Long Cardigan Outfits

long cardigan outfits

Long Cardigan Outfit Ideas

Long cardigans continue to hold their reign as a classic in fashion. Whether your personal style is edgy, classic or anything in between a long cardigan is sure to fit into your wardrobe effortlessly. They add warmth to any outfit during the winter and are the perfect transitional piece to take into the early spring days. Long cardigans can be worn in countless ways to create your own unique look.

Now that you have likely been wearing long cardigans quite a bit this season you may need some inspiration for different ways to wear them to mix things up. Check out these cute and stylish outfits for new ideas!

1Black Foundation

Instantly transform an all-black outfit by adding a long cardigan in a complementary neutral color. The length of the cardigan further emphasizes the monochromatic outfit and the most subtly chic manner. Proof that less is more.

2Oversized Layers

Clothes don’t always have to be fitted to look stylish and put together. Whether you like to dress with a tomboy aesthetic or you just like a little-oversized fit to your clothes this outfit gives a cool, effortless appearance. Chances are you already own all the pieces in this outfit, too. Loose fitting button down blouse and boyfriend jeans topped off with a pale pink long cardigan for a feminine twist.

3Graphic Tee Style

Graphic tees are quite possibly one of the most versatile garments. It seems as though they can be worn with virtually anything and look great. Styling a graphic tee with a long cardigan is a way to transition a tee into the colder weather months. Adding light wash, distressed denim keeps the rocker vibe consistent.

4Simple and Chic

The easiest way to rock a long cardigan for brunch with your girls or even a casual date night. Over the knee boots have a way of instantly elevating even a casual outfit, plus they make your legs look supermodel long. Topping this simple outfit with a lightweight, long grey cardigan takes the outfit from basic to chic.

5Boyfriend Jean Vibe

Boyfriend jeans are a cozy, fresh alternative to skinny jeans. They are perfect for the weekend when you’re out and about, something that perfectly compliments a long cardigan. Cardigans have a way of instantly completing an outfit because they act as a third piece. Add a touch of color to the outfit with stylish sneakers.

6Showstopper Cardigan

Cardigans are classics but that doesn’t mean they can’t be worn to create a show-stopping look. Layering a body con mini dress under a long cardigan transforms the classic piece. Completing the outfit with a skinny belt to hold the cardigan shut cinches the waist for figure flattery and the black booties add a bit of edge.

7Office Style Update

With cardigans being wardrobe staples they often make their way into many women’s work wardrobes. Generally, they are the shorter more traditional cardigan style. Long cardigans offer the same conservative style with a bit of a modern silhouette. Wearing a simple blouse, black trousers, and pointed toe flats gets an upgrade when they are topped off with a lightweight long cardigan.

8Athleisure Cardigan

Athleisure style seems like it is everywhere. Really though, what’s not to love about it? We are all about athletic wear transitioning to streetwear. One way you can balance the casualness of leggings, sneakers and an athletic tee is topping it with a flowy long cardigan. Complete the look with a cute handbag and big sunnies and you can go from the gym to errands in style.

9Chunky Knit Layered

Layering different textures create a unique outfit that’s perfect for the cold weather. For those really cold days when you need some added warmth layer a chunky knit turtleneck with a long black cardigan for the ultimate winter outfit. Keep the rest of your outfit simple with skinny jeans and white sneakers for a touch of street chic.

10Dressed Up Joggers

Joggers are one of the more unexpectedly chic trends we’ve had in the past year. With the right fabric and style, a jogger can be worn for a business casual environment when styled the right way. This outfit is a perfect example of a business casual outfit that’s stylish and easy to recreate. Joggers get a dressed up look when worn with a long cardigan and pumps.

11Body Con Cover

Body con silhouettes are simple, yet figure-hugging enough to stand out and show off your curves. If you want to add a bit more coverage to the slim fit for warmth or comfort you can do so, without sacrificing style or altering the silhouette, by topping it off with a long black cardigan. The cardigan flows with your shape to highlight the dress beautifully. Ankle booties add some edge to balance the feminine feel.

12Easy Weekend Outfit

As the temperatures begin to rise we will be able to start transitioning our wardrobes. For those days where it’s still a bit chilly but you’re ready to rock your favorite sandals, this outfit is perfection. Keep it easy for your weekend look with leggings, a white tee, and oversized long cardigan. The sandals can be swapped out for flats or booties for a different look, or if your feet get cold.

13Top It Off

Hats have a way of completing a look with major style. Jeans and a white tee get a makeover when they are styled with a beige long cardigan, black ankle booties, and wide brim black top. The black hat compliments the booties, tying the look together seamlessly.

14Touch of Lace

Lace is delicate and feminine, the perfect texture to mix and match with knit for an opposing feel. We love the way this lace cami looks paired with a long knit cardigan and jeans. It’s a subtly sexy look that can be worn from day to night with a change in shoes. Rock booties or flats during the day for a cozy outfit and swap them out for strappy sandals or pumps for a night out.

15Minimalist Vibes

Calling all minimalists. This cardigan look was made for you! Neutral colors and straight lines make this the minimal style girl’s dream outfit. Pairing trendy loafers is the perfect addition to keep this look modern.

