Coachella Outfits 2019

Coachella Outfits 2019

Coachella Fashion 2019

Coachella is officially over but the fashion from the festival will live on. It’s no secret the infamous music festival is known for attendees stepping out in some pretty out of the box fashion. That’s probably one of the things we’ve all grown to love about Coachella. It’s become one of the most instafamous occasions to attend for bloggers, celebrities and more. Whether you made it to Coachella or not, we thought now that it’s past was a great time to look back at some of the best Coachella fashion from 2019. We’ve gathered up 35 of our favorite looks from the event to give you a little style inspo as we get into the summer season.

1Classics Coachella-fied

If you’re anything like us you’re going to be living in bodysuits and denim shorts this summer. It’s one of the easiest, stylish combinations for the warm weather. We love how this outfit is completed with Coachella appropriate accessories like the bandana around the neck, belt and ankle booties.

2Maxi Skirt Chic

Swimsuits turned into festival wear – yes please! These outfits are such a cute way to transition swimsuits, or something similar, to be more appropriate for a different occasion like Coachella. Styling a long maxi skirt over them is all you need! The skirts don’t add too much warmth to your outfit so you won’t overheat, but they add major style points.

390’s Inspired

If you haven’t already heard, the 90’s are back and they’re stronger than ever with fashion inspiration. This outfit is giving us major throwback vibes and we love everything about it. Cargo style pants, super crop top and a belt bag create the cutest look.

4Statement Pants

Logos are everywhere in fashion right now, even logos of some of our favorite food-based brands. These pants are such a fun way to mix up your style. We love how she let the pants be the focal point by keeping the rest of the look simple. Add a tank for more of an everyday look.

5Print Mixing Style

Mixing prints is intimidating sometimes but it doesn’t have to be difficult! The key is to choose prints with a similar color palette, like this outfit. The prints are very different but have cohesive colors throughout both of them which is what makes it work.

6Pop of Pink

This outfit is perfection for any warm weather activity. It’s so cute and easy to recreate. All you need is a denim skirt, jacket and a top with a pop of color. If you don’t feel comfortable in a top this short you can always opt for a full length option. Complete the outfit with sneakers or gladiator sandals.

7Flowy Festival Chic

What gives dessert festival vibes like a flowy dress? Well…not too much. A flowy dress is a great option for those really warm days when you want to be cute and stylish. This outfit has major Coachella vibes with the addition of slouchy boots, you can swap those out for sandals if boots aren’t really your thing.

8Coachella Styled Easy

Easy style is key for those warm days and events like Coachella. You really can’t ever go wrong with a bodysuit and shorts. This outfit gets instantly elevated with the scarf around the head, body jewelry and embellished belt.

9Fashion Forward Festival Ready

Our jaws dropped when we stumbled across this outfit. Isn’t this everything? It screams Coachella chic in every amazing way. It’s fashionable, edgy and has some of the vintage aesthetic so many people strive to achieve during the Coachella weekends.

10Flowy in Boots

Styling unexpected items together is really what Coachella is all about. There aren’t any hard fashion rules during the festival, which is what we all love so much about the fashion. Pairing a super flowy dress, shawl and over the knee boots wouldn’t normally work but it does with this look. The light color scheme makes it cohesive and stylish.

11All Black Fest

We love when ladies take chances with their Coachella outfits, like this look. Black isn’t often what you would think to wear in the dessert but it works with the sheer black crop top paired with black fringe skirt. We’re in love with the belt combined with the belt bag for added embellishing.

12Dare to Fringe

This probably isn’t an outfit most would wear outside of Coachella but like we said, there really are no style rules at the festival. Fringe was a huge trend at Coachella this year. The light neutral color of this fringe number is perfectly complimented with black accessories for added edge.

13Bold Combinations

See the fringe theme this year? We love it! This fringe look is a little different with a colorful fringe crop top paired with lace up shorts and statement choker necklace. Each pieces is a statement and looks even better when worn together for a bold look.

14Denim Complimented

Shorts and dresses are popular during Coachella but we love when someone opts for something a bit different like jeans! This outfit is so cute and can definitely be worn outside of Coachella. Fringe hemmed jeans and a black crop top are pulled together with statement sunnies, bandana around the neck and sock booties.

15Mixing Textures Right

Styling different textures together was just as much of a trend this year at Coachella as mixing prints. Both styling techniques give you a unique look. This outfit proves it! Textured pants and top in the same color family don’t need a lot of other details to make a stylish statement.

16Shorts with Edge

Denim shorts will likely always be a Coachella style staple. Hello, it’s in the middle of the dessert! We love the rock and roll type of vibe this outfit has on denim. The lace up shirt, leather jacket and wide brimmed hat transform denim shorts to make them so much more Coachella like.

17Animal Print Style

If you’re a sucker for animal print like we are, you probably love this look as much as we do. The leopard dress is a staple for so many women’s wardrobe and gets a festival edge with moto boots and wide black belt. And let’s not forget, dresses are always so comfortable in the heat!

18Rock ‘n’ Rolled in Style

Adding a graphic tee with vintage graphics is such an easy way to add a rocker feel to any outfit. Even something unexpected like this printed flowy skirt. Normally a skirt like this doesn’t scream rocker, but the juxtaposition of the graphic tee and boots gives it a whole new look.

19Combining Opposites

Sheer everything was pretty much everywhere in terms of fashion this year at Coachella. It’s a great texture because it’s so hot in Coachella during the festival. Styling something sheer with fabrics that have a lot more structure and edge is the perfect way to create a unique outfit. We love the varying lengths of the long top and short shorts for added depth.

20Comfy and Cute

This outfit is a great example of how to be cute and comfy at Coachella. Every outfit doesn’t have to be super detailed and include a lot of different layers to look great. Sometimes styling a cute blouse with denim shorts and a statement necklace is all you need.

21Overall Fashion

22Coachella, Check

23Boho Flavor

24Cozy Festival Vibes

25Rocker in the Dessert

26Throwback Glam

27Sheerly Chic

28Vintage Inspired

29Black Festival Style

30Street Style Edge

31Cluelessly Coachelling

32Matchy Matchy

33Lightly Boho

34Flowing Glamorously

35Sheer Style


Oh, Coachella! Some of the fashion we found from the festival are giving us a lot of style inspiration to recreate similar looks. We’re assuming you’re feeling the same way right about now. Whether you’re attending a music festival or not there’s no denying Coachella is where everyone goes all out in the fashion department. It’s almost become part fashion show to the music festival – we’re definitely not complaining, either!

Of course some of the Coachella fashion isn’t necessarily everyday wear for most of us, there are attributes from some of the more daring outfits that you can still adapt to your summer wardrobe if you’re drawn to it. You probably noticed there’s a lot of fringe in the Coachella fashion this year. Fringe definitely has that music festival vibe but just because you’re not in the dessert doesn’t mean you can’t adapt that trend. If you like some of the outfits, try one or two of the specific trends you noticed and find ways to incorporate them into your own wardrobe for the summer.

Layering different textures, fabrics and garments tends to be a pretty common trend at Coachella. It’s something that’s maintained consistency throughout the last couple of years at the festival. Since Coachella does take place in the dessert, a lot of the layering comes from function. Once again you can definitely translate that trend into your own wardrobe this season. Light layers are perfect for the warm weather months, especially if you’re in a place where the temperatures drop significantly in the evenings.

Hopefully these outfits from Coachella gave you some fun style inspiration and most importantly, we hope that it gave you some ideas and courage to think outside the box with your own style.


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