Power Couple

Power Couples

Power Couple

Power couples are the couples that everyone wants to be. They are loyal, encouraging, and totally downright sexy. They are the couples you see who have the perfect dynamic, perfect jobs, and perfect lives. And, you see it all over social media. But, they didn’t get that way overnight; it takes hard work and dedication to make a power couple truly successful. Here are some of the power couple traits that we crave in our relationships.

1He Makes You Your Best Self

Power couples bring out the best in each other. They bring out the kindness, the humor, and the hard work and dedication to make each other succeed personally and in the relationship. They know that bringing out the best in someone is the greatest gift you can give them. Also, who wouldn’t want to be with someone that truly makes them feel their best?

2You Work Hard And Play Hard

Power couples know how to work hard, but they also know how to play hard! That’s why power couples tend to have a great balance in their lives full of highs in both the work environment and the play environment. If they go out, they go out hard. And, there is absolutely no drama involved. And, if they are working, don’t bother them because they are totally in focus and on a mission.

3You Don’t Gossip About Others

Power couples aren’t concerned with what is going on with everybody else in their lives. They don’t spread negativity by gossip, because honestly they just don’t have time for that. And, other people aren’t affecting their dynamic, so why should they care? Power couples are busy being awesome and succeeding in their own endeavors. So, they save the gossip for the peope who have a lot more time on their hands.

4All Of Your Friends Want Relationship Advice

Power couples are constantly being hit up for relationship advice from all their friends. And, I mean, who could blame them? The power couple is the ultimate couple. So, of course, everyone wants to know how they do it!

5You Are Open With Each Other

Power couples are extremely vulnerable and open with each other about everything. These couples have absolutely no secrets with one another. And, they are all-accepting of each other, which makes their bond unlike any other.

6There is No Drama

There is no drama between the partners of a power couple. That’s because they don’t spend their time obsessing over petty issues. Instead, they see the bigger picture of their relationship and their future, so they spend their energy on loving, nurturing, and encouraging each other.

7There Is No Clinging

Power couples understand that even though they are a unite, they have their own individual goals, as well. That’s why power couples don’t cling onto each other in an unhealthy manner. They know that they are there for each other at all times, but they don’t need to be attached at the hip to prove it.

8Good People Surround You

Power couples hate toxic energy in their social circles. That’s why they tend to surround themselves with genuine people and good vibes. Power couples wouldn’t dream of hanging out with anyone that could rip down their success or make them unhappy in any way, because they know it could stunt their personal and relationship growth.

9You Push Each Other To Be Better

Power couples understand the progress you can make when you have someone else pushing you forward with whatever you are doing. That’s why they tend to always push their partners to be their best selves. When you are your best self, you are your happiest, and power couples know this and live by it.

10You Have An Intense Connection

Of course, power couples have an extremely intense connection. People who share the same mindset on being successful and powerful forces to be reckoned with are naturally attracted to each other. Ambition and dedication are sexy!

11Think In Terms Of ‘Us’

Power couples tend to think in terms of ‘us’ or ‘we’ rather than ‘I’. They understand that they are both individuals, but they also know that the power they have when they join forces is incredible. So, by thinking in the ‘us’ way, power couples can succeed more than if they were working solo.

12You Can Switch Roles

Power couples understand the importance of being able to switch roles in the relationship in a second’s notice. The strong one cannot always be the strong one, so it’s important that the provider in the relationship is also taken care of. Most power couples work as a team, but they do so in a way that allows them each to spend time pampering the other. Because everyone likes a little special attention once in a while!

13You Celebrate Together

Power couple’s celebrate each other’s success like it’s their own! When their partner is recognized for something or achieves their goal, the other partner will feel the impact of that on their soul. Celebrations in relationships are important to keep the excitement and vitality alive! So, no matter how big or small, power couples will celebrate the success!

14You Know How To Compromise

Power couples know that compromise is essential to a relationship. They understand that their partner has feelings that are just as important as theirs. So, they become pros at compromising and taking turns to make decisions. This is how they create a balanced and healthy relationship.

15Social Media Loves You

People absolutely obsess over power couples on social media. It doesn’t matter if it’s a totally Instagramable pic or a cute comment one partner left to another on a post. People love seeing couples that are happy, healthy, and seem to have it all together.

16Outside Influences Don’t Matter

In power couple relationships outside influences don’t matter. This is because power couples understand the power of their dynamic and they don’t want anything getting in the way of their success. If people are talking about the couple, they simple ignore it. And, there is absolutely no chance of one of them catching a wandering eye. They only have eyes for each other.

17You Exercise Together

Power couples know that it pays to be healthy! Exercise makes you happy, it gets your body and brain going, and it’s also a super fun activity to do together. That’s why you can catch power couples posting pics of couple’s yoga, taking a spin class together, or hiking on the weekends.

18You Achieve Goals

Power couples are goal-oriented. They live to set and achieve goals and they get a great satisfaction out of it. When a power couple forms, they begin setting both personal goals and couple goals. And, you can bet that they will achieve them all in due time.

19You Support Each Other

Power couples are each other’s main support system. They support each other through each step of their goals. And, when they need a shoulder to cry or if they need to vent their partner is always there for them.

20You Are Healthy

A power couple’s relationship is always healthy. Yes, they may fight or argue sometimes, but they do it in a healthy way. They learn to fight right in order not to damage their current relationship. They understand that their love is strong and the most important part of their partnership.

21You Notice Each Other’s Positive Traits

Power couples focus on their partner’s positive traits rather than their negative ones. They don’t point out when they don’t like something about their partner. Instead, they make it a priority to lift their partner up by telling them what they do like. This practice helps both parties in the relationship.

22You Make Decisions Together

Power couples make decisions together. Whether it is a big decision or a small decision, they see each one as something that will affect the other. They are not selfish in their choices. And, they learn to bend a little when necessary in order to please their partner.

23You Are Grateful For Each Other

Power couples are always grateful for one another. There is never a day when they wish they had someone else or that they were single. Power couples recognize the unique and powerful dynamic of their relationship and they feel blessed every single day.

24You Have Each Other’s Backs

Power couples have each other’s backs, just like a family member. They would never let you walk alone during tough times. And, they will always stand up for you when you need it.

25You Prioritize Each Other

Power couples prioritize each other. Even though these duos are goal oriented, they understand that their love and human connection is more important than societal achievements. That is why the power couple will often stay in just to spend time with one another.

26You Are BFFS

Power couples are totally BFFs. And, that’s because they completely accept and understand each other. They do whatever it takes to make the other happy. And, they allow each other to be themselves and have fun.



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