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30 Gorgeous Glitter Nails

glitter nails

Glitter Nails Designs And Sparkle Nails

It is easy to grab the nearest polish off the shelf, we understand… But makeup is all about experimentation and fun! Why not try something new? Glitter polish is often overlooked for being too “out there”, but you’ve got it all wrong! From super bold to pastels and elegant colors, take a look at some of our favorite glitter nail styles.

1Girly Glam Sparkle Nails

Soft girly tones such as pastel pink compliment sparkles perfectly! Lighter sparkles are a more feminine option for sparkles and will look lovely against a crisp white sundress. The long, elegant fake nails pull the look together and make them look ready for your next party!

2Nude And Neutral

This is proof that glitter does not necessarily mean party. These are subtle thanks to the nude base coat. Sparkles just add a hint of fun. This would look so edgy with a military style look – a camo jacket and ripped shorts would add the much-needed chilled vibes these nails need to stay cool.


Get a taste of the rainbow with these cute nails. These specks of glitter look like a sea of rainbow balloons – ideal for your next special event. These would be our top pick for birthday nails! Top off your French manicure with glitter – and don’t be afraid to go wild! Born Pretty have loads of glitter pots for your to chose from for this look.

4Gold Glitter

Nothing screams sophistication more than gold nails. You will feel like a million bucks with these. Alternating between a coffee-like tone and gold glitter will make sure the look doesn’t over-face passers-by. Team this with an LBD for a glamorous yet subtle look.

5Wonderful White

Looking for bridal-style nails? Whether it is for your future wedding, or just for dress up, these nails will get you hearing wedding bells in a flash. The ombré-like use of white glitter just makes the look more magical. Find Diamond Dust’s White Nail Glitter Powder on Amazon to get the look!

6Rose Gold

Who doesn’t LOVE rose gold? This look is simple yet versatile – wear these with black ripped jeans and a pin-striped off the shoulder top for the daytime, and with a khaki midi dress for the evening. Daily Charme have rose gold glitter for you to get the look!

7Smooth In Silver

For date night nails, these are the ones for you! Throw in a mix of white crisp nails and glitter nails for a cool and glam look. You won’t be the only one to dazzle on that hot date! Finish the look with silver jewelry, because you can’t have too much silver!

8Casual Sparkle

Brown nails with a hint of sparkle will brighten up your everyday look and make your skin glow. For this style, we recommend OPI’s shades Berlin There Done That and Raisin’ The Bar, two brown shades that will always look cool, and Essie’s The Girls Are Out for a pink glitter polish. Throw the three together and you will get this dreamy casual look!

9Out Of This World

Black polish with a hint of sparkle will give you an intergalactic look. Team these nails with a vibrant red dress to turn heads wherever you go. This shade is by Starrily and is called E=mc2. The shine is mind-blowing and will be ideal for any nights out!

10Black And Silver

You may have heard black and gold made a dream combo, but don’t overlook silver and gold! Teaming silver sparkle with slick black adds texture and edge to a party look. We think this, with a biker girl look would look fabulous! Black and silver nails, alongside a black biker jacket and ripped jeans will be our go-to look for fall.

11Perfect Pink

Baby pink is a color that has been trendy all through 2016 and the beginning of 2017, and it’s easy to understand why. Light pink will go with a range of colors, from blue to khaki and even light gray, and even though it is a softer tone, will totally stand out. Finish the look off with gold jewelry.

12Subtle And Simple

Rose gold nails aren’t just for special occasions. Get your hands (or nails) on Julep’s Zodiac Collection for some serious glitter goals! Our favorite shade is Cancer because of its metallic finish. Remember to add a layer of transparent polish to lock in the sparkle!

13Glitter Mani

For girls who like to keep it simple, you need to try out the glitter mani! It is for from being too extravagant but still looks like you made a serious effort. Apply nail glue to the bottom of your nail before dipping your fingers into a pot of silver nail glitter. Your friends will be green with envy!

14Dare To Dazzle

These nails are beyond dazzling! Don’t be afraid of going over the top with the sparkles – nail glue and a pot of nail glitter will be your companions for this look. Against nude-colored clothing, these babies are bound to stand out!

15Vamp It Up

For those of you who have a dark side, then vamp it up! Gold brightens up this gorgeous burgundy look, yet makes it look glamorous. We love the stiletto heels to make it instantly sexier and to add that much-needed sass!

