How Well Do You Know Me? 50 Questions for Couples

50 questions for couples

How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Couples

So how well do you know your partner? Having intimate and personal conversations is always important to have and it allows you both to grow as a couple and as individuals. Next time you are on a date night, step outside of your comfort zone and ask each other some of the questions below. From childhood memories to self-care, these questions for couples will increase the feeling of closeness and connection.

1What Do You Consider Your Greatest Weakness To Be?

Even though you see nothing but greatness, it is important to see what makes your significant other feel weak. This way, you won’t trigger any feelings and instead, make them realize the greatness that resides within them.

2Do You Consider Yourself A Good Friend?

Self-reflection is important to be aware of. How you treat others is a direct reflection of who you are as a a person. Therefore, you need to be conscious of how you treat the people who around you the most.

3If You Could Meet Anyone In The World, Alive or Dead, Who Would It Be?

With this question, you get to see who your significant other idolizes. This gives you an insight of who he/she is as a person and what he/she wants to embody.

4What’s Something That Scares You The Most?

Fear is a feeling that many of us hide. Exposing it to the person you care about the most lets them know you’re not afraid of being vulnerable around them. Also, you trust them that they won’t tease you for it.

5If You Weren’t Afraid Of Anything, What Would You Do?

Life is about going out of your comfort zone. This question can relate to any topic, whether it’s careers, personal goals or your relationships. Knowing what your significant other wishes to do can allow you to encourage them to fight their fears.

6If You Could Choose Any Name Besides Your Own, What Name Would You Give Yourself?

We all had those moment where we wish we can change our name. Find out the name your significant other likes the most, maybe it could be the names of your children!

7What Makes You Feel Most Loved?

There’s no better feeling than the feeling of being loved. When he/she is feeling down, you will know exactly what to do to make them feel better.

8What’s your favorite childhood memory?

You get to see what moment stuck out and see why this memory became your significant other’s favorite. And by knowing, you can always recreate this moment for them! It’s a great way to go back in time and let them live one of the favorite memories.

9What Does Love Look Like To You?

Finding out the image your significant other expects love to be, you can give it to them. And you can also see if they are doing it themselves.

10Who Has Played An Important Role In Your Life?

As you start to understand your significant other, you also need to see why they are the way they are. Knowing who played an important role in his/her life will give you a better understand of their personality, morals and values.

11What Have I contributed To Your Life?

As much as you want to focus on your significant other, it is also important to know that you are allowing him/her to grow as well. If you aren’t giving someone that helps him/her grow personally then this is a red flag!

12Have I Ever Hurt You In Any Way And You Never Told Me?

Sometimes we don’t notice the things we do and the impact it has on other people. This is a way to clear the air and your significant other can tell you something you didn’t even notice. From there, you will know not to do it again.

13What Would You Change About Me?

There’s always some room for improvement and this isn’t a question to start a fight. This is just self-awareness about your character because not everyone is perfect. Sometimes we can adjust our being for the person we care about.

14Have You Forgiven Yourself For The Things You Feel You Did Wrong?

It’s tough living with guilt. Make sure your significant other does the best they can to lift off the weight on their shoulders by expressing their guilt to you.

15What Would You Consider The Great Accomplishment In Your Life So Far?

At times, we are so consumed with our failures in life that we don’t acknowledge all that we have accomplished. Celebrate and praise your significant other for doing the things they always said they would do!

16What Does A Successful Life Look Like To You?

This question is important because you get to see what your significant other visualizes as success. This image can be along the lines of money, happiness or fame. If you can’t relate to this image then it will be extremely eye-opening for you.

17What Moment In Your Past Would You Life To Return To And Why?

You get to hear about a moment that had a great impact on your significant other. It can either be a happy or sad moment but the story behind it is the main reason to pay attention.

18Have You Ever Been Heartbroken?

Even though your significant other is in a relationship with you, it’s important to understand their stories of their past relationships. Being aware if he/she has been heartbroken can help you understanding why they act the way they do in your relationship.

19What Do You Think Other People Perceive You As When They First Meet You?

We all aspire to portray a vibe towards our friends, family and society in general. From the stories other have told you about him/her, ask your significant other what he/she thinks. See if both answers match up!

20When Did You Think I Was First Attractive?

There’s nothing wrong with knowing what made your significant other look at you with heart eyes!

21What Did You Learn From Your Parent’s Marriage?

We learn from our care-takers since they are the only examples we look up to. Based on your significant other parent’s marriage, you can see what he/she tries to replicate.

22What Makes You Unhappy?

Because you don’t want to make your significant unhappy, know what it is that makes him/her feel that way.

