30 Sad Netflix Movies

sad movies on netflix


30 Sad Movies On Netflix

There is nothing wrong with wanting to draw the curtains, switch off the lights, and sit in front of a sad movie with some popcorn. And why shouldn’t you? Netflix has a range of super sad movies that will definitely break your heart over and over again…Check out this list of the 30 best sad Netflix movies.

1The Fundamentals Of Caring

The Fundamentals of Caring tells the story of Ben, who is lost and doesn’t know what to do with his life, when he decides to become a carer. This career choice is the result of a traumatic incident in his life, that made him want to help others. He becomes the carer of a British teen who has a Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and together, they go on a road trip. There definitely moments that will make you teary-eyed!


Amélie is a French film starring Audrey Tautou, who plays a lonely woman wanting to make the world a bright place. The film touches topics such as social anxiety, love and the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately for Amélie, she focuses so much on other people’s happiness, she ignores her own. Will she realize and start living for herself?

3Good Will Hunting

This is a legendary film stars Robin Williams, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. After getting himself into trouble, Will Hunting (Damon) has to see a therapist, Dr. Sean Maguire, who changes his view on his whole life and makes him realize he has to make life-changing decisions. Will also helps Maguire to make changes in his own life, following a tragic event that he cannot move on from.

4The Best Of Me

You know when it is the film is an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks’ novel, that it’s going to be a tear-jerker! Dawson’s best friend and surrogate father dies, and has to come back to town to carry out Tuck’s final wishes. Little does he know that his high school girlfriend, Amanda, now married, has been asked back to, as Tuck hoped to get them back together. You never know what is round the corner though, as life has a lot of surprises in store for both of them. Get your tissues out for this one!

5Charlie St. Cloud

Zac Efron plays Charlie, who has to make a heartbreaking choice between a promise he made to his deceased brother – of playing basketball with his spirit everyday – and running after the girl of his dreams. Full of touching quotes, this film will get you remind you to live life to the full. The movie also has an awesome indie rock soundtrack.

6All Good Things

All Good Things is a crime drama and a sad love story mixed into one suspense-filled movie. It tells the story of Robert Durst, played by Ryan Gosling, and his wife Katie (Kirsten Dunst), who disappears, and Robert is the prime suspect in the case due to their volatile relationship. Years later, Durst is at the center of another crime, this time the murder of his best friend. It is a haunting and very emotional movie!

7The Face Of Love

Following the tragic death of her husband, Nikki is haunted by the life they used to share, until one day she goes to a museum she used to go to with Garret, and meets someone who looks just like him, Tom. She and Tom fall in love but she cannot introduce him to her friends or family out of the fear they will see the ressemblance. This film is also sad because it was the last film Robin Williams starred in before he died in 2014.


Sarah is the new girl at school, and she makes friends with Charlie, who lacks self-confidence and is delighted to have made friends with someone who oozes confidence. She feels like she is on top of the world. After a while, Sarah tires of Charlie and looks for a new friend, leaving Charlie on her own. Then, suddenly, their friendship changes forever…

9Mr Morgan’s Last Love

Matthew Morgan (played by Michael Caine) is an American widower in his late 80s, living in Paris. 3 years after the death of his wife, he meets dance instructor Pauline. She connects with him, as she feels lonely in the big city, and wants Matthew to be her family. However, Matthew’s family disapprove of her, thinking that she is a golddigger, but all she wants is a friend. It is touching and relevant, and will make you cry from the beginning right until the very end.

10Before We Go

Before We Go is a beautiful love story about a woman who misses her late night train back home to Boston and meets a mystery man, who really irritates her at first. Throughout the night, they learn a lot about each other, and talk about various sad moments in their life. Life brings them together, and they find romance.

11We Need To Talk About Kevin

Based on the book by Lionel Shriver, this movie is sad, haunting, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is a shocking, unforgettable movie, with crazy twists and turns. The Times said that it was an “earth-shattering film”, and we agree! It stars the amazingly talented Ezra Miller, who you may know from The Perks of Being A Wallflower, and the brilliant Tilda Swinton.

12A Walk To Remember

Another Nicholas Sparks novel that is one of those classic teen movies. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely need to get on Netflix right away! A Walk To Remember is about a teenager, Landon, who gets into trouble and has to participate in the school play as a punishment. There, he meets Jamie, a beautiful, shy girl, who is seen as a geek by the whole school, she suffers from Leukemia, and little by little, the pair grow closer and closer… This is another one that will get you crying into your pillow!

13The Blind Side

The Blind Side is about a young homeless teenager, Michael, who is taken in by parents Leigh Anne and Sean after roaming the streets. He has learning difficulties, having had very little education, but Leigh Anne soon sorts everything out and dedicates her time to making sure he has the best education, and has a passion. This film is a must-see, it is touching and also really realistic as it was inspired by a true-life story.

14Rabbit Hole

Howie and Becca’s lives are changed forever when their son, Danny, is killed by a car. Slowly but surely, the couple drift apart due to the grief and pain, and start leading very dangerous lives. This is the perfect weepie, full of suspense and pain. It stars Nicole Kidman – so you know the film is going to be amazing!

