50 Birthday Wishes for Husband

birthday wishes for husband

50 Birthday Wishes for Husband

Your husband has reached another year of life! Time to celebrate him and the great man that he is to you but first, you need to get him a gift that shows your appreciation for him. Of course, nothing can ever express your gratitude for the man that he is but it’s the thought that counts. The best way to show your appreciation is through cards! Cards can be funny, naughty or loving so depending on the type of relationship you and your husband have, you have many cards to choose from. Here are a few cards that vary across the board and will be the perfect birthday cards.

1To The Adventurous Husband

To him life is about taking risks and enjoying every single moment. With this birthday wish, you understand what he values in life, adventure. And what’s most important is you want to continue his adventure right by his side.

2Meme It

If there’s one trend that never ends, it is making memes out of any and everything. You can grab any popular picture and create a funny saying out of it. Show your sense of humor and use a meme to wish your main man a happy birthday!

3Cheers To You!

To all the husbands who prefer something other than cake on their birthday, this is the perfect birthday wish for them! At least he knows what kind of man he is.

4Things That Age Well

Aging can be tough on some people, especially when they reach the age that’s over the hill. The best way to remind your husband that he’s great no matter how old he gets is with this birthday message.

5Let Him Know Chick Always Love Him

This is the best form of flattering your husband! You’re aware your husband is so good-looking, he could have had any “chick” but he chose you. In a way, you’re complimenting him and yourself too.

6He’s Not Old, He’s a Classic

Old is such a harsh word! Calm your husband’s soul but giving him a cooler and much more suave age description. He’s not getting old, he’s a classic.

7He’s The Smartest Man Because Of You

You chose a husband who likes the finer things in life, whether that’s food or clothes. But the finest thing he could have ever chosen was you! He deserves to know how wise of a man he is.

8Because Dreams Have No Age

As times passes by, we sometimes forget to always follow our dreams. This year for his birthday, let him know he’s never too “old” to do what he always wanted to do. And be right by his side as he does it!

9Spin That Record

Forget the cassette and bring out the DJ setup! Make your husband feel cool and let him know he’s still hip with some age.

10Husband = Hot Date For Life

Till death do you two part. Those are the vows you took when you married your husband and that must be taken seriously. Lucky for you, you have a hot date for the rest of your life! Give your man an upgrade name with “hot date for life”.

11All The Duties Are Under Control

Make your husband’s day extra special by letting him get away with things he does and doesn’t want to do like household duties. It’ll be like a one day pass. Let him kick his feet back and relax!

12Never-ending Love

Showing love to your husband on his birthday is the best gift you can give him. It’s showing gratitude for his pure existence. But it is also important to let him know how much you love him every day as well.

13Your Personal Hero

Who needs Batman when you have your husband? After all, no superhero has nothing on the man you married. Let him know that he’s your go-to guy when you’re in need of help!

14Only Two Gifts Needed

Aside from love, kisses are a must on your husband’s birthday! It would be nice if you gave him an actual gift too though.

15He’s More Than Just Your Hubby

When you decide to marry the love of your life, they become more than just your significant other. On your husband’s birthday, let him know again how much he means to you and what he has become.

16Dreaming Of Him

Whether you’re awake in asleep, your husband will always be the man of your dreams. No matter how long the time passes, you will forever be the apple of your eye.

17Who Is He?

Let’s not deny the fact that most of the time, the spotlight is on you. It’s fine if your husband is ok with it too – he might even be a man who prefers that. But when it’s his birthday, he deserves all the attention in the world! It’s the day he was born! Celebrate it.

18Where He Belongs

When it comes to your husband, he’s the second man who has the privilege to have a special place in your heart (first one being your dad). Let him know that in your heart is where he will always be.

19To The Star Wars Fanatics

The perfect message for your Star Wars loving hubby! It’s a classic message.

20Let Him Know What You Think Of Him

If your husband doesn’t know what you think of him, this is the perfect birthday message! It’s cheeky, cute and definitely a message that shows how handsome he is.

21Don’t Panic!

To all the husbands out there having a meltdown because of their age, this is for them. If your husband is can be classified as this type of man, tell him to relax. It’s just a number after all!

22He’s More Than Special

Your husband is much more than just a normal person in your life. He’s the person who has impacted your life in such a positive way it can’t be explained. Let him know how rare he is with this message!

