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Chest Tattoos For Women

chest tattoos


30 Chest Tattoos For Women

Chest tattoos are a unique way of having beautiful artwork on your body and are one of the best parts of the body in the manner of tattoo art. Although it’s still a tougher area to have a tattoo, comparing to other parts of the body, the chest isn’t a terribly painful place to get one, and they are well worth it as you can get some wonderful pieces, such as quotes, birds, dates, there are so many beautiful and unique choices! So before you race to the tattoo parlor, check out this list of the top 30 unique and beautiful female chest tattoos.

1Cleaning Your Tattoo


After you get your tattoo, it is very important to take care of it and keep it clean, hygiene is very important here!

1) Leave the covering on for two to six hours, depending on your tattoo artist’s instructions.
2) Remove your bandage slowly and carefully.
3) Wash your tattoo gently with water and a fragrance-free soap with your hand and pat it with a towel.
4) Add a non-scented oil.

We recommend washing your tattoo once or twice every day whilst it is healing, no more than that, as it can get rid of your skin’s natural bacteria. Your skin needs it to protect and to heal it. After a few days, your skin can start to flake, this completely normal, do not panic! Just rub a fragrance-free hand lotion into your tattoo and your flaky skin.

2We Love Flowers

We think this looks perfect with a Bardot-style top and a cute choker! We love this heart and flower Gothic-style design, with its thin smooth lines. It is so detailed and looks particularly awesome at a summer festival.

3Pastel Flowers

We love the subtle touch of color in this chest tattoo! Your tattoo artist can play with various tones to get the perfect shade and light combination. Wear this with a bralet in the summer to show this masterpiece off!

4Purple Plants

Another magnificent floral tattoo that looks amazing on your shoulder and chest. It looks so pretty on pale skin, almost like a fairy-tale princess. Get your tattoo artist to use different shades of purple, and this could even look lush filled in like the previous tattoo. Use light, pastel or neutral tones if you want to fill this kind of tattoo in.

5Paper Birds

This is a wonderful chest tattoo to get as it represents your freedom, get it to remember previous trips, or when you finally finished high school. We love the intricate details, it is complex yet so artistic.

6Rose Bouquets Chest Piece Tattoos

Collarbones are supposed to be a bit of a painful place to get your tattoo done but needless to say, this is worth it! It is so elegant and Gothic, this is the perfect rock chick tattoo!

7Full Moon Tattoo

This piece is haunting and spooky. If you are looking for the most original tattoo out there, why not try this one? You have probably seen many wolf t shirts on sale at the mall as they are super trendy at the moment, so tattoos are just the same! Wolves represent loyalty, devotion and family, so it is a unique way of getting a tattoo for your family.

8Compass Tattoo

Compass tattoos are to ask for guidance in life. People who get them generally are wondering which direction to go in, they are at the crossroads of life. If you want to reflect your current situation or a previous important moment in your life, get this tattoo!

9Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelions symbolize happiness and loyalty, this ideal for the happy-go-lucky girl! The parts flying away are like your fears, your sadness, disappearing into the distance.

10Arrow Tattoo

Arrows have the opposite meaning to a compass. A solitary arrow indicates the direction in which your life is heading. We love tattoos with deep meaning and we want to get this one right away!

11Feather Tattoo

If you’re looking for small chest tattoos, go for a feather! Feathers are beautiful and versatile in their meanings. Feathers can symbolize freedom, either seeking it or already making the most of it! Whenever you look on Pinterest, feather tattoos are generally on your forearm or on your ankle, but find it even cuter on your chest!

12Love Yourself Tattoo

Your chest is the best place to get a cool quote – a song lyric or a movie or Tumblr quote. This quote preaches self-love and confidence, so we can only approve! Get this so whenever you feel down, this tattoo will get you smiling again!

13Inhale The Future Birds Tattoo

Look forward, with no regrets! The past is in the past, there is no going back! Another lovely, heart-warming quote for you get as a tattoo. “Inhale the future, exhale the past” is a perfect quote for those nights when you are tossing and turning, reflecting on past decisions and wondering “what if?”.

