Boyfriend And Girlfriend Quotes

Boyfriend And Girlfriend Quotes


Boyfriend Girlfriend Quotes

Boyfriend girlfriend quotes are the best because they are quotes that both the guy and girl in a relationship can relate to! Some are sweet, some are funny, and some are just downright damn relatable. So, get inspired and enjoy these boyfriend and girlfriend quotes that fit every relationship dynamic!

1My Truest Friend

Some relationships start as lovers and turn into best friends. If you have found a partner like this, consider yourself special. They are one in a million!

2So Damn Lucky

Sometimes, when you are dating someone you can just stare at them forever because you feel so lucky to have them in your lives. If you are head-over-heels in love with your partner, this quote is for you.

3As Soon As Possible

This classic When Harry Met Sally quote sums up what it feels like when you meet the person of your dreams! You want to do everything and anything with them.

4My Only Choice

Some people just make you happier than you ever thought possible! They light up your world like no other and you could not imagine your life without them in it!

5Love You Forever

Real love finds you when you least expect it. So, never give up on true love. You will find someone who will love you exactly how you deserve to be loved.

6Real Romance

True love is shown every single day in little gestures. It’s not about fancy vacations or expensive gifts. It is found in the simple things that make you smile.

7Take All The Risks

You should be with someone who not only tries every single day to love you and with you, but also who gives you all the love that you give them. A relationship should be equal!

8Before I Met You

Love that makes you smile for no reason is the type of love you should strive for. If you have someone in your life that makes you giggle to think about, keep them close!

9My Kind Of Perfect

Your partner should be perfect in your eyes. Don’t focus on the negatives of your partner, only the positives and learn to love every bit of them!

10Every Relationship

Not all relationships are smooth sailing. Some go down some bumpy roads here and there. But, the ones that are meant to be together stick it out and make it through.

11Annoy The Rest Of My Life

This quote is super relatable. We can all be annoying in our relationships when we are craving attention or just really hangry, but having someone to annoy is such a comfort.

12In Her Smile

People show that they are in love in different ways. In girls, they may share their smile more often with the world. And, with guys, you can tell by the way they look at their lover.

13I’m Amazed When I Look At You

When all you have ever wanted is found in your partner, consider yourself lucky. Finding that special someone is rare. So, hold onto them tight and never let them go.

14Only God Knows

Sometimes, you can’t even describe how much you love someone. There are just no words to sum up how you really feel. But, you can show it with your actions and return the love your lover gives you.

15I Want You

Having someone to experience the simple things in life with is something very special. From starry nights to lingering kisses, and morning coffees, it’s always better when you have someone next to you.

16She Is Fine

Considering someone your world is a big sentiment. But, it’s also very true if you have ever been in love. Without them, life feels almost meaningless.

17Maybe I’m Scared

Love can be scary. It’s hard to open yourself up to be completely vulnerable in a relationship. This is usually because of past hurt. But, you can’t let the past hold you back.

18Hold My Heart Forever

Even when they let go of your hand, you can still feel the love from their heart. This is what we call true love. When no matter how far the distance, love prevails.

19I Never Thought

Falling in love happens at different paces. Sometimes, it’s slow and steady, and sometimes it hits you like a lightening bolt! Everyone’s love story is different.

20Never Your Passion

Love madly and insanely. You never want your lover to think that you have no passion. It’s much better to be over-the-top about your love, then to have your lover questioning if it’s real.

21To The World

22And Then You Came Along

23It Happens Like This

24All Your Problems

25My Priority

26I’m Going To Love You

27A Strong Relationship

28A Great Relationship

29Inside My Heart

30No Soul Ever Will

31I Love It When

32The Few Hours

33A Good Time

34Let The Sunshine In

35Your Favorite Place

36I Love You

37A True Relationship

38How To Keep A Relationship

39I Can’t Lose You

40Part Of My World

41Our little stupid conversation

42Every text I get


44I found you


These boyfriend girlfriend love quotes are perfect for any boyfriend girlfriend dynamic. They discuss things that are sad, happy, funny, and overall relatable for all couples.

A lot of these quotes touch on true love. They discuss what true love feels like. How it’s the little things in love that really matter, not the big gestures such as flowers and chocolates. But, rather, the things like talking over breakfast or sitting by a campfire together. It is about experiences and quality time rather than materialistic things.

Then, there are some quotes that discuss finding a friend in a lover. This is important for any relationship. To have someone to love and confide in is a huge gift in life that you should never take for granted. If you have found a friend in your lover, don’t let go.

Some of these quotes talk about smiling or laughing for no reason when you think about your significant other. This is called being in love. So, if you find yourself smiling when you are dreaming of your boo, you are definitely in deep.

Hopefully, these quotes reminded you how lucky you are to have your boyfriend or girlfriend in your life!


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