23Do You Believe That There Is A Higher Power Than Humanity?

This question can lead to deep conversation. There are people who are religious, spiritual or neither and asking this can lead to many doors. You will understand each other in a personal manner.

24When You Talk About Me To Other People, What Do You Say?

It’s interesting to know what about ourselves stand out to other people. This can leave you both chatting as to why your significant other decides to tell those specific details about you but in a good way!

25What Is Your Dream Life?

We all envision our life to be a certain way since we are little. Even though it changes as we grow older, it’s never a bad thing to know what your significant other wants in his/her life. You can play a major role in helping fulfill their dream life!

26How Important Is Physical Attraction To You?

You know the kind of person your significant other is. Some people think it’s shallow to consider physical appearance a factor in a relationship but that’s not necessarily the case. If physical appearance is the ONLY thing you consider, that’s when you can start questioning.

27If You Could See Into The Future, What Would You Want To Know?

You get to understand what are something things that they are afraid of losing, what will still be in their life or maybe they’ll surprise you and not want to know anything.

28What Are Qualities You Look For In A Person That You Also Carry?

In every person we search for, we look for a little bit of ourselves as well. We want to know if they have the goals, values and aspirations as we do.

29Do You Feel Like You Can Tell Me Anything?

Trust plays an important factor in any relationship. With this question, you will see if your significant other trusts you and feel comfortable enough to tell you anything.

30What Makes Our Relationship Unique Compared To Your Others?

Each relationship is different from the other. You being your own person, what makes being in a relationship with you different from the rest.

31Is Marriage Important To You? And Having Children?

If you can see yourself with your significant other for the rest of your life, ask this. It wouldn’t make them feel pressured or runaway. As mature people, he/she will give you the truth.

32When Do You Feel The Most Protected And Taken Cared Of?

Because you want to know what makes your significant other feel the safest. You can see if you are doing what he/she says and if not, start doing it.

33What Is Your Favorite Memory Of Our Relationship?

It’s always good to reminisce on special moments that your significant other remembers. That way, you can make more.

34What Do You Think Is Your Best Quality?

It’s never a bad thing to notice the things you like about yourself. This can be physically or personality based.

35What Is Something You Want To Improve On?

There’s nothing wrong in knowing what we need to improve on. You and your significant other can both work on becoming a better version of yourselves.

36What’s Something From Your Past You Learned From The Most?

We all have been through something that taught us a lesson. Learn from your significant other what that moment was and how it impacted them.

37How Many People Have You Love Romantically?

Not to be nosey, just to know how many times your significant other opened their heart to other people.

38What’s A Different Career Path You Think You Would Love?

An opportunity might open and your significant other might be the right person!

39If We Can Go On A Getaway, Where Would You Want To Go?

By knowing, you can think about planning a trip together. It would be a nice surprise for him/her and can be a good way to freshen up your relationship.

40When Did You Feel The Happiest And Why?

See what makes your significant other happy! You can understand why he/she felt that way and try to make them feel that happiness again but this time, with you involved.

41Did You Ever Collect Items As A Child? Do You Still Do It?

Maybe you both can start collecting those items again! Or you can start a new trend of collectibles.

42What Do You Think About Long Distance Relationships?

This can put your relationship in perspective because you never know what could happen. There could be a day where one of you needs to move.

43What Is A Talent You Keep Hidden From People?

This is the perfect way to make your significant other display their hidden talent to you!

44Do You Ever Compare Yourself To Other People?

Figure out who your significant other is comparing themselves to and reassure them that they don’t need to do that. The only competition they should have is their old self.

45If You Had To Change One Thing About Yourself, What Would It Be?

This is a way to see what your significant other doesn’t really like about themselves. It might be something that you agree needs to be worked on. Or it can be something that you love and need to let them know they’re great the way they are!

46How Did Your Siblings Impact Your Being?

Just as parents play an impact on anyone’s life, so do their siblings. It’s the family member, they constantly play with and have an important role in their childhood.

47Which One Of Your Parents Did You Always Talk To?

It’s not asking to which parent your significant other prefers, it’s just asking which one was easier to talk to. You have to admit, we all have one parent who is more laid back than the other.

48Did You Ever Consider Taking A Completely Different Career Path?

Get to know the truth about how your significant other feels about the life they’re living. And if they have considered it, make sure you’re as supportive as you can be.

49What Do You Think We Need To Work On The Most In Our Relationship?

Because no relationship is perfect. What can the both of you do to help your relationship healthy and going strong.

50What Is Your Favorite Thing That I Do For You?

And make sure you keep on doing it!



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