Anniversary Gifts for Him

anniversary gifts for him


20 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

As my personal one year anniversary with my boyfriend is approaching, I know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for this special occasion. Boys say girls are hard to shop for, but all we really want is jewelry, purses, or flowers. Men on the other hand typically don’t have any idea what they want. Hopefully this list, made from my own quest for the perfect anniversary gift, will help you as well!

1One year anniversary gifts for him: Matching Keychains

If you’re looking for 1 year anniversary gifts for him, Etsy has tons of handmade personalized matching keychains that are just the cutest! I also looked on Amazon and found a few there as well. How cute would it be to have matching keychains with your anniversary date and initials on them for the rest of your life though. And another super sweet aspect is everytime you look at your keys you will be reminded of your SO. Awe!

22nd anniversary gift ideas for him: Beard Grooming Kit

Glitter beards, flower beards, majestic beards, they are all just super in right now. Men take pride in their facial hair like us girls take pride in our hair when we fix it up. Now, we have hair spray, mousse, gel, bobby pins, rollers, blow dryers, and flat irons so why shouldn’t our men have some beard product too?

3Whiskey Decanter

If you man likes to drink he will love drinking out of a oh-so-fancy whiskey decanter. You can get them engraved with his initials or last name. I also went on Etsy for this one too. They have all kinds of designs and styles.

4DIY anniversary gifts for him: Customized Guitar Picks

Get his name, favorite bible verse, name of his band, his nickname, or anything else you can think of. He will think it is so cool to play his guitar with one of a kind personalized guitar picks.


Men love tools. You don’t even really have to know what you are getting, just walk down the aisle of your local hardware store or Sears and throw stuff in your basket. The men and women that work at these stores can help you too.

6Something to put his tools in

I got my boyfriend a tool bag for Valentine’s Day and he was as excited as I was when he handed me a Michael Kors purse. I spent $30 on his while he spent hundreds on mine, but the excitement level was the same. Interesting right?

7Wedding anniversary gifts for him: Something Sexy

If you and your man are to this point in your relationship of course! I would accompany this gift with something else on the list, but new lingerie or something a little more risque will surprise your man.

8Paintball certificate

If you like paint balling too, go with him! But, I see this being more of a “hey, go have fun with your friends,” kind of gift. I would suggest giving him the certificate on your anniversary so he doesn’t think you don’t want to spend your actual anniversary together. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the relationship that we forget the other people in our lives. This would be a great way for you to acknowledge that your lives have a lot more people in them.

9Get his car detailed

If you boyfriend is anything like mine, he wants his car spotless all of the time. Give him a break from washing and dusting the inside of his car. He will think it is super sweet too that you love his car as much as he does… even if you hate his car he will appreciate that you respect that he wants to take care of it.

10Romantic Dinner

Just spend the night together cooking and watching movies. Make something special and even light some candles so it’s not just another night in. There is so much hype around anniversaries when we should really just be enjoying each other. If you don’t want to cook or aren’t that good at it, get takeout from your favorite fancy restaurant.

11Clean his house

If you’re looking for cute anniversary gifts for him then this is a winner! Boys hate doing dishes, laundry, and scrubbing toilets. Who doesn’t, but it seems like guys really hate it. Maybe accompany this one along with something else from the list too. Maybe the romantic dinner.

12A repeat of your first date

Whether you’re looking for one year anniversary gifts for him or 10 year anniversary gift ideas for him, this idea is perfect for any anniversary! Say you are making plans for your anniversary dinner and surprise him by going to the restaurant you went to on your first date, or wherever else you went. If it’s possible. Talk about a memorable anniversary present!

13A letter

This is a great idea, especially if you aren’t the writing type, or not the sappy love letter type. I write my boyfriend sappy emails every once in awhile and he loves them but he isn’t a writer so I rarely get them back. The other day he hid sticky notes with mini love letters on them in my books, laptop, and purse. I was so surprised and loved it SO much. It’s something you can hang on to forever which is awesome too.

14A personal massage

Maybe put this one with the something sexy gift, and make for an extremely romantic night. Who doesn’t want their shoulders rubbed?

15Get something done

My boyfriend would probably not be happy that I spent money on something he could’ve fixed, but I guarantee he would be thrilled he doesn’t have to fix it anymore. The faucet has been leaking, his oil needs changed, the stove stopped working, or whatever else is on his “honey-do-list,” just hire a plumber, take his car to the auto place, or order a new stove. When he walks through the door hand him a beer and say, “go watch the game.”

16Check his Amazon account

The neat thing about the internet creepily tracking everything you do and look at is that you can see what he’s been looking at online. Amazon will show, on the home screen, things similar to what he has been looking at. This is a great place to get ideas, if you can steal his phone, or know the login to his Amazon account.

17A membership

Beer of the Month Club, gun/outdoor magazine subscription, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or maybe something more specific to him. This is a gift that keeps on giving. I wish someone would pay for my yearly Amazon Prime membership fee! Talk about really free two day shipping.

18Bottle of his favorite alcohol

Nothing is classier than a bottle of alcohol. Maybe get some new wine or scotch glasses to go with it.

19Framed Pictures

I bought picture frames and decorated my boyfriend’s apartment when I finally couldn’t stand all the empty walls anymore. I printed off photos of his parents, siblings, our dog, my little sister, and us, framed them, and hung them. I also made a trip to Hobby Lobby and bought a few more cute things. When he walked in the door that night he wasn’t extremely happy with the chevron kitchen rug, but he LOVED all of the pictures of everyone he loved.

20A weekend getaway

Just make your anniversary a weekend long event. Go somewhere memorable, turn off the cell phones, and enjoy each other.

Hopefully this list of the best anniversary gifts for him helped you find the perfect gift idea for your special guy!



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