100 Hot Girl Names

hot girl names

100 Hot Girl Names

As much fun as it is to spend hours on name websites looking through lists and lists of perfect baby names with impactful meanings, sometimes you just want a name that rolls off the tongue and sounds beautiful. An important key to choosing a name is the level of attractiveness that it conveys. Picking out a killer name that anyone would fall for is not easy, but to help you on your quest to finding the perfect hot name, here are 100 hot girl names, each with nuances of their own so as to work for any personality.


Aaliyah: Playful and sporty but she loves to get dressed up.

Acadia: An artsy girl whose sketchbook never leaves her side. Has a passion for travel.

Adelaide: Cute and spunky, naturally captures attention.

Adrienne: A classy and elegant gal, you’ll find Adrienne doing shopping in Soho or on her way to a Broadway production.

Alessia: Mysterious and has that aura about her that everyone can’t help but love.


Aly: Bubbly and energetic, Aly’s carefree attitude allows her to be down for whatever fun her friends are up to.

Arden: Very serious and driven about matters important to her, but can also have a laugh when she wants to.

Aria: Her nose is always stuck in a book, and while she knows that people find her beautiful, she has trouble believing it herself.

Arielle: Arielle’s bold and confident nature earns admiration from her peers, but she’s a bit mischievous and sometimes takes things too far.

Ashley: Hot and she knows it, but she plays it cool.


Ava: A bit on the ditsy side, but she’s super kind.

Bea: An old soul, Bea spends her time in vintage record shops and buying expensive coffee.

Brooke: The life of the party. Will do anything for a laugh.

Callie: Insanely beautiful but never relies on her looks to get her anywhere.

Cameron: So stunning that she may come across as cold and intimidating to other girls.


Camila: Playful and sweet. She’s slow to anger, unless you go after her friends.

Cara: Very tall and has the potential to be a model.

Charlotte: Good-natured and follows the rules but isn’t afraid to get down on the dance floor.

Chelsea: That one girl who somehow manages to be involved in every aspect of school.

Christina: Quiet and studious. Has an impressive sweater collection.


Claire: Very active and orderly. Listens to rap music even though you’d never suspect it if you weren’t friends.

Collette: So pretty and talks to everyone. Definitely a foodie, so she finds random excuses to make cupcakes for her friends.

Connie: Effortlessly beautiful and retro.

Cora: Has a rockin’ body and somehow always ends up at the beach.

Ellery: Shy and humble, but opens up a lot once you get to know her.


Emerson: Incredibly smart and competitive, but she is her own biggest obstacle and critic.

Emily: Loves to explore and go on adventures. Naturally beautiful.

Erica: Very fit and takes pride in it. Has awesome hair.

Esmerelda: Enchanting and a bit dark. She’s really cool but puts a lot of walls up.

Everly: Super cute and petite. Always down for a late-night ice cream run.


Fleur: Honest and true, yet has a mysterious allure to her. As per the meaning of her name, she holds a special reverence for gardening.

Freya: Bold and daring, Freya will do whatever it takes to get to the top. Makes the most of each day.

Gemma: Cosmopolitan and complex. Very feminine and polished.

Giselle: While she may come across as a bit pretentious, Giselle just knows what she wants.

Greta: Universally attractive. Has a few quirks but is loved for them.


Gwen: Her outfits are always the envy of an outing. Very beautiful but can be demanding.

Hannah: She is very resourceful and sneaky so as to come off as tough, but she has a soft-spot for those close to her.

Heather: Chirpy and pleasant but doesn’t have a filter and sometimes says disrespectful things.

Isabelle: A genuine sweetheart who puts others before herself. A personality as attractive as her face.

Isla: Does her own thing and everyone loves her for it. Instead of being outcast for having multiple friend groups, she’s popularized because of it.


Jackie: Loves to party and isn’t afraid to let go.

Jade: A tough girl with reservations about letting anyone get too close.

Jenna: Radiant and always the optimist of the group.

Jessica: Insanely pretty and loves to spice things up.

Jordan: Sporty and perky, always up for a new adventure.