16Summer Sparkle

Here is a casual sparkly look for the summer… Dove grey and pastel pink reunite for this feminine look. Adding a small amount of glitter makes the look more low-key and subtle. Almond shaped nails add to the casual vibes and are easy to maintain too!

17Girly Goals

Too girly does not exist! Go wild on the sparkle front! White and pink are the perfect combo for a girly nail look, and with sparkly bows and glitter, are stuff that dreams are made of! To finish off this look, we recommend adding silver jewelry to match your glitter.

18Cool And Colorful

This look just makes us want to go on vacation! This bright look only has a slight touch of glitter, allowing the bright ombré from orange to hot pink be the main focus point. These would look lush with ripped shorts and a white drop-arm vest top on your next vacation. Try it out!

19Silver Raindrops

Light blue seems to be our go-to polish at the moment. It compliments perfectly silver glitter, and can be worn on a day-to-day basis. Essie have a similar color to this called Truth Or Flare, which is glamorous and is reminiscent of vintage blue denim.

20Striking Sparkles

If you are looking for bridal nails, this is another possibility. If you are a low-key bride or bridesmaid, then a French mani topped with glitter will be the no-fuss solution you have been looking for. With a longer nail, this design looks even more elegant!

21Shine Like A Star

You will be the star of the show with these cute nails. Glitter and stick on stars work together perfectly to create a look that is literally out of this world. Look out for nail star stickers on Amazon – they have them in a wide range of colors! The subtle pink-nude tones keep it down to Earth and grown up.

22Party Princess

This is for the party girl, a touch of deep purple with a touch of multicolored fun is enough to get any party started! Contrast with a white dress to make your nails stand out, and finish off with silver jewelry to make sure your nails are the talking point of the party.

23Metallic Mood

Two of the hottest types of nails meet for this edgy combination. Metallic nails with glitter add texture and make sure your nails are ready to face the day. We think these nails could add a twist to the most casual of outfits. Make sure to send us some snaps!

24Ocean Blue

You may not be able to make it to the ocean, but we are sure these nails will make up for it. The ombré of a royal blue glitter polish to a turquoise one is just ingenious. These will have you hooked! Team them with any of your fave beach outfits for a touch of glamor!

25Stripes And Sparkles

Stripes and sparkles won’t over-face whoever lays their eyes on your gorgeous nails. The hint of glitter on one nail per hand is a particular favorite for nail artists because it adds something without throwing your original design out of the window. The pink nails add a bit of innocence to the sleek, almost professional vibes this design gives.

26Ice Queen

If Elsa had glitter nails, she would go for these! The almond blue is reminiscent of Frozen and will look ever so cute in winter. Applying the glitter in an ombré-like fashion will look dainty and low-key. Team with a dove gray clutch and get ready to show off those nails!

27Royal Blue

Royal blue instantly dresses up your outfit, whether it is your clothing, your accessories or your nails. If you are looking for Prom nail inspiration, we think these could be the ones you have been longing for. The silver stripes are classy, yet add that little je ne sais quoi to make them party-proof!

28Bright And Beautiful

Gems and sparkles are just perfect for the princess that you are! Treat yourself to this design, who cares what the occasion is! Last but not least, slip on some gold jewelry so that the yellowness contrasts with the pink ombré.

29Purple Rain

Darker nails look more luxurious and glamorous. Do not over-face the eye with a dash of sparkle. It will spice your nails up without taking the attraction away from those vamped up nails. These could look cute for Prom, or even every day – don’t they look just adorable against this pink sweater?

30Blue Red White Glitter Nails

These are great for your next 4th of July part! The red and blue specks of glitter look gorgeous on the simple white nail polish.

31Offwhite & Warm Glitter Nails

Off white or beige nails with gold glitter is such a stunning and elegant combo and is great look for a day at the office or a night out with your bffs!

32Nail art with Quotes

Jazz up your glitter nails with your favorite quote or a cute caption like this one!

33Nude and Glitter Nails

This nude nails design is subtle, elegant with added sparkle to it! The litter shade is so colorful and really spices up this design.

34Light pink, blue glitter nails

A very impressive design of colorful blue glitter sparkle over a light pink shade.

35Pop blue glitter nails

This design features gorgeous stiletto nails pinted half in light pink and half in bright blue.

36Party glitter nails

What an elegant and festive combination of nudes and blues!



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