How To Show A Guy You Like Him



How To Show A Guy You Like Him in Different Situations

How To Tell A Guy You Like Him? This is so unbelievably hard! You don’t want to come off too pushy, but you want to make sure he is picking up on the signals you’re sending. Finding the perfect medium is hard, but don’t worry Girlterest has your back! Make these ideas your own and feel free to fiddle with them to make them perfect for your situation.

1When he talks, listen.

Even if it something terribly boring try to pay attention. When a guy is intently listening to you, you notice. It works the same way for guys.

2When he cracks a joke, laugh.

This one seems a little too good to be true because it is so easy and because we have seen a million girls in movies laugh too hard and make a fool of themselves. A lot of men pride themselves on being hilarious, for example why are “dad jokes” a thing and “mom jokes” don’t exist. It’s because men try to be funny and they want to make us girls laugh. So laugh when he cracks a joke. If a guy I like cracks a joke, I always do!

3Remember the small things

If he says he loves chocolate chip cookies, make some chocolate chip cookies later in the week (not the next day!) and very casually give them to him and say, “I made these for (insert some reason) and I had some leftover and remember you said you were craving some, do you want them?”

4Do you want to study for the test?

This one is old school, but everyone knows what it means: “I think you are cute. I don’t have a boyfriend and I know you don’t have a girlfriend so I am really just coming up with a reason for us to hang out together.”

5Like the stuff he posts.

Again this is just something that everyone knows what it means. I wouldn’t suggest going back 4 months and liking a picture of him, but if he posts something like it… I mean if you really do like it. I’ve actually heard guys say “dude, she likes all of my stuff on Instagram/Facebook!” in a positive way. They hear the message loud and clear.

6Add him on Snapchat.

Snapchat is possibly the greatest social media app ever invented, can we all agree. But, it is kind of a personal social media, you don’t add just anyone to your friends unless you do social media as your job. Add him and see if he accepts… if he does he might be interested.

7Go talk to him.

You can’t sit in the corner staring at him and expect him to get that your awkward stares mean you think he is hotter than Liam Hemsworth. You are a person who can have conversations with people, you do it all the time. Just go say “Hey, I am digging your headphones, where did you get them?” “Are you in my biology class?” “Have you ever eaten across the street? I wonder if it’s any good?”

8Does he play sports? Act? Play base in a band?

Go watch him! And go find him and compliment his outstanding layup, performance, solo, or whatever it is that he did.

9Say cheese

We, again, have all seen the movies where a pretty girl flashes a smile and the boy’s heart melts on the screen. Actors and directors aren’t making this up. Smile at him every time you see him, he will eventually pick up on it.

10If he invites you specifically, or your entire office/class/group of friends somewhere, go!

He is having an art exhibit in a weird old building, round up a few friends and go! His band is playing at a hole-in-the-wall bar across town, GO! When you see him afterward to compliment him, like I said previously, how he responds will be a good indication if he likes you too.

11Ask him if he wants to go to lunch.

If you work with him, know mutual friends, or have class with him there will come a point in your life that you will be going to lunch/diner with a group of people. It’s just a friendly little invite to everyone else, but he will notice that you were the one who did the inviting.

12Sit next to him.

We all know how Jim and Pam on The Office got their start! (If you are one of the unfortunate souls who has yet to see their iconic love story unfold, get on Netflix now.)

13Compliment him about how cute his dog is.

If he has one. Men and dogs share a special bond that is almost a little frustrating when you have a boyfriend with a dog. I think my boyfriend might love the dog more than me sometimes, but that’s okay because I love the dog more than him sometimes too haha! But seriously, men and their dogs are inseparable. If he has a picture of his dog on his phone, laptop, or on his desk it is a great conversation starter.

14Talk to his friends.

The way to a man’s heart, other than through his dog, is his friends. Remember in jr. high when we would tell our BFF that we thought Nick was cute and by lunch the whole class new and by the end of the day you were boyfriend and girlfriend. The timeline isn’t that quick anymore, unfortunately, but asking his friends if he is single will guarantee that he will get a text knowing you are interested as soon as you walk away.

15Just go ask for his dang number!

Automatic, I like you. Just go get it. Or if you aren’t sure if you want to come off that strong, get it from someone else and see next…

16If you have his number already, text him!

Come up with any reason, but just text him. Don’t be too aggressive, but let him know you want to talk to him.

17If for some reason you know his parents or a parent get them to like you.

This might seem a little much or be completely creepy or seem like you are trying way too hard, but if you are dead set on getting a guy to like you go chat up his mom for awhile. She will then proceed to go home or call her son and ask him why he’s never asked you out because you are just such a sweet girl. (I knew an ex’s mom before I knew him and I unintentionally did this. But hey, I was in a relationship for almost a year and his mom still loves me!)

18Compliment him.

Aim the compliment toward him this time instead of his dog, tell him you like his new haircut or the beard his is trying to grow, or even his outfit today. Although, I wouldn’t say outfit… or “trying to grow.” You get my point though.

19Buddy Up

Weather in class or at one of those oh-so-boring team building exercises at work, when you need a buddy he should be the first person you ask! Team building exercises or a class project are both ways to get some one on one time with him. There is a subtle hint in asking him to be your buddy, but being subtly flirty during the exercise/project will finish the job.

20Put your phone down when he’s around.

This won’t put a huge sign over your head with a blinking arrow that says “I Like You! Please, oh, Please Ask Me Out!” but it does give you the opportunity to show him you are more interested in him than your Instagram feed.

21Eye Contact.

Make eye contact. Stop awkwardly avoiding him when he walks by or ducking when you see him. Be confident, make eye contact and wave or say hi. It isn’t that hard, you do it to the nice old ladies in the grocery store all the time.

22Let him be the gentleman he is.

Don’t be too needy, girls, but ask him for help! Let him get you coffee, open doors for you, pull out your chair. From my experience men want to take care of us women, it’s just their nature. Of course they want a strong independent woman, but they just don’t want her to be able to open jars on her own. Let him help with the little things. It is a great conversation starter to ask for help as well, just don’t ask something too big.

23Get close.

 Don’t grope him in the middle of a party, just get close enough that he knows you want to be close to him. We all have our natural comfort zones, the closest is out personal space. We don’t want someone standing literally three inches from our face talking and friends typically stand a foot or two apart when talking so find a happy medium. (REMEMBER! Everyone’s comfort zones are different so be aware! If you think he feels uncomfortable take a step back.)

24Invite him places.

He invited you to come watch his band play earlier, now it’s time to invite him to your friends bar opening or art gallery exhibit. This is another great way to see if he’s interested because these are both things you could bring a date too. See if he shows up alone.

25Figure out something you both have in common.

I don’t think I would suggest Facebook creeping on him, but hey that is the age we are in now so maybe you should. If you find something you both have in common try to subtly bring it up in conversation so he can say, “Oh I love that movie too!” … and begin conversation.




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