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Falling For Someone Quotes

Falling for someone is such a special feeling. And, it’s one that we have a hard time putting in words because everyone experiences it differently. However, there are some commonalities that every falling in love story share. Here are some falling in love quotes that will allow us to relive that perfect falling in love moment again and again.

1It’s Time

Love always comes for us at the right time. Sometimes, it takes a while. But, when the stars are all aligned and you are ready for love, it will find you. Just be patient.

2We Knew

There are so many couples who don’t even have to actually say, “I love you” to know that love is growing and happening in their relationship. Love like that is very special.

3And Suddenly

We all wish for that love like a love song. And, when you start being with someone who makes all the love songs sound new, different, and familiar all at once- that’s when you know you’re in love.

4I’ll Never Finish

The best love is the one that keeps going deeper and deeper. Don’t be afraid to keep falling. If you are brave enough, you will discover how good love can really be.

5She Wasn’t Sure

Sometimes being vulnerable in a partnership is really hard. And, it can be really scary to finally decide to let someone in. But, if you invite the right person in, you will realize that love is worth every drop of fear.

6You’re The Reason Quote

After your heart has been broken, it’s definitely hard to put yourself out there again. But, hopefully, you have faith in the dating game and keep moving forward. You could find someone that makes you smile again and your heart beat fast.

7You’re Home Quote

Sometime love doesn’t feel like falling. Sometimes it’s safe and warm rather than scary and full of anxiety. If you find someone that feels like home, don’t let them go.

8The Same Way

It’s always nerve-wracking when you don’t know if the person you are falling for is feeling the same way. All you can do is hope and pray that he feels the same way about you that you do about him.

9When She Looked At Him

Love often makes us speechless. It is an amazing feeling when you are so in love with someone that you can’t do anything but smile. Love is hard to explain, but it certainly makes our hearts full.

10I Blew It Love Quote

Sometimes all it takes is a smile to fall in love at first sight. If you can feel a person’s energy through their smile and body language, that is something you should never overlook. Go after that, girl!

11Love Be Madness

Love is an emotion that is hard to describe and it is unlike any other feeling. Once you have experienced true love, you will never want to feel anything else.

12Little By Little

Falling in love doesn’t always happen fast and suddenly. Sometimes, it happens slowly and that doesn’t make it any less beautiful or romantic. Everyone has a different love story.

13Never Be Ashamed

Love and shame should never be associated. Loving hard and fast is not something to ever be embarrassed about. People that love hard are powerful and strong creatures and anyone loved by them should be so grateful.

14Fall In Love A Little Quote

Falling in love is a brave thing to do. It takes courage. You have to open yourself up to someone and fully trust them in order to feel their love in return. But, it is so worth it.

15Only Existing For Each Other

Existing for each other is such a romantic idea. And, it is the reality of what happens when you are truly in love. Everyday stresses seem to melt away and the person you love is the only one that matters.

16All At Once

Love can start slowly and then suddenly you find yourself totally head-over-heels in love. All love stories happen at different paces, but each is just as special as the next.

17I’m Falling Into You Quote

Love will completely take over your life, until you feel like you are completely encapsulated and drowning in your loving emotions. This takeover can be scary at first, but it is the most amazing feeling in the world.

18It Was Clear Love Quote

This classic quote from the ultimate love story, “The Notebook”, explains how we cannot stop ourselves from falling in love. Love takes over and we have no control.

19How To Fall In Love

It is only possible to fall fully in love when both lovers completely open themselves up to each other. It is scary, but in order to experience the greatest feeling in the world, it is necessary.

20Love Is Hard Quote

Love shouldn’t be hard. No matter what people tell you, love should be easy. Love between two people who are open and vulnerable should happen smooth and organically. Love should be peaceful.

21Love With No Regrets

22I’m Afraid

23Simple Quote About Falling For Someone

24Fall In Love With Souls Quote

25Find Someone Who

26There Is Nothing Romantic

27Like A River Flows

28You Just Fall Quote

29You Can’t Blame Gravity

30First Blush Of Love

31I Fell In Love Quote

32You Don’t Get To Choose

33All Of You


35You Knew Love Quote

36The Sight Of Their Soul

37Stay There Fall In lOve Quote

38Fell For Him Quote

39He is Her Dream Quote

40There’s something About this Girl Quote

41I have a feeling


These falling in love quotes are the perfect quotes to look at if you are currently falling in love, hoping for love, or if it’s been a while and you want to remember what falling in love feels like. These quotes talk about all different ways of falling in love, so there is surely something that everyone can relate to.

There are the falling fast quotes that talk about when you fall in love suddenly and can’t control what is happening to you, which is how we usually think love is supposed to feel like. And, though that sounds utterly romantic…and scary, that is not always how people fall in love. Every relationship journey is different because everyone is different.

That is why we also included quotes that discuss the slow build of falling in love. The slow building love is actually very common as a lot of people have a hard time opening up fully and being vulnerable with their lover. This is because they are afraid of getting hurt in the end or haven’t opened up to anyone before. But, once the fearing people put aside their egos and learn to open up and love with all their heart, they will understand the power of unconditional love. They will understand that all the fear and anxiety was worth the experience of love. And, they will never go back to hiding away from love.

All of these quotes describe the great power of love and what it can do to us. And, they help us remember that everything we do for love is worth it in the end.


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