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Good Quotes About Change And Growth

Change is not always easy. But, with change comes growth. And, we must always remember to look at the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to change and difficult decisions. That’s why we have compiled a list of quotes that discuss the difficulties of change and the hope and happy endings that come along with it. So, if you are in need of a hopeful reminder, read on!

1Growth Is Painful

It’s hard to make a decision that will bring about a major life change, but if you are unhappy where you are, then it is definitely necessary. Move forward without fear. Your future will be much brighter!

2Old Energy Is Clearing Out

Sometimes, you need to get through all the bad stuff in order to get to the good stuff. Hang in there, baby, good things are coming your way. You just have to hold on.

3Yesterday’s Junk

Sometimes, you have to let go of the old to let in the new. Forget the past and your regrets, there is so much more coming your way. Greet it with open arms!

4Where You Are Going

By following the same path without making changes, you will begin to see where you are going. If you do not like what you see, then it is necessary to make a change so you don’t end up where you’re going.

5What’s Done Is Done

It’s important to learn how to move on gracefully. There is a time limit when it comes to wallowing and dwelling in the past. Put yourself together and move forward.

6It’s Never Too Late

There is no timestamp on your dreams. You always have time to fulfill them. So, stop thinking you are too old or you are starting too late. You can make anything happen, girl.

7The Three C’s

It is important to know that in order to bring about change you must make a choice and take a chance. Without these two C’s, the third C will never make an appearance in your life.

8It Can’t Rain Forever

Just because things aren’t great right now, doesn’t mean they never will be. All you have to do is think positively and hang in there because good change is coming.

9The Life In Front Of You

It’s best to always think in the present and future, but never in the past. Thinking in the past can get you stuck. Stay positive and know that your future is brighter than you could ever imagine!

10Be Firm

When making a change, it’s important to stay positive about it. Do not second-guess yourself. There is a reason you made this specific choice. Don’t let the past hold you back.

11Start Paving Another One

There is no point in staying on a path that you are not happy with. And, it is never too late to switch it up! So, if you are displeased with where you are, start treading on another path.

12Within You

There are certain internal obstacles you must overcome before you can make a change in your life. One of the big ones is self-doubt. You have to have faith in yourself before you can change your current situation.

13A Totally Different Life

Changing your life is not as hard as it sounds. In life, there are so many possibilities. You could be anything you want to be. So, think about what you want and go for it with all your might!

14Letting Go

Petals and leaves fall so gracefully and without regrets- it is a very natural act for them. We should all practice this graceful act of letting go. It would make life much easier on us.

15You Can’t Start

It is impossible to move on if you are dwelling in the past. So, stop thinking about all the mistakes you made and look ahead to all the miracles you can make happen in your life!

16It Became A Butterfly

Sometimes, change feels overwhelmingly rough and uncertain. But, we must remember that good things are bound to happen with big changes. We just have to stay positive.


Sometimes, making a change quickly and suddenly is better than stewing on it and becoming anxious over it. When you beat your fear fast, you can work on adjusting to the change.


Sometimes, letting go is better than holding on. If something is not working or is not serving you anymore, then it has no place in your life. Learn to let go of the dead-weight.

19The Secret Of Change

Focus on building the new when making a change. This will keep your thinking completely positive. It will also allow you to be open to new experiences and help you to embrace your new life.

20Meant To Be

Change doesn’t always come from within us. Sometimes, external circumstances bring about change. And, it can be hard. But, it can be necessary to put you where you are meant to be.

21You Decide

22Not Your Fears

23You’re Allowed

24Change Can Be Scary

25Beautiful Destinations

26It Won’t Change You

27Sometimes In Life

28If You Change

29Move On

30Change The Changeable

31Transform Ourselves

32The Right Direction

33Nothing Changes

34Do It


36Not permanent



Change can be very scary. It is full of uncertainties, anxiety, and fear. But, it is also full of the prospect of an entirely new life, which is really an exciting adventure waiting to happen! These inspirational quotes about change hopefully reminded you that change is always a good thing, even when it doesn’t seem that way at first.

There are quotes about looking forward rather than looking in the past. This is a seriously important thing to remember, because it will help you to think positively about change, about the new and exciting things that will happen in your life.

Then, there are quotes about the fear of change, which is something that we must quickly learn to overcome in order to give us a life that we want.

There are also quotes about getting stuck if we avoid making changes. And, that is definitely not something we want to do to ourselves. If we do not make changes in our lives, we will never grow. In order to live a fulfilling life, we must learn to make difficult decisions with grace, such as letting go of things and people that no longer serve us or add quality to our lives. Though it is hard to say ‘good-bye’ to old friends and lovers, sometimes it is necessary.

This compilation of inspirational quotes about change and growth will certainly help you to remember that even though change is hard, it is necessary and inevitable. So, don’t fight it. Go forward without fear and with a smile on your face. You’ve got this, girl.


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