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30 Mother Daughter Tattoos

mother daugther tattoos


30 Mother Daughter Tattoos

Where would we be without our moms? She’s your best friend from day one, and always has the best advice. No one can never break that special bond, and there are so many things you can do with her to pay tribute to your relationship. In particular, mother daughter tattoos are an original way of keeping that connection. There are so many fun ideas you can choose from, and they are definitely ones your mom will approve of!

1I Love You

What is there not to love about this tattoo? (see what we did there?) It is simple and the fonts are just adorable. Birds represent motherhood and family, and are a great tattoo idea to get with your mom. They are classic and elegant, and will suit all styles and ages.


If you want something cute and discreet to share with your mom, these hearts are the answer to your prayers. Though here, they have put them on their wrists, we also think they would make great ankle tattoos! Plus, this is one your mom is definitely going to approve of!


Like all tattoos, elephants have a special meaning – they symbolize family and community. We love these elephants holding trunks as we feel it perfectly illustrates the special bond you share with your mom. Elephants are on trend at the moment too, so you will both have fashionable tattoos.

4Her Daughter – Her Mother

These tattoos may state the obvious but “her daughter” and “her mother” tattoos are definitely one of our favorites on this list. We love the font, but why not get your tattoo artist to write them in each other’s handwriting? Or, you could chose the font together! It would add an even more personal touch to what already is a personal tattoo.


Though the meaning may not necessarily be clear, once you and your mom get together, the whole family will notice your beautiful matching tattoos. It’s girly yet beautifully drawn, we especially love the tiny details on these roses, and the colors. You will both have works of art on your arms!

6Winnie The Pooh

No matter where you are in the world, you must always keep in touch with your mom and getting a tattoo is the perfect way of remembering her by. Winnie The Pooh was part of our childhood, and if like us you watched it with your mom, then this is a brilliant tattoo to share with her.

7Bumble Bee

Like honey to the bee, fate brought you and your mom together. This cute tattoo looks awesome on your feet, and you will be able to show it off with your mom on your next summer vacation! You definitely won’t see anyone else with this fun tattoo!

8Rock Lovers

If you and your mom want to express your inner rock chicks, then this tattoo is so versatile as it symbolizes your passion for music as well as that special connection. We think this tattoo would look cute as a collar bone tattoo too!

9Love You Forever

Does this quote sound familiar? It is from the book “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch, but you may also have heard it during a season 10 episode of Friends, when Joey reads the book to Emma on her first birthday. This quote is beautiful, emotional and touching, which makes it the perfect tattoo to get with your mom.

10Cute Cats

Tattoos are great because there is always something for everyone, like this tattoo! If you and your mom are cat lovers, this is the tattoo for you! The high-five is relevant too, as your mom is your teammate for life, she will forever be on your side.


As we mentioned earlier, birds represent motherhood, so they are a great tattoo idea. We particularly like this one because you can truly see what birds represent here with the illustration of the mother and baby bird. As they are small, there won’t be a lot of work to do so it is perfect if you and your mom are scared!


Anchors symbolize strength, and let’s be honest, our moms are our rocks. When everything else in life is crazy and incomprehensible, she can always make everything feel better. This is another small and cute tattoo design that remains discreet and is still something beautiful you can share with your mom.

13Butterfly Fly Away

This idea is so brilliant – each of you make up one butterfly, so when you and your mom are together, two become one. Plus, butterflies symbolize love and femininity – what every mother daughter tattoo needs!

14Key To Your Heart

Your mom knows when you are lying, or when something isn’t right, only she has the key to your heart, and knows you well. This tattoo relates to your wise mom knowing you off by heart. We love the puzzle aspect here too, as our moms can always repiece everything back together.

15Winnie The Pooh

Here is another fabulous Winnie the Pooh tattoo that will take you back to your childhood. Disney characters make the greatest tattoos, as they bring back childhood memories and strengthen your bond with your mom.

16Music In Me

Music is something that can bring two people closer together, and this is probably the case for you and your mom. You have probably already sung your heart out with her in the car, or recommended some of your favorite songs to her, but there is another way music can bring you closer – with this fabulous tattoo!

17Sempre Con Me

Sempre con me means “always with me” in Italian. Whether you are lucky enough to have Italian roots or you just love this romantic language, something written in this gorgeous language can seem even more beautiful!

18Mom & Daughter

Color tattoos can look lush, especially in blue and red! Thigh tattoos are intimate and of course, having a tattoo dedicated to your mom is super personal. However, we think that this tattoo would also look cute on your shoulder.

19Under Lock And Key

Matching tattoos with your mom is a neat idea to make your relationship with her even more special. We think this tattoo would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift! This tattoo would also make a brilliant neck tattoo!

20Like Mother Like Daughter

You may not necessarily love the same things or have the same tastes but somehow, you and your mom will always have something in common. This “Like Mother Like Daughter” is so relevant. It is simple, almost pain-free and a beautiful tribute for your mom.

21I’ll Follow You

“I’ll follow you into the dark” are perfect Death Cab for Cutie lyrics that are so so true! Even when you have made the craziest, and not so sensible decision that your mom recommended, you know she will always stick by your side, through thick and thin. This tattoo will let you know that you will also stand by her, whatever happens.

22To The Moon And Back

Though this tattoo could apply to any of your loved ones, it would be perfect for you and your mom! Also, this is another quote that will take you back as it is from a childhood favorite “Guess How Much I Love You”. Your mom won’t need to guess with this gorgeous tattoo!


This song is everywhere – from commercials to YouTube covers, you and your mom have probably hummed it together without noticing it. In case you didn’t know, it was originally a beautiful Johnny Cash song, about someone that always manages to make you smile, even through the toughest of times… that totally reminds us of our moms!

24I Love You

This tattoo may seem basic, but it is more personal than meets the eye. This mother and daughter duo got “I love you” written in each other’s handwriting, which we think is an ingenious idea! It puts your own stamp on the tattoo, and no one will have the same one as you two. You could also get it done on your ankle or on the back of your neck if you would like to keep it cute and simple.

25I’m Like A Bird

You can’t go wrong with a bird tattoo. We have also seen this tattoo on people’s collarbones if you can deal with the pain! It is fun and perfectly represents your relationship with your mom. Birds taking flight together is a good choice, as your mom taught you so much, and taught you to be the independent and sassy woman you are today!

26Two Hearts

Hearts may seem like an obvious choice but you have to admit that these ones are super sweet. The best thing about heart tattoos are that they can mean anything, everyone’s meaning is personal. They can represent loved ones, whilst others get it because it looks nice, whatever the reason, they look great!

27I Carried You

This is a moving tattoo to get, and we think it looks lovely on your foot. “I carried you… I was carried” represents the love you and your mom shared before and after your birth. This is an original idea and definitely stands out amongst the other mother daughter tattoos you can find.


Anchors are timeless and classic tattoos that will look good anywhere on anyone. If you are feeling adventurous, why not get this in color? If you want to get into the sailor theme, then you should get it in blue or red. Your mom is bound to love it!


Everyone loves unicorns! This is a really adorable and original idea to get with your mom. If you are ones to stand out from the crowd and like to have fun, then a unicorn is the tattoo to share with her! We think it would look great on your shoulder or as a thigh tattoo, instead of on your hand like here.

30Mother And Daughter

We love this tattoo as it shows the solidarity and mutual support between mother and daughter. No matter what happens in this life, your mom will always hold you and support you. The flowers, appropriately symbolizing love and protection, add a feminin touch to a beautiful tattoo.

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