Love Yourself Quotes

Love Yourself Quotes

Inspirational Quotes About Loving Yourself

Loving yourself is such an important habit to adopt. No one else is going to love you more than you. And, loving yourself will really help you to achieve your dreams and live a better life. That’s why we compiled a list of inspirational quotes about loving yourself to help you remember that you ARE enough!

1Someone You Love

Never talk to yourself in a negative way. There is no need to be so hard on yourself. Follow this quote’s advice and talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love.

2You Are Enough

No matter how you are feeling in this present moment, remember that you are good enough. There is no one you need to impress or make happy except for yourself.

3Middle Finger

Don’t listen to the haters! All you need to do is love yourself and you will be giving a big middle finger to the world and anyone who doesn’t believe in you.

4How Others See You

Being true to yourself is the biggest form of self-love there is. It doesn’t matter what other people think. As long as you are happy, that’s all that matters.

5Give Some To Yourself

If you find yourself full of love for others, then it’s only right that you are also sharing some of that love with yourself! Self-love will improve your life dramatically, trust us!

6Learn To Be Alone

It’s important to find love within yourself, even when it feels hard. You must search for the things that make you proud of yourself in order to really give yourself the love you deserve.

7How You Love Yourself

It’s important to listen to yourself. If you are feeling pain somewhere in your heart, learn to listen to it. What needs to change so you can heal? Then, do it!

8Loving Yourself Starts With

Liking and respecting yourself are the first two steps to loving yourself the way that you need to be loved. Make a list of all the things you like about yourself and get loving!

9Love Yourself First

Loving yourself is the first step to having a successful life. If you do not love yourself, you will find that your life will be full of setbacks and hardships.

10The Less Nonsense

When you learn to love yourself, you discover what it is you really deserve. So, that means you will tolerate nonsense way less! A self-loving girl just has no time for nonsense!

11Want To Be Loved

It is your job to love yourself. So, love yourself as much as you want to be loved! There is no need to wait for someone to come love you. You are responsible for the way you feel.

12Respect Yourself

Self-love is all about healing and discovering things about yourself. You can not practice self-love without healing what is wrong first. Take care of your mental and emotional health.

13It Was Always About You

Happiness has never been about external validations like a job offer, or a boyfriend, or a move. Happiness is found within ourselves. It is all about the act of self-love.

14It Is Sanity

There is absolutely no shame in loving yourself. Self-love is what keeps us sane and keeps us working hard toward our goals. Without self-love we would be very stuck and unable to move forward.

15Work On Being In Love

Learning to love yourself can be very hard. It takes a lot of work examining your traits and speaking to yourself with kindness. Don’t let the world ever make you feel like you are not enough.

16It’s Not Selfish

Self-love is necessary in life. It is what makes us move forward and spread good energy and positivity to others around us. So, never feel ashamed to love yourself hard.

17Everything Changes

Self-love is a powerful tool. And, once you start practicing it, you will see how your quality of life drastically improves. Life will start opening doors for you and great things are bound to happen!

18My Goal

Falling in love with yourself takes time. But, once it begins to happen you will start finding more and more reasons to love yourself. I dare you to fall in love with everything that you are!

19With Yourself First

You must love yourself before you love anyone else. If you don’t, you will not be able to properly give love to anybody else. Or, accept love from anyone.

20True Self-Esteem

Stop focusing on all the negative things in your life. And, start focusing on all the positives. By doing this, you will begin to realize all the beautiful things about yourself!

21For You

22Learning How To Love Yourself

23Worry About Loving Yourself

24I Love Myself

25Why Not Love Yourself

26Be Gentle

27Teach Others To Love You

28When You Talk Too Much

29Stop Hating Yourself

30Self-Love And Self-Care

31Hardest Thing


33Plant Your Own Garden

34Act Of Survival

35Dear Self

36The Best Thing About Me

37Be so busy

38Put love in the world


These inspirational quotes about loving yourself are all gold! They cover all the bases. Some of these self-love quotes discuss the important of keeping all the negative thoughts away and focusing on the positives. This is important in life if you ever want to achieve your dreams. Positive thoughts about your life will translate into positive thoughts about you as a person, so always do things with a smile!

Then, there are some quotes about the importance of not listening to outside influences. External forces may sometimes make us question our self-worth. But, they shouldn’t. We have all the love we need inside of ourselves, we just need to tune into it.

Some other quotes discuss how it’s not selfish to love yourself. The act of self-love is actually one that will keep you sane. It will also attract other people to you because you will be radiating such good energy!

Hopefully, these quotes help you remember that it is important to practice self-love every single day in order to help you achieve your goals. And, to get the love that you deserve!


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