You Are Amazing Quotes

You Are Amazing Quotes


You Are Amazing Quotes

There are some days when we don’t always feel amazing or special or spectacular. Some days just feel a little blah and we start doubting our potential. But, that’s why we are here- to give you that little inspirational boost you need and to remind you that you are amazing, unique and worthy! Whether you want to make your bae smile today or maybe you’re feeling under the weather, be sure to bookmark these You Are Amazing quotes for when your days or someone else’s that you love get a little gray.

1You Are Amazing Quote

You are amazing, brave, and strong- and you better not forget it! Even when you’re having a bad day, remember that you are brave and strong enough to get through it and that’s what makes you amazing.

2In Case You Forgot

Self-confidence is the key to feeling amazing! When you begin to doubt yourself, that’s when the yucky feelings kick in. So use this mantra to make yourself feel beautiful and unstoppable every single day!

3After Everything

You must remember how far you’ve come in order to see how amazing you really are. Being strong and making it through tough times is an incredible feat that you should never ever forget.

4Stardust And Wishes Quote

You are more amazing than you think you are. You have so much magic in you and all you need to do is touch into it. Find your potential and use it!

5You Are A Treasure

You are a unique treasure. You are able to do amazing things. You may not see them as amazing. But, the ability to make someone’s day or the ability to get through tough times are two amazing skills!

6Always Trying To Be Normal

What makes you absolutely amazing is being yourself. There is no one else in this world quite like you, so don’t let your unique personality and mind go to waste!

7You Matter Quote

Sometimes, we forget that we matter and that we are worthy of everything we have ever dreamed of. Don’t let self-doubt set you back, you are amazing, girl!

8I Hope You Know

It’s hard to stay high when things in your life have you feeling low. But, always remember that you sparkle like a diamond, even in the dark. You are amazing, my friend!

9Keep That Shit Up Quote

There are some people that seem to have the most amazing lives! If people are always telling you how amazing you are, then definitely keep doing what you’re doing and be proud.

10You Are Allowed

You don’t have to have your whole life together right now. You can be both a work in progress and a masterpiece all at once. It’s all about the journey, not the destination.

11By Being Yourself Quote

You are uniquely you. So, embrace it! The world has never seen another you, so show them all that you’ve got. If you do that, you’ll definitely make an impact!

12Just As You Are

It’s hard to see your own worth. That’s why we’re here! To remind you that you are more beautiful and worthy than you will ever know. So, don’t be afraid to fly!

13Darling Quote

This simple reminder should be posted on every girl’s mirror. You ARE fabulous and you better not forget it. You have super powers, girl, use them!

14I Hope You Quote

Every morning you should wake up feeling that you are important and needed in this world. Don’t let anyone or any circumstance make you feel as if you are not important.

15You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

Being amazing is not about being perfect. It’s about embracing the journey that you are on and owning your shit. It’s about giving the world the genuine you.

16Never Let Anyone

We all know that pink Starbursts are so much better than the yellow ones. So, never let anyone treat you like you’re just mediocre. You are amazing, lady!

17Amazing You Become

The more you realize how amazing you are, the more amazing you become. If you start paying attention to being powerful and beautiful and impactful, then the more it will materialize in your life.

18Own That Shit Quote

Recognize that you are amazing and make sure everyone knows that! It’s not about being cocky, it’s about self-confidence. When people know you know your worth, they will respect you more.

19Strong Enough Quote

Love is key when it comes to being amazing. Everything good stems from love. So, taking a stand for what you believe in and helping others make you more amazing than you thought you could be!

20If We Did All The Things

We have so much magic and power inside of ourselves that we must tap into to reach our full potentials. We are so capable of so much, so what’s holding us back?

21You Are So Strong Quote

22Repeat After Me Quote

23Let Yourself Be Proud

24You Are An Incredible Human Being

25Beautiful Girl Quote

26Girl You’re Amazing Quote

27Mediocre Quote

28Just The Way You Are

29You Have More Strength Quote

30In Case No One Has Told You Lately

31Just Be Yourself

32Always Remember Quote

33I Think Women Are Amazing

34You Mustn’t Lose It

35Hey You Are Amazing Quote

36You Are Fabulous Quote

37You are Wonderful Quote

38Things To Remember

39I am Amazing

40You Are Amazing and Quote

41I’m Fab Quote

42You are Beautiful Quote

43You are All Kind of Amazing


These ‘you are amazing’ quotes are definitely spirit boosters! Anyone of these quotes will heighten your mood and help you to see your worth. That’s why it’s a great idea to share these with your friends and post them where you can see them daily because everyone needs a lift now and then!

Some of the quotes on this list talk about our potential. As humans, we have more potential than we know. We have power and magic inside of us that we need to learn to tap into in order to make our dreams come true.

Then there are quotes that talk about being yourself, which is an amazing thing to do! Being yourself and giving the world the gift of you is something no one else can do. So, embrace everything that you are and show the world everything you can do to make an impact!

Hopefully, these quotes will help you to understand just how amazingly special you are!


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