Sadies Proposals: Cute Ways to Ask a Guy to Sadies or Prom

Sadies Proposals- Cute Ways to Ask a Guy to Sadies or Prom

Sadies Ideas and Promposal Ideas to Ask a Guy

Are you dreaming of going to the Sadies dance, Prom, or Homecoming with that special someone? Well, stop dreaming and start doing! The only way you are going to get them to say ‘yes’ is if you ask them. So, why not ask them in a super unique way? Here are some of our favorite Sadies ideas that you can totally steal- we give you permission!

1The Sushi Tactic

This promposal is definitely for the foodie. A free sushi roll and a date to the dance? What can get any better than that? Make sure you keep it fresh!

2Perfect Match

This simple and adorable way of asking a guy to the Sadies dance is absolutely perfect. It take minimum effort while still showing you care. Also, who doesn’t LOVE a good pun?

3Basketball Star

Is the guy of your dreams on the basketball team? If so, then definitely go with this promposal idea! The prop is super cute and you won’t have to even say a thing!

4The Puzzle

If you and your boo have super cute pics together, then this is one to try! It’s simple, but has a personal flair so he couldn’t possibly say ‘no’ to dancing with you all night.

5UP Promposal

“UP” is not only an adorable Disney children’s movie, but it’s like one of the greatest most tear-jerking love stories of our generation. So, how could he possibly say ‘no’ to this promposal?

6Dum Dum Method

Would you say ‘no’ to a vase full of Smarties and Dum Dums? I didn’t think so! So, how could he? I mean, flowers are nice, but candy is always the way to go.

7Candy Candy Candy

This is a fun way to ask someone to the Sadies dance. Simply glue bars of candy onto a poster board to let it do the talking for you. It’s adorable and creative.

8Cheesy Pizza

9Classic Country

If you can get a horse to accompany you to ask your bae to the dance, then we guarantee there is no way he can say ‘no’. I mean, really, a sidekick that cute? It’s impossible!

10Funny Formal Proposal

If you know your guy would appreciate a little humor and sassiness in his promposal then definitely try this one out! It’s hilarious and a total heart stealer.

11Goldfish For The Win

If you want to make your man feel extra special, then definitely let him know that you have a lot of offers, but his is the only one you would accept.

12Fairy-Tale Promposal

Is there a guy that you consider the ultimate Prince Charming? Then let him know by asking him out to the dance with this cute fairy-tale inspired poster!

13Volley For Your Heart

Volleyball is a sport that requires planning and flexibility. But, let your date know you’d be totally SET if he came to the dance with you. He will appreciate your effort.


This is a really simple way to any guy’s heart- food. Specifically, fast food. So, let him know that you are craving to go to the dance with him, with one of his fave cravings!

15Icing On The Cake

If you are a baker, then definitely show off your skills with this promposal. Make sure you find out his favorite flavor of cake before you put on your chef’s hat!

16Buns Buns Buns

This silly little trick to get him to go to the Sadie’s dance with you is perfect for the funny guy! He will love the humor and the sweet treat that comes with it.

17Dying Chalk Art

This promposal requires a little bit of acting, so if you don’t mind getting a little chalky and acting silly for the sake of the dance, then try out this silly tactic!

18The Orange Joke

Everyone knows this classic orange joke. So, if you are looking for an easy and memorable way for him to go to the dance with you- try out this method!

19Coca-Cola Method

This is an easy way to get the guy of your dreams to say ‘yes’ to going to the Sadies dance with you. It’s a cute pun with a little treat attached!

20DC and Marvel Tactic

Boys love DC and Marvel- it’s like a fact! So, show him you care about his interests too by incorporating his favorite characters into your promposal!

21Cowboy Boots

22Gold Digger Kanye Style

23Pokemon For Prom

24American Freedom

25Compliment Him First

26Post-Its On Car

27Sliding Home

28The Iced-Tea Trick

29Lucky Duck


31Baseball For Your Dream Man

32Basketball Couple

33Wing It

34Sunshine And Sunflowers

35Millenial Meme


This list of Sadies proposals and promposals is just the beginning! There are so many clever and also simple ways to ask the man of your dreams out to the dance…as long as you have the courage!

There are some proposals on this list that have to do with food. Obviously! The way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach, after all. And, this list gives you so many treats to choose from. It has baked goods like cakes and buns and candy like Dum Dums, Snickers, and Fast Breaks. And, then of course, we couldn’t leave out pizza!

There are also sport-related promposals on here that are perfect if your boy is on a team. He will appreciate your thought when putting his passion into your proposal. There are ideas on this list for basketball, baseball, and volleyball. If he plays another sport, simply take one of these ideas and tailor it to fit your special guy!

There are also hilarious puns that are incorporated with most of these promposals. And, that’s what makes them so hard to say ‘no’ to. So, bump up your chances of getting a date by using one of these super clever puns to lock down your prom plans.

Hopefully, one of these ideas really struck you and you have the courage to put your plan into action. A promposal is such a great way to get your dream date to say ‘yes’. So, get baking, crafting, and planning to make your dance the best night yet!


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