14Minnie Mouse Bow Girl Chest Tattoos

For all Disney fans, this is one of the many tattoos you should get! A cute Minnie Mouse bow will remind you of your favorite Disney movies. You can get it done in black and white or get it down in color!


We adore this sweet swallows design. If you’re looking for cute and meaningful chest tattoo ideas, consider swallows tattoo. Swallows represent hope and freedom. Swallows also can symbolize your return home after a long trip, so if you have been lucky to go on travels. The padlock and key mean that a lucky someone has the key to your heart.

16Mandala Tattoo

Mandala designs make great henna tattoos as well as permanent tattoos. As you can see, this looks so perfect with a bralet, it is an intimate spot so only your partner will see it, which makes it extra special!

17Rose Chest Tattoo

We love the fact that the roses start at your shoulder and grow onto your chest. Floral designs just make the best tattoos! Roses represent love, and we know you are just going to love this one!

18Shine Bright Like A Diamond

A unique take on the previous swallow design. Add a touch of sparkle with the cute diamonds and the Chanel logo! If you are a fashionista this is a pretty tattoo to go for!

19Roman Numerals

Roman numerals are a special way of having a date as a tattoo. Get your anniversary date, or even the date that you finished high school! Your chest is a unique spot to get your date tattoo.

20Through The Looking Glass

If you are looking forward to the new Alice film, then look no further! Enter a new dimension with this brilliant tattoo! The Lewis Carroll-inspired tattoo is so unique and beautiful! Getting your favorite book as a tattoo totally makes a change from movie quotes and song lyrics, you can get the most wonderful illustrations!

21Flower Party

We have fallen in love with this tattoo design, it would look perfect with a strapless top and a black velvet choker. It is super girly, and you can even add a touch of color for a summery vibe!

22Skeleton Hands

Skeletons make such cool chest tattoos! This is our absolute favorite design! It is so perfect for someone looking for a tattoo that is totally out there and that no one else will have! Another idea we can give you is a tattoo inspired by the artwork of your favorite album. We would love the Paramore Brand New Eyes artwork on us!

23Loving Him Was Red

Rose tattoos are very popular for chest pieces. Be the envy of all your friends with this spectacular, jaw-dropping tattoo! With a dash of red lippy and a smoky eye you will look like the Queen of Hearts!

24A Splash Of Summer

Fuchsia doesn’t have to look tacky, these flowers are so fresh and are making us long for sunnier days. A word of advice for color tattoos – never pick off the layers of your freshly-done tattoo, as it can remove the color!

25Snake Tattoo

Show off your dark side with this unusual tattoo! Snake tattoos have so many different meanings, so you can find a relevant one for yours – magic, sexuality, transformation or a secret. We love the combination of a snake and geometric shapes to add texture to the design.

26Dragon’s Den

Dragons are a very symbolic design – they represent longevity, wisdom and strength. Show people who is the boss with this masterpiece! Because of its size, we recommend you getting some tattoo experience before, as it could be painful!

27Butterfly Fly Away

This design is so realistic, with so many details of the butterfly’s patterns, and another shade and light contrast. Make sure to wear a cute low cut top to show this baby off!

28Diamonds Are A Girls’ Best Friend

Diamonds represent peace and invincibility! Show off your independence and girl power with this gorgeous design! We love the different shades of blue in this, turquoise is just the most amazing color for tattoos!

29Your Heart Is A Garden

This tattoo is another lush floral design that will make your friends turn green with envy! All eyes will be on your with this beautiful design. Your heart is literally a garden with this wonderful artwork.


This reminds us of traditional Mandala designs. Make your Henna tattoo permanent and make it a fabulous authentic chest tattoo! These design bring geometric and floral styles together and make your body look festival ready!

31Love Always, Charlie

If you are movie-mad this is the best tattoo ever! If you couldn’t remember, this is a quote from “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower”, one of the best teen films out there! Movie quotes make the best tattoos and remind you of nights out to the movies with your girl pals!

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