15The Art Of Getting By

George is a loner and a fatalistic teen who doesn’t see the point in working, or going to school. One day he meets Sally, and suddenly, he decides live is worth living – he goes to school and works. He quickly realizes that Sally is the reason why, but will he find the courage to tell her how he feels? Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts are the leading actors of this movie, that makes you feel a whole rollercoaster of emotions…

16PS I Love You

PS I Love You is about Holly and Gerry, a couple that are crazy about each other, but everything comes crashing down in Holly’s world when Gerry dies from an incurable illness. On her thirtieth birthday, Holly receives a message from past Gerry telling her to move on, and that he loves her, hence the title, but her friends and family are worried she will never move on as long as she is receiving these messages.

17Short Term 12

Grace and Mason work in a group facility, taking care of children with painful issues. In particular, Marcus and Jayden, who struggle to come to terms with their problems, and don’t feel ready to face the real world. Grace and Mason try and reassure and teach kids that things will get better… but life isn’t so simple for them either…

18A Girl Like Her

A Girl Like Her is one of the finest anti-bullying movies out there. It tells the story of a teenager, who is bullied by a group of girls, and teaches the value of true friendship, as her friend tries to get her out of this hell. It is touching, and relevant for each and every single one of us.

19Don’t Worry, I’m Fine

Don’t Worry, I’m Fine is a French movie about a girl and her unconditional love for her brother. Lili comes back from her vacation, she finds that her brother Loïc is missing. This breaks her heart, and after initial shock and despair, she builds all her strength up to find him, but things aren’t all as they seem…


This movie, starring Emily Osment, is obviously about cyberbullying. Taylor gets a laptop for her birthday and starts to use social media platforms to interact with her friends, however, things turn sour when nasty messages and photos appear on her profile. After the online abuse, she makes a new friend through the website, James, who she originally thinks is being friendly and sticking up for her, but this isn’t the case. The film teaches online saftey and how to handle online abuse, it is touching, sad and very emotional.

21The Choice

Inspired by the Nicholas Sparks’ novel, this movie tells the story of two neighbors who really do feel love at first sight. Should be simple, right? Wrong… as always love isn’t easy, and for Travis and Gabby, life will continously test their love. Will they ride out the storm?

22I Will Follow

Maye has to look after her seriously ill aunt, and once she has passed, Maye tries to comprehend recent events, and look back at the past, and the way she dealt with things. The film evokes how we deal with grief and death, and how we should live our lives to the full. It is a strong, touching and poignant movie that will make you shed more than just the one tear.

23Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine is a film about Cindy and Dean, a young married couple who have a little girl, Frankie. Though their marriage is deemed “perfect”, there are a few cracks, Dean lacks ambition and wants to remain a painter, but Cindy thinks he could do so much better. Along with this, they face many other issues, but can they work things out?


A beautiful film starring Agyness Deyn, covering the topic of epilepsy. Deyn plays Lily O’Connor, a young woman who has just found out that her brother, who she thought was dead, is in fact alive. As she searches for him, we see and live life in her shoes, as the things we take for granted become challenges for her. This film is not only sad but spreads a very important message to us all.


This brilliant movie stars the gorgeous Benedict Samuel and the versatile Krysten Ritter, and covers a variety of topics including love, and addiction. Gus (Samuel) decides to drive off into the sunset with a stolen Rolls Roye, and asks the tattoo artist he has always had a crush on to go with him. They run away together and bond over a joint, and as they do so, Ruby (Ritter) warns him not to fall in love with her, but will Gus be able to resist?

26Boy Meets Girl

Ricky is a trans girl living in Kentucky, though she is different, her life seems ordinary, working in a café and hangs out with her friend, Robby. She is working hard reaching for her girl to be a New York designer some day, suddenly, everything changes when she meets someone new. This new person starts asking questions about her past, and discover the skeletons in her closet… It raises awareness for an important cause, that of the LGBT community, and portrays the difficulties in a sensitive and beautiful manner.

27The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby: Her

This movie is the tragic tale of how a couple deal with grief following the death of their child. Filmed from Eleanor’s perspective, it focuses mainly on how she tries to move on, however difficult that may be. We also discover the obstacles that Eleanor and her husband Connor face in their relationship, and how the death of their son brings them to breaking point. Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy give outstanding performances in this beautiful movie.

28Sleeping With The Enemy

Laura and Martin seem to be living the dream, they are married and successful, and from the outside, very happy, but as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. Martin is a controlling, abusive and obsessive husband, to the point where Laura, played by Julia Roberts, plans to fake her own death to get away from him, but as she will find out, she will never be able to escape…


Ghost is a classic, and is definitely a must-see if you haven’t already watched it. Sam and Molly are a couple that move to New York and renovate an appartment, but they get mugged and Sam is tragically shot and killed. He then realizes, when he sees Molly crying over his body, that he has become a ghost, and tries his best to solve the problems from when he was alive, as well as protect Molly, with the help from a medium.

30Sophie’s Choice

Sophie has a traumatic past, along with her family, she went to a Nazi concentration camp. A few years on, she falls in love with Nathan, who has given her a reason to live, and they move into a new neighborhood, where they meet Stingo, who is very interested in Sophie’s past. He finds out that Sophie’s husband and father were killed in the concentration camp, and little by little, the choices she had to make too, but there are even more to make… will she make the right decision?



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