How to Make Ripped Jeans

ripped jeans outfit ideas

DIY Ripped Jeans Ideas

Ripped jeans have been a beloved trend for a while now. They add a chic, effortless effect to denim we all love. Denim is a type of garment that is rather easy to customize. If you have any denim in your closet that you haven’t been wearing or just don’t seem to enjoy as much, you can give them new life by turning them into ripped jeans. Before you throw out that old pair of jeans, check out some of our favorite ideas on how to make ripped jeans.

1Extreme Distressing

Jeans with extreme rips and distressing are in! It’s an ode to the 90’s influence we’ve seen in fashion as of late. Cutting larger holes with an emphasized distressed finish takes a pair of jeans from basic to trendy. The less perfect the distressing and placement of the holes, the more they look naturally distressed.

2Uneven Hemline

When we think of ripped jeans we typically think of jeans with holes and distressing in the thigh and knee area. Ripped jeans have adapted a new trend this year with the hemline getting in on the distressed action! Uneven hems are a tailored way to adapt the ripped jean trend if you aren’t into the more traditional route. The uneven hemline is a simple way to give any pair of jeans a whole new look.

3Add Studs to Distressed Jeans

We love the edgy take on these jeans. Whether you have jeans that are already ripped, or you add it yourself, you can add an edgy twist to them. Layering studded material under the rips gives the jeans just a touch of something unexpected that doesn’t limit you with outfit options.

4Pearlize Your Denim

Pearls are everywhere this season. Everything from swimwear to jewelry and jeans have adapted pearls as a fun embellishment. The softness of the pearl aesthetic is a stylish way to complement denim with a classic element.

5Love Denim

Take your love for denim to a new level with this take on ripped jeans! Rips in your jeans don’t have to mean classic holes and tears, it can also be adapted with different shapes placed strategically. We love the simple heart on the side of these jeans. It’s a dainty way to add a girly touch to your jeans.

6Punk Rock Vibes

The grunge look gives us all the throwback style inspo, especially when patches meet jeans. The punk rock style of these particular patches is perfect for changing the vibe of your jeans. Even better, patches are easy to find and apply. Check your local craft store for a selection of patches to recreate this ripped jean look.

7Sophisticated Distressing

Ripped jeans aren’t a one size fits all, you can easily adapt the trend in a way that fits your personal style. Just want something simple? Adding rips to just the knees of skinny jeans is the answer! It gives you a chance to rock ripped jeans in a sophisticated manner. Not to mention, it’s easy to wear with just about anything.

8Add a Touch of Pearl

We adore this ripped jean DIY! Although let’s be honest, what isn’t to love? This is the perfect way to add a splash of pearl embellishment to your denim in a delicate way. Small strands of pearls incorporated into the natural distressing of jeans give you versatility AND style.

9Undone Distressing

The best part about ripped jeans is the less structured the rips, the cooler they look. The rips in these jeans are the epitome of carefree distressing. It doesn’t get any easier to recreate this look, either. Simply cut the jeans where you want the rips placed and let the excess material hang naturally.

10Mixing Up Placement

For the style risk taker, this take on ripped denim is something different. Mixing up the placement of where you DIY rips in your jeans allow you to create denim that is completely customized. The rip just under the back pocket is an unexpected element.

11Reverse Denim Look

Who said rips in your jeans can only be in the front?! We love this take on ripped jeans because let’s face it, most of us have jeans with rips in the front. Adding rips and distressing to the back of your jeans will stand out and give you something different to style. This pair looks great paired with a backless top to compliment the jeans.

12Glam Meets Ripped Jeans

Add a touch of glam to your ripped jeans with rhinestones. While distressed and ripped jeans have a super casual vibe the mix of rhinestones brings two opposite styles together in the best way possible. You can get rhinestones at a craft store at a reasonable price and can be applied with a strong glue.

13Bermuda Shorts Made Over

Ripped jeans aren’t limited to long jean styles. Give your old denim a makeover by chopping off the length and turning them into Bermuda shorts. The longer short fit is a big trend we will be seeing this summer and it’s a great option if you don’t like to wear really short shorts. Complete the transformation with rips and distressing added.

