Summer Quotes

Summer Quotes


Cute And Funny Summer Quotes

It’s almost summer! And, everyone is getting antsy for days at the beach and the summer heat! Seriously, winter has been dragging on too long. So, to get you in the mood and into your sun hats and bikinis, we compiled a list of summer quotes that will tide you over until the temperature gets above 70.

1Watch More Sunsets

Summers are meant to be spent outdoors! So, cancel the Netflix subscription for the summer months, and start watching sunsets at night instead. They’re better than any rerun episode of “The Office”.

2Tequila And A Tan

Summers are for self-care. Focus on yourself by treating yourself to the things that you love. If tequila and a nice tan are it, then get to the beach with your to-go cup and glob on the tanning lotion.

3At The End Of The Day

In the summer, messy hair and dirty feet are more than acceptable. Actually, they’re encouraged. It means that you have had a full day of enjoying nature.

4Put Your Phone Away

In the summer, your phone should always be put away. There is no reason to stare at a screen when you have a whole ocean to play in and sand to run in. Enjoy freedom from your phone.

5I’m A Better Person

Maybe it’s the vitamin D overdose, but being tan seriously has a way of putting you in a good mood. You feel healthy, confident, and sexy! So, get out and get those rays, girl!

6A Summer Person

Summer helps us remember that the little things in life are what really truly make us happy. The sounds of waves and the warm breezes are a simple form of self-care that never gets old.

7Life Gets Better

Life just gets better in the summer; our hair, our skin, the water, the drinks…honestly, the list goes on and on! So, live it up for the three months summer is around. You’ll miss it when it’s cold!

8The Only BS

No one likes summer drama. Summer is about fun in the sun. So, the only BS you need this summer is bikinis and sandals. Seriously, if you are a beach bum, that’s all you really need.

9Hot Nights

Summer lists should make you count the days until June! You should be dreaming about your salt-kissed skin and hair, the hot nights out and about and the late sunsets.

10I’m Sorry

Winter definitely has a way of making us grumpy. But, when summer comes the tables turn and we are full of energy and positivity. So, hold onto thoughts of summer and know that it’ll be here soon!

11Last Forever

Yeah, summer seems to go by so fast, but the memories that you make during the summer will last forever. So, make sure to get out and do fun things this summer. Don’t waste a minute of it!

12Summer’s In The Air

The topic of summer love is oh, so romantic! Summer is such a beautiful time to fall in love and even if it is just a summer fling, you will come away with some amazing memories.

13Make Your Own Sunshine

It’s not summer all the times…as much as we would like it to be. But, that is why we must make our sunshine year-round. So, hold onto summer thoughts and put them into your winter, fall, and spring.

14A Speeding Ticket

Why does it always seem that summer goes so fast? It’s not fair. It’s like we just get out our shorts and get the perfect tan, and then it’s gone.

15In Flip Flops

You don’t have to be fancy and dress up to have a good time. Sometimes, flip flops are all you need. And, that is lucky for you because that is a summer wardrobe basic that every girl has in her closet.

16It’s Summertime

The simple things in the summer are the best. It’s that late-night summer kiss. That sip of sweet wine during a sunny porch brunch. These are the things we should appreciate and savor!

17Life’s A Beach

Life has its ups and downs just like the ocean. But, all we have to do is learn to ride the waves and things will go as smooth as a summer day laying on the beach and soaking in the rays.

18All At Once End of Summer Quote

The end of summer is such a bittersweet time. Fall begins and a new school year starts, but the sweet memories of summer stay with us even longer than our tan lines.

19My Birth Stone

Some people swear that they are born beach bums. If you truly believe that your birth stone is a sea shell, then you are one of these mermaids-on-land.

20The Best Medicine

Sunshine doesn’t heal everything, but it heals most things. It can turn a bad day into the best day in a matter of minutes. Breathe in the positivity of the sun!

21Meet Me

22Live In The Sunshine

23Girls Just Wanna

24High Tides

25Stay Salty

26The Lake

27Things Can Happen

28Summer Story

29Your Only Worry

30Vitamin Sea

31Summer Is Over

32Summer Nights

33Summer Romances

34Secret Wishes

35Happy Summer

36Always June

37Endless Summer

38That One Summer

39It’s Summer

40An Invincible Summer

41Memorable End of Summer Quote

42At The End of Summer The Tans Will Fade


These summer quotes are the best reminders of why we love the summer so much. They will remind you of why you begin counting down the days until you can feel the fresh warm air and the sunshine on your face. And, they will have you eager to get your bikini, sun hat, and of course, sunscreen out and ready to go!

Some of these quotes touch on the summer memories that we create in those few months. When we put our phones away, we can really experience the wonderful gifts that nature has to offer. And, when we experience those gifts, positivity and appreciation become even more present in our lives.

There are also quotes on this list that touch on the end of summer, which, of course, is the saddest part of summer. It seems to go by so fast every year. We wait and wait for that summer sunshine and all the beach days, but when September comes, it seems we didn’t have enough time to do everything we wanted to do! And, although our tans quickly fade, the memories we make in the summer will last forever.

Then there are some quotes about summer love. Summer love can be quick and fleeting, but it is always a romantic experience full of late-night lust and sweet-salty goodnight kisses. Though summer is quick, there is always time for a summer fling. And, who knows? Maybe it could last forever!

Hopefully, these summer quotes got you wildly excited for what’s to come. Get ready for some summer fun and remember, this summer, don’t hold back!


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