Funny Friendship Quotes

Funny Friendship Quotes

Short Funny Friendship Quotes And Sayings

Everyone has friends that consider themselves hilarious. And, so why not celebrate them with some funny friendship quotes and sayings that can really sum up your friendship? Here are some of the best funny friendship quotes and funny sayings about friends the world has to offer! Get ready to laugh. And, be sure to send them to your friends!

1Stupid Things

You should never ever let a good friend do something stupid all on their own. If it’s going to be silly and embarrassing, jump in! It’ll be a great story later.

2Friendship Is So Weird

Some friends you find really unexpectedly. Especially, when you are an adult and out of school. You just go around, living your life, and people pop up that just stick. How cool is that?

3Friends Are Like Condoms

This quote really hammers the nail on the head. Friends, like condoms, are there to protect you during hard times. Never forget to appreciate both!

4A Good Friend

This quote explains the different levels of friendship. And, boy, is it real! A best friend will always be the one next to you when you are in trouble!

5Dear Bestie

Friendships that are strong will last forever. Even after death, you and your bestie can go around saying ‘boo’ and haunting your old stomping grounds.

6Finding Friends

If you and your bestie are both a little loopy and crazy-cuckoo, then this quote is perfect for you! Thank God that you have found each other so you can be nuts together!

7No One Will Ever Be

Do you have one of those friends that you can sit with and make each other laugh nonstop? Then, this quote is perfect for you and your giggly BFF.

8No Shame

Some best friends you just HAVE to tell everything to. And, they should be well-prepared to be hit up 50 times in a row. Especially, if it’s something important!

9Real Friends

Some best friends absolutely love to give each other a hard time. And, it can be funny to a point. If this describes you and your BFF, then you’ll definitely enjoy this quote.

10Friends Are Like Boobs

Friends are like boobs. But, when it comes to friendships, it’s more important to spot the fake ones. Never surround yourself with people who are not genuine.

11Bad Influence

Sometimes, two people merge into one BFF power duo and it’s hard to tell them apart after a while. If you and your bestie fit this description, then pin this one to your friendship board!

12Our Jeans

Tight jeans and a tight friendship. Both are very important for the ultimate BFF power couple. If you and your bestie know each other better than anyone, this quote is for you guys!

13Too Lazy

Are you and your BFF super lazy? Like, do you spend Fridays nights on the couch binging Netflix instead of being social? Then, you probably are destined to be stuck with each other for life.

14Need To Kill

It’s nice to have a best friend who would literally kill for you. If your BFF sees you crying and her first instinct is to find out who brought this sadness on you, she definitely cares deeply for you!

15Socially Acceptable

It’s nice to have a friend that allows you to be completely yourself. Even, if it means being a messy eater or wearing comfy clothes and a messy bun. You shouldn’t have to impress your bestie.

16Save Your Stupid Ass

Best friends are always there for each other. Whatever is happening in your bestie’s life, it is important for them to know that you would do anything for them!

17I Finish Laughing

Best friends will always be there for you. But, it is ok for them to laugh a little at you first. Your best friend should not have to hold back with you! They tell it like it is.

18I Was Normal

Having a crazy best friend is a blessing. It allows you to get out of your comfort shell and be a little crazy too! If you are lucky enough to have a crazy BFF, share this quote with them.

19With A Dead Body

Best friends don’t ask questions during tough situations. They support and encourage you no matter what. And, they always have your back! So, be sure to have theirs too!

20Coconut At His Face

Some friends just have a natural sense of humor. And, that’s great because it makes life a lot more fun and a little less serious. So, be grateful for your funny friends!

21Just Remember

22I’ll Train You

23Eat Your Food

24We Don’t Care

25The Old Ladies

26To My Friends

27Friendships Must Be Built


29Tell Her Everything

30If Anyone Else

31It Doesn’t Matter

32A Good Friend

33My Ugly Selfies

34Best Friends Forever

35Break Your Face

36True Friends

37Love Me More

38Insult My Friend

39The Best Memories

40Call Me


These funny quotes and sayings about friends are super hilarious and definitely ring true to all the funny friendships in the world. Whether you and your BFF are troublemakers, funny gigglers, or just classic BFFs, there is something for everyone to enjoy and relate to!

Some of these quotes talk about the lengths we go for friendship. We pick up our besties when they are feeling down. We encourage our besties to takes risk. And, we even would help our besties bury a dead body, no questions asked!

Other quotes talk about giving our best friends a hard time. For the sake of fun, of course! Some friendships are based on humor and teasing. And, it’s great because it makes life a lot more fun and a little more serious.

Then there are quotes that talk about having just each other. Being stuck with a good BFF forever is a blessing, not a curse! So, don’t fret if you and your bestie spend too much time together.

Hopefully, there was a few quotes in here that you could relate to. If so, be sure to send them to your BFF to celebrate your unique friendship!


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