Never Have I Ever Questions

never have i ever questions

Good Never Have I Ever Questions

Do you want to play the classic game ‘Never Have I Ever’ with a group of friends? Well, that’s great, because we have some awesome questions for you that will create conversation and so much laughter! Here they are…Never Have I Ever…

1Been On A Plane

Traveling is a luxury and not everyone has been able to experience it. It takes money, time, and lots of planning to be able to travel to a new destination. So, you might be surprised which of your friends haven’t actually had this opportunity.

2Gotten Detention

Even if you were not a severe trouble-maker in school, you still may have gotten detention. The teacher’s pet sometimes has an off-day, so don’t be surprised if the start student of your friend group actually managed to get detention once or twice in their life.

3Moved To A New House

Some people stay where they are their whole lives and never have the stress of moving to a new location. However stressful it can be, it is also a gift for a change of scenery.

4Been To A Foreign Country

Going to a foreign country is a chance to look at life in a whole new perspective. It is a chance to explore new territories, try new foods, and experience traditions celebrated in other parts of the world.

5Performed In A Play

You may not be a well-seasoned actor, but you may have performed in a play when you were young. This question is sure to bring up loads of fun stories, both embarrassing and cute!

6Gotten Married

You probably know who has gotten married in your group of friends and who hasn’t, but this is a great question to ask if you are playing amongst a group of strangers. It allows you to get a feel of everyone’s life experiences and their view on the world of marriage.

7Kissed Someone On The First Date

Some people always kiss on the first date. And, some people never would dream of sharing their lips with a stranger! This question will definitely bring up some controversy and will allow you to see which of your friends are the wild ones.

8Been To Jail

This is a big secret question that many people probably won’t want to answer. But, hey, you have to be honest to play the game right! Going to jail is definitely not something to be proud of, but it could have a funny story attached to it- so, go on, and ask this one!

9Cheated On A Partner

Cheating is definitely not a great habit, but sometimes we slip up and make mistakes. I mean, we are all human. Find out which of your friends have cheated on their partners by asking this super gritty question.

10Been To College

College is a privilege that not everyone takes advantage of. Either because they can’t afford it, or because they just don’t consider themselves students. And, that’s ok! Find out which of your friends attended college by asking this ‘Never Have I Ever’ question.

11Been Sky Diving

Sky diving is such a crazy experience. And, not many people have had the opportunity to do it. However, some of your friends may have! Find out the lucky adventure-seekers who have given this a try!

12Been To A Concert

Everyone loves music. But, hey, concerts can be kind of pricey. And, maybe you live in a remote area where there isn’t a lot of entertainment opportunities! See which of your friends have been to concerts and get ready to hear some crazy stories.

13Broken A Bone

Oy, breaking bones is no fun! A lot of us broke bones growing up as we were playing rough and hard with our friends or trying out a new skateboard. Find out who were the lucky ones who never ever had a bone break!

14Gone Streaking

We do a lot of crazy things during games of truth or dare. And, streaking is a classic dare that many of us have done. Find out which of your friends has shed their clothes for a teenage dare!

15Failed A Class

Failing a class totally sucks. And, most of us don’t want to admit that it actually happened to us. But, it happens to more people than you think. And, even that girl who seemed like she had it all together in high school, may have let a grade or two slip.

16Had A Pet

If you have had the joy of having your very own pet, consider yourself lucky! Having a pet is a great gift to the animal lovers of the world. Find out which of your friends has a fluffy friend, and be sure to exchange pictures!

17Gotten A Massage

Massages are perfect for a self-care treat. But, not many people have actually gotten to experience this indulgence. Find out which of your friends have splurged on themselves, and then totally plan a girl’s spa day.

18Gotten Caught Mid Hook-Up

So, yeah, it’s kind of embarrassing to be caught while hooking up with someone. But, it happens to the best of us! Find out which friends this has happened to. And, then share your most hilarious stories.

19Skipped School

School skipping is a big no-no! But, most of us have done it. Whether it was leaving school right when you got there, leaving early, or just not leaving home at all. Sometimes you just need a day off, even when you are a kid.

20Been On TV

Maybe you are an actor, or maybe you were an extra for a project, or maybe you were on the news for doing something really cool- whatever it is, if you were on TV then you totally have to share your story with the group.

21Been Camping

Not everyone is a nature-freak, but most of us have gone camping once or twice in our lives. If you haven’t then you are totally missing out on a life-changing experience. And, you and your friends should start planing a trip to the mountains.

22Had Surgery

Yuck, surgery is no fun! But, sometimes it’s necessary. So, find out which friends have been operated on. Hopefully they are fine now!

23Dumped Someone

It’s never fun to be dumped. And, it’s also not fun to dump someone. Feelings are hurt either way. And, the pain is hard to mask. Share your emotional stories with one another, and I am sure you will see your friends in a whole new light.

24Been To Disney

Disney seems like a rite of passage. But, it’s expensive. And, not everyone has had the opportunity to experience such a trip! Find out which of your friends have been on The Tower of Terror and to Cinderella’s Castle.

25Given A Lap Dance

Oh, spicy! This one is great when you are trying to spice up the material. Just be prepared for your wild friends to give some demonstrations after it is asked.

26Prank Called Someone

Prank calls were all the rage in the 90s. Find out which friends fell into the prank calling trend. And, then listen to their hilarious stories. I am sure they have a few.

27Written Graffiti

Graffiti is a super urban form of art. And, if you grew up in a city, you may have had the opportunity to experiment with it a little. It doesn’t matter if it was a masterpiece!

28Been Published

Have any of your friends ever been published? It doesn’t have to be a full novel, but maybe it could have been a poem in the school paper or even an article online.

29Been Pregnant

This is a great one to ask when you are playing with a group of people you do not know that well because it allows you to peek into their lives just a little and really discover who they are! Are they parents?

30Been Fishing

Some girls grew up fishing with their dad or their brothers. But, not all of us grew up in nature. Find out what friends have gone fishing and then see who has caught the biggest fish!

31Hit A Home Run

Some of us are natural athletes and some of us are…well, not. Find out who has hit a home run during a game! And, challenge them to do it again!

32Given A Fake Number

Sometimes giving a fake number is the easiest way to get rid of someone who just don’t want to talk to without being outwardly mean. See which of your friends have used this sneaky trick.

33Traveled Alone

Traveling alone is a very intimidating act. But, people who have tried it, usually love it! So, find out which of your friends would rather travel solo.

34Been In A Band

A lot of us were in bands growing up. Some only lasted a week or two, but some actually lasted years. See which of your friends are musicians.

35Kissed In The Rain

The image of kissing in the rain is super romantic. But, not everyone has actually done it. Find out which of your friends have experienced this Notebook-style kiss.

36Sat On A Roof

Sitting on the roof is not always safe, but when it is it’s a really cool place to enjoy some coffee or some star-gazing. Discover who grew up with a super cool spot like this to relax on.

37Been To A Protest

Protests seem to be all the rage now. See which of your friends has fallen into the protest-frenzy. Just be prepared, this will definitely bring up some controversy and points of views on different issues.

38Been Skinny Dipping

Skinny dipping is a natural freeing act that most of us have done at least once in our lives. If you haven’t, you need to, and I am sure your friends will tell you that!

39Played Spin The Bottle

Most of us grow up playing spin the bottle at silly high school parties. And, if you have you probably have a few stories to share about those awkward kisses that everyone watched.

40Dated Someone Twice

It’s not always a bad thing to date someone twice, but you must remember that there was a reason you guys broke up in the first place. Find out which of your friends gave their boo a second chance.



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