23Calling All Shopaholics

Of course your husband’s birthday is all about him but there’s never a wrong time to treat yourself. While you shop for him, might as well shop for yourself too!

24The Definition of Love

Because love consists of accepting each other no matter the circumstances. Your husband might snore but that’s what makes you love him even more because you can put up with it!

25It Takes One To Know One

You know your husband is a super great person and let him know. After all, the only reason you know how great he is because you look at greatness every day in the mirror.

26Hero Or Husband?

The world might be filled with so many superheroes but only one can truly save you. This year, let your husband know he’s the man to call when you’re in need of help!

27He’s The Gift

You might have to give your husband a gift for his birthday but there’s no gift greater than the one he has given you; him. Let your husband know that there’s no way you can repay him for his gift.

28Because It’s About You Too

Honestly, the day might be about your husband but if it’s as unforgettable as you are then nothing can overcome his birthday. Make his birthday about him but let him know who’s the real boss.

29Save The Special Gift For Last

Save the best for last! Everyone might give him awesome gifts he’s been wanting for a long time but only one person (you) will give him the best one of all.

30The Only Gift That Matters

At the end of the day, you’re the best gift that he could have ever received. And to make things even better, you don’t have to wrap yourself up!

31Love Birds

Because it’s about making every moment count and with your husband, he has made it easy for you. Let him know how grateful you after for his being.

32Everyday Is A Great Day

The best thing about your husband is that he makes every day feel special just with him being by your side. Show him that’s he more than just an ordinary guy on his special day.

33Your Anchor and Shield

The best thing about your husband is how protected you feel not only when you are by his side, but acknowledging he is your husband. Let him know how blessed you feel by having him!

34Special Delivery

On your husband’s special day, there’s no better feeling that letting him know how special he makes you feel. By validating and reminding him his importance in your life is the best message you can write to him.

35It’s About The Little Things

Of course your husband has given you things that you loved but no gift can compare to the things that cannot be bought; love, care and attention. Let him know that those are what matters most in your relationship!

36Endless Love

Sky might be the limit to some people but for you, your love towards you husband is limitless.

37Ride Or Die

Let your husband know you want nothing more than to spend the rest of your life with him and cherish every single birthday you can!

38Husband and Wife = Partners In Crime

When you become husband and wife, it’s just another level of best friends wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. Let you partner in crime know how much you love him on his special day!

39In Denial

Instead of getting him a birthday card with his age, just pretend you both don’t know how old he’s actually turning. That way he can tell everyone the age he wishes he was!

40The Reality of Marriage

Be honest this year with your husband. Although there might be rough patches, there are beautiful moments in your marriage and you cherish every single moment whether it’s good or bad. On his birthday, let him know you wouldn’t want to take this wild journey of life with no one other than him!

41Sloth It Out

To the husbands who aren’t so keen of celebrating birthday, this is the perfect message! He gets to spend it as casual (and lazy) as he likes.

42The Best Is Yet To Come

If the year has been rough, let him know it’s going to get better. And no matter what happens, you will be there with him through it all.

43The Artist To Your Life

Your husband added so much liveliness into you life and for that, you are forever grateful for him! On his birthday, tell him how he changed your life for the better.

44Crossing Paths

Destiney was on your side when you met your husband. To the best husband you can ask for, you are forever thankful to the universe for letting you both cross paths and help him celebrate his birthday!

45The King of Your Palace

He is more than just your husband. On his birthday, tell him the he is the man of your soul and he resides in your heart for the rest of your years.

46All Of Me

Because of your husband, you feel like you have become the best version of yourself vice versa. Express your appreciation to him on his birthday by reminding him that both of you are constantly transforming into better people together.

47Just A Look

Eyes are the windows to the soul and your husband can express everything with one look. Just by looking at you, you feel safe knowing he is yours!

48His Gift To You

It might be his birthday but he has given you the best gift – him. Celebrate his birthday with joy and love to remind yourself that he was the best thing that could have happened in your life. Cheers to the both of you!

49Other Half

He’s your other half, your better half. You husband has challenged you to grow into a person you never thought you could become. Let him know that without him, you wouldn’t be you.

50Presents With Presence

When you met your husband, everything in life seemed to all make sense. Let him know that because of him life is filled with much more purpose and happiness.

51Thinking Of You

Your husband runs through your mind all day and he needs to know that! Even when you’re not on the best of terms, you can’t image life without him so tell him you love him more than life!



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