlessly cool!

25Celeb Style Outfits with Leggings

We NEED this jacket in our lives, with peplum detailing, it will instantly dress up your leggings and sneakers. Plus, it will be super snug for the winter. Throw on some sunglasses to hide from the world whilst still looking awesome and there you have it – you will look like you mean business!

26Floral Flirt Leggings

If you are bored of black? A floral print legging can revamp your wardrobe and be worn with pretty much any of your tops. A basic grey tee compliments the vibrant colors in this pair of leggings but brings the look a bit more down to Earth. Velvet heels add a glamorous edge to the look, but still keeping it street-appropriate.

27Mermaid Madness Leggings

With the unicorn and mermaid obsessions everywhere at the moment, you might as well get a piece of the action. These mermaid leggings are the stuff dreams are made of. Gold and black give a chic feel, and make these a great go-to pair for fancy dress or a smart occasion. Team with a dressy blouse for a smart but unique outfit.

28Black Basics Leggings look

If you are looking for outfit inspiration for your next #OOTD post on Instagram, don’t overlook your most basic outfit. A black tee and leggings may seem simple but with statement accessories, can make quite the selfie. Team with black combat boots for a military finish.

29Sports Glam Leggings

Who said sportswear didn’t have to be sophisticated? We think this look is not only edgy but colorful. Teal and wine are two of our favorite colors for the upcoming season. Though they are both dark, they compliment each other beautifully. Throw on your favorite baseball cap for the must-have sports accessory.

30Smart Dresser Outfits with Leggings

We love this outfit for a smart/casual occasion. Black leggings and a white tee sound a world away from smart, but styled with a pink dressy blazer and silver accessories, are office or interview appropriate. Tie your hair in a slicked back ponytail for a more glamorous edge.

31Sweet Combo Outfit

Jessica Alba has got this look spot on! A skater mini dress teamed with leggings can avoid any accidental flashings and is also super stylish. The lace up boots add a grunge vibe to the this girly, office inspired look. Slip a navy saddle bag over your shoulder to contrast with the teal dress, and be prepared to impress!

32Instagram Inspiration Outfit

This outfit makes quite the Instagram post. A black crop top with high-waist leggings will show off a hint of mid-drift without being too revealing. Make this outfit work throughout fall and winter with a camel boyfriend coat. This piece will instantly dress up the look, but if you want to make it #streetstylegoals, then throw on your trusty baseball cap!

33Comfy Casual Outfit with Leggings

Knitwear is the perfect way to casual wardrobe goals. A fluffy cardigan is the key to our hearts over the colder months, and adds a pop of color to a basic look. Throw on your favorite Converse for the perfect lazy day outfit.

34Great In Grunge Outfit

If you are more indie, or grunge, how can wear leggings? Leggings, with a badass band tee and an oversized denim jacket. Tie your hair in a messy ponytail, and seriously give off some model off duty vibes. Finish the look off with Vans for a tomboy-ish street style.

35City Stroll Outfit

Last but not least, this color combination is goals! A soft wine shade compliments the camel Timberlands. Tuck the front of the top into your high waist leggings. To finish off this look, we would add a camel pleather backpack for schoolgirl vibes.



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