40 Funny Good Morning Quotes


40 Funny Good Morning Quotes


Waking up feeling happy and refreshed isn’t always achievable. Maybe you didn’t sleep well or you’re feeling stressed about the day to come, or maybe you’re just not a morning person. Either way, funny good morning quotes can help lift your spirits and get you smiling no matter how sleepy you are! There’s no better way to start the day than with a good laugh, so check out this list of funny good morning quotes to add some cheer to your morning!

1A Yawn

Who doesn’t wake up, yawn, and head straight for the coffee? When we yawn in the morning our bodies are trying to tell us something. Don’t ignore the silent call for coffee!

2Morning Sarcasm

Sarcasm can help us get through the mornings. Cute animals can help too. Try this quote on the first person that sees you in the morning for a good laugh!

3Morning Sexiness

Speaking of animals, this picture and quote combination are sure to make you laugh. If you say this to the first person you see tomorrow morning, you’re sure to get a chuckle out of them too!

4Allergic to Morning

We’ve all been there. Feeling like our bodies are fighting the morning like an allergic reaction is inevitable every now and then.

5Morning Sunshine

This quote, when said with your craziest morning hair, can be hilarious indeed. I know I feel like the owl in this picture at least one morning a week!

6Morning Compliments

Who wouldn’t love to be told these four things in the morning? Why not start your morning with a compliment or two?

7A Huge Difference

Maybe you are a little grumpy when you have to wake up extra early. If you fall into this category you can surely relate to this quote!

8Big Steps

In the morning, sometimes it’s the small steps that count. Making it from the bed to the couch is a step perfectly worthy of celebration on those days!

9Believe in Something

If you can’t find a cause to fight for in the morning, you might as well believe in the beverage that never lets you down. Coffee’s got your back, no matter how many cups it takes to stay awake!

10Morning Exercise

This quote is funny, but it’s also just good advice! If you’re in a fog in the morning, you might as well exercise before you have time to change your mind!

11Act of Courage

Some days, getting out of bed is no easy feat. This humorous quote reminds you to celebrate the bravery it takes to throw off the covers and spring into action.

12Funny Morning Emoji

Sometimes there’s nothing like a simple emoji to get you laughing. This emoji sums up exactly what your phone sees when you get a morning text.

13Run Towards Disaster

This quote is hilarious because some days really seem destined for disaster. Instead of letting disaster strike you, why not run towards it first!

14Not a Morning Person

We’ve all had this thought. The morning would be so much nicer if it happened in the afternoon!

15Not Feeling It

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Some days we feel “worky,” and others we simply do not.

16Motivational Quotes

Maybe this quote describes your current morning situation. Sometimes motivational morning quotes just motivate you to go right back to bed.

17The Floor’s Got Your Back

If you don’t have anyone to give you a helping hand this morning, remember this. If you fall down, at least the floor has got your back.

18Fail Safe Plan

When you are feeling a little dazed in the morning, this is the plan for you. Just sip on some coffee and pretend you have it all figured out.

19Honest Greeting

To some of us, the only good morning is one spent under the covers. If you’re forced to get up and talk to people, at least you can be more honest with your greeting!

20Sound Effects

When you get up in the morning it’s easy to tell if you are feeling tired. The sound effects you make give it all away.

21Be Awesome

22A Mystery

23Have Not Slept Well

24Assassins Failed

25Good Mornings for Everyone

26Unfortunate Circumstances

27Hang in There

28Not a Morning Person

29Get It Over With

30Mornings Are Stupid

31Today’s Smokey Eye

32How I Roll

33Exhausted Pigeon

34Idiots Happen

35World Domination

36That Part

37Mattress Motivation


39Morning Fuel

40Already Can’t Wait


Some of these quotes are giggle-worthy while others are downright hilarious. No matter your sense of humor, anyone can get a good morning laugh out of this list. Whether it’s sarcasm, funny animals, or funny yet positive motivation, there’s something here for every morning mood.

If you’re feeling grouchy this morning, the sarcastic quotes here are sure to get a laugh out of you. No matter how determined you are to stay angry, some good, dry sarcasm can be the fuel you need to turn your morning around!

The funny animals in this list are sure to get anyone tickled. Who doesn’t feel like a sleepy baby giraffe some days?

Some good humorous motivation would be great for the natural morning person. If you wake up ready to tackle the world, how could you not love a good laugh to help you spring into action?

Laughter can help you stay positive no matter how grumpy you might feel. So pair your morning coffee with a good belly laugh the next time you have to wake up early.

Starting your morning with a smile is sure to get you excited and prepared to conquer the day ahead. Plus, they say laughter is contagious, so enjoying these quotes is sure to spread joy to those around you as well! Send these quotes to a friend, share them with your boyfriend, or use them to motivate yourself. Either way, the happiness you get out of a simple morning laugh can have a big impact, and is bound to help lift your spirits throughout the rest of your day!


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