16Trendy with Cropped Trousers

Fashionistas unite! This outfit is fashion forward with suede cropped trousers and deep v-neck bodysuit. It’s a chic combination that is pulled together with a long cardigan. The length of the trousers and cardigan complement one another in a way that is flattering. Accessories aren’t needed with this outfit because it’s such a stand out on its own.

17Girly Winter Style

If you’re tired of wearing pants in the cold weather or you just enjoy wearing skirts this outfit is a functional way to rock a skirt during the winter. A-line miniskirts get a winterized twist when layered with a long cardigan. The subtle print on the skirt breaks up the neutral color palette while keeping it low key. Lace-up booties continue the girly style and keep your feet warm while it’s chilly.

18Modern Simplicity

Pale pink cardigans can be styled to look sophisticated and work appropriate. Subtle colors can be just as much of a statement as a brighter hue without overpowering an outfit. Keep it simple by wearing the long cardigan with a white blouse and black trousers for modern simplicity at its finest.

19Boss Babe Chic

Boss babes, this one is for you! We adore this outfit for a woman who wants to look like the boss she is. High waisted trousers and a classic white blouse are stunning on their own but for the days you want to complete the look or need a little more warmth at the office adding a matching long cardigan will do the trick. The beige color palette shows neutrals can be just as much power colors as any other hue.

20Corporate Fashion

Work in a conservative work environment? Honor your office dress code with a white blouse, high waisted skirt, tights and top it with a long cardigan. At its core the outfit is a traditional office look, however, it gets a modern upgrade with the color palette. A bold yellow skirt pops next to the grey tones of the tights and cardigan.

21Touch of Leopard

Leopard is a trendy print that somehow manages to maintain its status as a classic. The best of both worlds! Because it is a bold print, even the smallest touch of it can change the look of an outfit like with the shoes in this outfit. The look is fairly low key but the touch of leopard shoes compliments the beige color of the long cardigan for instant chicness.

22Elevated Casual Style

Casual style…elevated! We are all about easy looks that are comfortable and stylish. This outfit is the perfect combination of that. Instead of leaving a t-shirt tucked in or left out, tie it into a knot at the waist for an easy transformation. Mixing in a few different touches adds depth to the outfit, like the beige hat that ties into the camel color booties and color tee breaking up the neutrals. It’s a look you can easily recreating using items you already own and completing it with your favorite long cardigan.

23Cardigan Turned Tunic

Who said cardigans are only outerwear pieces?! Bet you didn’t think of turning a long cardigan into a tunic but it’s the ultimate alteration of a wardrobe staple. Simply adding a wide belt to the waist of the cardigan holds it closed so you can now wear it like a top. Keep the rest of the look simple with skinny jeans and delicate heels.

24Edgy Night Out

This is the perfect way to rock a long cardigan for a night out! Leather leggings add instant edge to the flowiness of the long cardigan. Strappy heels enhance some of the edge without competing with the rest of the look. Add a graphic tee for a casual vibe that makes the outfit perfect for a night out with a casual spin.

25Winter Going Out Look

Wear a mini dress with confidence even when it’s cold out with this outfit. Gone are the days of freezing in a little dress during the winter with the help of a long cardigan. The cardigan is functional and gives the mini dress a more winter appropriate feel. Keep the function meets style effect going with over the knee boots in the same color as the dress and simple accessories.

26Plaid Winter Style

This outfit is perfect for the weekend or any casual occasion. Plaid is a huge trend this year and when it’s teamed with a complimentary colored cardigan it flows effortlessly. Add a bit of shape to the plaid shirt by tying it at the waist for a flirty touch. Keep the rest of the outfit simple with skinny jeans and grey booties to tie in the colors of the rest of the outfit.

27Winter Skirt Outfit

This long knit cardigan perfectly complements the texture of the suede skirt. Combining different neutral colors is an easy way to not wear all black and still not have to stress too much about matching, as you can see in this outfit. The cami tucked into the skirt creates a natural silhouette that is flattering and comfortable. Add booties or over the knee boots to complete the look without adding fuss.

28Sunday Brunch Style

The long grey cardigan makes this outfit ideal for Sunday brunch, or a casual occasion where you want to look cute and comfortable. High waisted jeans add a trendy element and make your legs look long in flats. Pointed toe flats offer a stylish completion to the outfit without taking your attention from the rest of the outfit.

29Tomboy Chic

Tomboy style turned chic! Plaid cropped pants provide a tomboy aesthetic to this outfit when paired with Vans sneakers and a graphic tee. The outfit is great on its own but gets a chic touch with the oversized cardigan. The oversized fit plays into the tomboy vibe while complimenting the colors throughout the rest of the pieces.

30Winter White Jeans

White after Labor Day has never looked better. While white jeans are often associated with warm weather seasons, they can transition into the colder months when styled with a super chunky knit long cardigan. The heaviness of the cardigan makes the white jeans feel more appropriate for the season, plus it gives you some additional warmth. Let the cardigan and jeans be the focal point and tie them together with a pair of leopard print booties for a touch of print.

31Fall Outfit

We love this cute and stylish look for Fall! This outfit features light long beige cardigan with black and white stripe peplum tee and distressed dark skinny jeans. The suede ankle boots g well with the cardigan andside bag.


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