Thank You Quotes For Him

Thank You Quotes For Him

Thank You Boyfriend Quotes

Every boyfriend deserves a ‘thank you’ now and again. Us girls, can be difficult sometimes, so it’s important we let our boos know that we are grateful to them for sticking around when times are tough. Here are some of the very best thank you boyfriend quotes to show him how much you appreciate and love him. Feel free to steal them!

1You Give My Life Direction

It’s wonderful to meet someone that gives your life direction and puts you on a path to success. If you have someone in your life that encourages you every day, then share this with him.

2You Showed Me

Love should feel amazing all the time. It should feel good and happy. And, never like you’re not worthy. Stick to the guy who makes you feel whole and appreciated.

3I Just Can’t Say

It’s hard to find the words to tell someone how much you really love them. And, how much you appreciate their presence. Use this Mark Anthony quote to do just that.

4Thank You For Loving Me

Love is an overpowering feeling. And, when someone really shows you true love, it’ll feel like something you’ve never encountered before. Appreciate that person with this quote.

5Most Beautiful Woman

The person you love should never make you doubt your beauty or your worth. Let them know that they make you feel your prettiest even on the darkest days with this quote.

6Broken Things Can Be Loved

Even when you feel broken, you can certainly be loved. It just has to be from the right person. So, if your bae makes you feel loved every day, share this with them.

7Thank You For Being You

Love is always unique and special. But, one thing it should always do is inspire you to be the best you that you can be. So, thank your loved one for helping you out!

8Because Of You

Love can certainly make you brave. It is a brave thing to give your heart to someone, knowing that they could break it at any second. Love is a vulnerable game, but we must play.

9You Treat Me

It’s hard to find someone that knows your worth as good as you do, so when you find that person, hold onto them. They should know that if they treat you like a queen, you’ll treat them like a king.

10Even When I’m Crazy

This ‘thank you’ note to your boyfriend has a little humor added to it. Yes, as women, we can all be crazy emotional sometimes. So, shoutout to the boyfriends who know how to handle us. You guys are the real MVPs.

11For Always Listening To Me

The best boyfriends are friends first. They listen to you and encourage you and always try to make you feel better on your bad days. That is nothing short of magical!

12Thank You For Staying

Couples go through hard times sometimes, but not everything has to end in a breakup. If you and your boo have been hit with some terrible situations, but have stuck together, share this with him.

13My Heart Brighter

When your soulmate walks into your life, you feel complete. Everything starts to make sense and your life becomes much brighter and way more exciting.

14By My Side

The feeling of love can be really overwhelming to most people at first. And, so the easiest thing to do is to push it away. But, thank your boyfriend for staying even through all that.

15I’m Weird

This is the perfect ‘thank you’ quote for the silly couple. If you love being a little weird with your bae and he’s totally cool with it, share this quote with him.

16I Love How You Take Care Of Me

It’s really nice to feel taken care of. Relationships are a lot of give and take, but it definitely gets tiring if you are doing all the giving and none of the taking.

17Fought For Me

When someone fights for you, it’s because they truly love you and they see your worth. If you have a boyfriend who is willing to bend over backward for you, share this with him.

18You Make Me Complete

It’s nice to have a person that simply fixes everything in your life by just being in it. If your boyfriend’s presence improves everything, then let him know with this quote.

19Smile Like Crazy

Simple ‘thank yous’ for all the good things your boyfriend does will never go unappreciated. Tell him how grateful you are for all the little things.

20Stealing My Eyes

When you find the love of your life, you no longer find a reason to keep looking. You know what you have is beautiful and special. And, there is no reason to put your heart anywhere else.

21You Made Me Believe

22I Don’t Say Anything At All

23Sweet Sweet Love

24For Never Forgetting Me

25I Laugh A Little

26You Did Something For Me

27I Just Close My Eyes

28Butterflies Feel Like

29Rainbow After The Storm

30All The Small Things

31When We First Met

32To My Boyfriend

33Most Thankful

34Smile Every Day

35Someone Up There


These ‘thank you’ quotes for your boyfriend are all so cute and perfect to let them know how appreciated they are. I mean, we all need a little reminder sometimes. Especially, when things get tough!

Some of these quotes talk about the tough times and how you are thankful that your boyfriend has stuck around. Relationships are not easy work. And, they do require sacrifices. So, if your boyfriend is willing to work through things, then you know that he truly loves you.

Then there are some quotes that talk about your boyfriend being the reason you smile every day. So, if you have a guy that makes you grin ear to ear, one of these quotes is perfect to send to him!

There are also quotes on this list that talk about feeling loved by your boyfriend. This is so important in a relationship. Everyone should feel loved, if you don’t, then it’s time to fix things or move on!

Hopefully, one of these quotes will end up in your boyfriends messages tomorrow. We know he will definitely appreciate it!


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