Breakup Quotes for Her and Him

breakup quotes for her and him

40 Breakup Quotes for Her and Him


Most of us have been through at least one challenging breakup. It can feel like your heart has completely shattered. Taking care of yourself and taking the time to process your feelings can help so much during the process. Whether you experienced a hard breakup or parted ways mutually, a good quote can help you make sense of how you feel. This list of breakup quotes for her and him has something for everyone. You’re sure to find the comfort you need as you enter this new season of life.

1Better Off Breakup Quote

Sometimes, you know your break up was for the best. Even if it is painful to admit, ending things might have been the best decision for both of you.

2Better Things

This quote gives a positive perspective to breaking up. Maybe the end of your relationship will be the start of something even better!

3You Were the Book

After a big breakup, it can feel like your whole world has crumbled. It can feel like the other person was your everything, while you were just a small piece of their story.

4Broke Me Down

Love is a powerful thing. Sometimes it can help build you up. Breakups can have the opposite effect and feel like they have knocked you down.

5Made to Be Broken

Even if it doesn’t feel like it, our hearts can handle a lot. Heartbreak can feel miserable, but your heart will heal again.

6Complicated Goodbye

Often our relationships start so simply. Maybe your breakup has left you surprised by how complicated things have become.

7Let Go Breakup Quote

As hard as endings feel, breaking up can be a courageous decision. If you know deep down that you did what was right, be proud of the fact that you took care of your heart.

8When Love is Real Breakup Quote

If you broke up because the other person deceived you or made you feel unworthy, the pain can really sting. Just remember, you deserve love that doesn’t cause your pain, but cures it.

9We Both Know

You may feel like your relationship ended on an unnecessarily painful note. No matter how much you avoid it, you both know the ending was not quite how it should have been.

10Find Yourself

It’s always nice to find a bit of hope to hold onto. While letting go of someone you love may feel like a loss, it will help you arrive at a truer version of yourself.

11The Flashbacks Sad Breakup Quote

Even if you ended your relationship on a good note, moving on can be hard. Sometimes the hardest part is getting flashbacks of all the memories with your ex.

12In the Hatred of A Minute

Sometimes, it can feel like a relationship ends in the blink of an eye. When you’ve spent a long time loving someone, it feels shocking for one angry fight to end it all.

13Set it Free Breakup Quote

Maybe after your breakup, you secretly hope to get back together. All you can do is trust that if your relationship is meant to be, it will work out for you in the end.

14Really Glad Quote

Even if your relationship didn’t work out, you can find a way to appreciate the memories. You can be happy that someone came into your life, even if they weren’t meant to stay forever.

15One of the Hardest Things

Ending a relationship can be one of the hardest times we have to go through in life. It feels even more difficult when you thought the love would last a lifetime.

16Going Back

When you go through a breakup, it can be tempting to go back to your ex. If the person hurt you, the best way to heal might be to let them go.

17Stronger, Braver, Wiser

The hardest things we go through in life teach us important lessons we can take with us into the future. If your breakup was tough, know that it has made you stronger, braver, and wiser than ever before.

18More Damage Breakup Quote

This quote is a great metaphor for a breakup if you held on for too long. Sometimes trying to force things to work can hurt more than just letting go.

19Underneath it All

Even if it has been a while since your breakup, you might still be hanging on to hope. Catching yourself wishing things were different is a completely normal part of the healing process.

20In Your Heart

After things end, you might still carry that person with you in your heart. This can hurt because a memory never feels quite the same as holding that person in your arms.

21Strong Enough Breakup Quote

22You Let Me Go

23Let Them Leave

24Life Goes On Quote

25Still Loving You Breakup Quote

26You Lost Me

27You Have Loved

28Meant the World

29What Haunts Me More

30The Peace I Felt

31Don’t Dwell Breaking Up Quote

32Never Regret

33Just Move On Breakup Quote

34Just Strangers

35Forgive and Remember

36The Saddest Part Breakup Quote

37Smile Because it Happened

38I Can’t Tell

39Their “Person” Breakup Quote

40The Ultimate Opportunity

41Don’t Stress Breakup Quote


Breakups are always difficult for everyone involved. Whether your breakup was mutual or sudden, we all experience a range of emotions when making the transition out of a relationship. The quotes in this list cover a wide range of emotions, so everyone can find something useful here.

Some of these quotes address the sadness one feels after a breakup. Feeling pain, sadness, or even grief at the end of a relationship is a normal part of the process. It is important to fully express these emotions in order to heal.

There are breakup quotes here to cover the dishonesty and deception we may feel at the end of a relationship. If the breakup was sudden, or your ex left you feeling mistreated, it’s okay to be angry.

A few of the quotes in this list provide a sense of motivation and hope. Even when endings are tough, we can see the experience as a lesson. We can use it as an opportunity to gain wisdom and growth.

There are even some quotes to describe a sense of peace you may have at the end of a relationship. Even if it is hard to admit, maybe you know this was the best choice for you. When you find peace in your breakup, you may be able to look back and appreciate the memories in a new way.

However you are feeling about your breakup, and whichever role you played in the ending of the relationship, give yourself time to heal. Once you adjust to the change, you will be ready to go back out into the world as a stronger and wiser version of yourself!


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