Juliet: A romantic, Juliet is remarkably attractive, but sometimes has too high of expectations.

Kate: Outspoken and confident in her beliefs, this fearless girl has a reputation for taking no nonsense.

Kelly: Adorable, helpful, and trendy.

Kelsey: Keeps her head down and tries to be invisible, but is one of the most beautiful girls on the planet.

Kimble: The leader of a hip girl squad.


Kristen: A kind but shy soul and can sometimes let her emotions get the best of her.

Lauren: Always looks to add color to the normal and routine things in life.

Lexie: Flirtatious and coy. Can be construed as a bit superficial, but anyone who knows her understands how real she is.

Linda: Follows her heart despite what anyone says to stop her.

Liza: Very witty and always has a smile on her face.


Lucia: Introverted and confident in solidarity. Doesn’t sacrifice her ideals for anyone.

Luna: A dreamer. Whimsical and hopeful.

Masie: A bit of a daredevil because she loves the thrill.

Makenna: A true bohemian girl. She’s into the stars and music festivals.

Mallory: Very preppy and loves to be in control.


Margot: Secretive and follows the beat of her own drum.

Marissa: Absolutely gorgeous yet has a bit of a superiority complex.

Maya: Seemingly innocent on the outside, Maya has a rebellious side.

Melody: Lets loose whenever someone plays some good tunes.

Merritt: Clever and intuitive, this beauty always has an eye out for her friends.


Mila: Sensible on the regular, yet loses her composure whenever she sees a cute guy.

Nadia: Beautiful and smart, she’s the perfect package.

Naomi: Very animated and understanding.

Natalia: Attractive but can be pretentious at times.

Natasha: Regulation hottie but she’s very picky with who she goes on dates with.


Nikki: You’ll find her at every party without fail.

Olivia: Creative and productive but can’t take it when someone doesn’t like her.

Padma: Absolutely gorgeous. Loves to eat healthily and is super into green smoothies.

Paisley: Effortlessly gorgeous and musically-inclined. Likely to find her with an acoustic guitar.

Quinn: Very into fashion and celebrity gossip.


Rachel: On top of beauty, her hardworking and self-starter attitude makes her a total catch.

Rosalia: Innocent and reserved but knows how to have fun and relax.

Rowan: Independent and positively striking. Can do anything she puts her mind to.

Samantha: An absolute vision. Guys will do anything for her.

Selene: Sensual and dark. Has people wrapped around her finger.


Seraphina: Joyful and free. Can get a bit uptight when she’s dealing with a lot of stress, but her strength is clear in what she overcomes.

Siena: Loves to stay active. Goes after sporty guys who put in work at the gym.

Skylar: Fun, flirty, and artistic. Gets herself into trouble.

Sophia: Very feminine and loves to paint. Has an impeccable taste in clothes.

Stephanie: A tom-boy who can rock a sports uniform as well as a dress and heels.


Tara: Great at dancing and attracts a lot of guys because of it.

Taryn: She’s as explosive as the meaning of her name: thunder.

Tatiana: Always looks like she’s walked out of a magazine.

Taylor: The girl-next-door type who is up for anything.

Teagan: A mischievous girl who’s always looking for her next shot at a prank, though they’re not always received as funny.


Thea: An appreciator of the arts, especially the theatre. Usually hangs out with guys who can have deep conversations about the meaning of the world.

Tori: Has incredible talents but is too shy to share them with the world.

Valencia: Super pretty and is a calming presence to those around her.

Valentina: Gorgeous but acts better than those around her.

Vanessa: Sassy and passionate, Vanessa always does everything with 100%.


Vera: Super interested in makeup and décor, leading to a huge online presence.

Veronica: Totally cool and smart. May or may not have a gaming obsession.

Violet: Dark and kind of a loner but loves to have fun in her own way.

Zara: Up-to-date and organized with everything going on in her life. Has a passion for photography and always calls her friends to use as models.

Zoe: Knows how to have a good time, even in undesirable situations.

So which one of these hot girl names is your favorite??




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