14Trendy Jean Shorts

Before you go buy a new pair of denim shorts, you may have the perfect pair sitting in your closet. Cutting length off of an old pair of jeans can be an even better way to get a new pair of jean shorts. Give your shorts a different look with dramatic rips and an unfinished hem.

15Ripped in Black Jeans

Black jeans tend to be more of a classic denim style. It’s rare to find them with a lot of embellishment or distressing. Fortunately, it’s easy for you to do yourself and give yourself a black jean style you don’t often see. Even adding just a few simple rips in black skinny jeans can upgrade them. Cut different size rips into the jeans for an asymmetrical effect.

1690’s Jeans with a Twist

We’re head over heels for the high waisted, straight leg jeans that have gained so much popularity this year. They give us FRIENDS nostalgia, in a good way. The jean fit is incredibly flatter and comfortable. Adding larger rips to them brings this 90’s look to the current style year for a modern take.

17Adding Holes Strategically

Show off your legs even while you wear jeans with this ripped jeans DIY. Moving up the placement of the holes, from the typical knee area, lets you show off your legs in a totally unique way. The holes in these jeans are a bit more streamlined, taking out a whole section of the jean and finishing the edges a bit more.

18Patchwork Done Right

Patches are an underrated way to transform jeans. You can choose any patches that suit your style preferences to recreate this look. The combination of patches and rips makes a stylish statement you won’t see anywhere else.

19Make a Statement with Distressed Jeans

Here is another way to customize ripped jeans to make them trendy. These jeans show you don’t have to make the perfect rips for jeans to look great. This is an option to try for someone who likes an edgier style.

20Fringed Hemline

Don’t forget about the hemline of your jeans. Adding rips to the hems is just as stylish as anywhere else. We’re in love with the fringe look here. The fringe finish is subtle but really changes the entire look of jeans. It’s a great way to bring attention to shoes, too! Rock this with your favorite heels or sneakers for a fresh outfit.

21Mix Denim Washes

This is the epitome of recycling clothes. If you have a pair of denim you already took your scissors to don’t throw out the material just yet! Instead, you can use pieces of denim from one pair of denim as a patch with another pair. It’s a fun way to add depth to your jeans with varying denim wash colors. Isn’t this a great idea?

22Embroidery for Distressed Denim

Embroidery is a bit more of a permanent way to add fun designs to your denim, as opposed to patches. It’s also a big denim trend for spring! Floral always feels fresh and modern as the weather starts to warm up, the feminine takes pairs perfectly with the ruggedness of denim. Combining embroidery AND rips to jeans is sure to give you a one of a kind style all your friends will admire.

23Subtle Distressing

Here is another way to embrace the hemline trend with your jeans. This is a simple way to adapt the trend if you don’t want to go all out with a full fringe. Cut the hem of your jeans and use a seam ripper to finish the fringing. Start with a small amount of the hem at a time. Keep in mind you can add more fringe but you can’t reverse it.

24Feminine Touch with Lace

Lace is the ultimate feminine fabric and it happens to look great with denim. After you create some rips in your jeans instead of just leaving it blank to show your bare leg try adding lace to the inside of the jeans. It gives you just a peek of the lace for a fun layered look. What do you think of this DIY idea?

25Streamlined Distressed Skinny Jeans

We don’t think skinny jeans will go anywhere anytime soon. Even with so many different denim fits gaining popularity there is something about skinny jeans we all love. They often give a fitted, streamlined look that’s hard to beat. Continue honoring that aesthetic with distressing added to them. The rips in these jeans are prominent but still look put together – the perfect combination.

26Cropped Skinny Jeans

Changing the length of jeans will instantly make you feel as though you have an entirely new pair of jeans. Cropped pants are trendy and versatile, try cropping just a couple inches off the length of your long denim to achieve the look. The unfinished hem and small rips add to the distressed look that is ideal for spring.


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