50 Best Friend Tag Questions

best friend tag questions

50 Best Friend Tag Questions

“Best friend” Those two words inevitably bring a face to mind before they’re even finished being uttered. Your partner in crime, unbiological sister, and potential wife if neither of you is married by 30, you understand exactly who we’re talking about. Of course you know everything about your sister from another mister, but a Best Friend Tag video can be the perfect way to showcase that knowledge and your beautiful friendship to the world. Do the Best Friend Tag and discover a deeper level of friendship!

1Where Did You Meet?

Did you look across a smoky bar and know this lovely human was destined to have to put up with you for the rest of your lives? No matter how you got introduced, the pivotal moment of meeting behind any partnership is fascinating and deserves to be shared.

2What Were Your First Impressions Of Each Other?

In the professional world, first impressions matter, so what were your initial opinions of each other? Whether the two of you were intimidated or irritated, every dynamic duo has a fascinating start.

3What Song Reminds You Most Of Your Beautiful Friendship?

4What Classic Duo Do You See Yourselves As?

Sherlock and Watson? Hawkeye and Black Widow? Han Solo and Chewbacca? Pick a pair of friends on screen, in print, or in real life best resembles your chemistry.

5What’s The Dumbest Thing You’ve Fought About?

No relationship is perfect, period. We’re all human and we all have our stupid fights. What was yours?

6What’s Your Favorite Memory Together?

Best friends spend so much time together, it can be like a full time job filled with fun. Best friends get that title because we share the best moments with them, simple as that.

7How Many Of Each Others Family Members Have You Met?

Meeting your bff’s family takes things to the next level. Their crazy aunt’s become your crazy aunts and you’ll be forever inducted into the family gossip circle.

8What Do Your Parents Think Of Your Bestie?

The moment you brought your best friend over for the first time, chances are your parents unwittingly gained another child. What are their thoughts on this development?

9What Does Your BFF Think Of Your Significant Other?

If your tribe hasn’t been consulted and approved a significant other, things aren’t going to go so well. Just trust us on this one.

10What Does Your Significant Other Think Of Your BFF?

11What’s The Most Embarrassing Thing You’ve Done In Front Of Each Other?

Every deep relationship gets to the point where eventually anything goes. Tell us about a time when your best friend was mortified, and how you loved them anyway.

12Where Was Your Best Friend Born?

This is some fun trivia that could come in handy some day. Who knows, you may be called upon to forge a birth certificate at some point.

13What Are Your Middle Names?

The deepest mark of friendship yet. For some people telling those around them their middle names is like giving them the keys to their house.

14What Are Your Favorite Animals?

Someday, your bff just might decide to buy a zoo. Hopefully they know which animals to be sure and stock it with.

15How Do You Each Take Your Coffee?

Showing up with coffee for your girl is one of the nicest gestures ever. Best be sure and get it right!

16What Are Your Favorite Foods?

We all get hangry every now and then. Someone has to know how to calm your starving wrath.

17What’s Are Your Drinks Of Choice?

Coke or Pepsi, this is vital. If your bestie needs to go powder their nose and the waiter comes to get your drink orders, you gotta back her up!

18What Do You Think About Pineapple On Pizza?

Total deal breaker for some people. Also, knowing the perfect pizza order could come in handy in case of a breakup or awful day.

19What Foods Do You Refuse To Eat?

Trust us on this one. Ordering a burrito with beans for your picky, non bean consuming best friend will not win you any brownie points.

20Apple or Android?

Trivial, but a mark of character depending on which side you’re on. You gotta know how to operate each other’s phones in case of an emergency!

21What’s The Last Text You Sent Each Other?

Getting a text from your best friend always puts butterflies in one’s stomach. What did you last type?

22Do You Know Each Other’s Phone Numbers By Heart?

You never know when this one could be important. Whether you’re stranded or need bail money, your bestie will be there to save the day.

23What Social Media App Are Each Of You On The Most?

Online connections are very important. The person who knows you best definitely know your app of choice.

24What’s The Last Post You Tagged Each Other In?

A cat video? A Kermit meme? What could it be!

25What Are Your Favorite Made Up Words?

All friends develop their own slang and lingo, particularly best friends. Sometimes people might not even understand you two!

26What Are Your Favorite Accents?

French? Irish? Australian?

27What Language Would You Choose To Be Instantly Fluent In?

French? Spanish? Austral- wait . . .

28What Are Your Go To Colors Of Nail Polish?

If you know what your bff’s most worn nail color is, you are true besties. Noticing the little things about each other is a sign you’ll be stuck together for a while yet.

29What Color Do You Think Your Bestie Shines In?

Not what color they wear the most often or they like best, what do you think brings out the sparkle in their eyes. After all, you get to see it most often.

30What’s The Last Movie You Saw Together?

Going to the movies, or staying in are classic date night activities, so what was the last film you two saw? Experiencing a piece of art with someone you love will never get old, plus, who doesn’t love snack?

31What Class(es) Did/Do You Each Hate The Most In School?

We’ve all had that class we can’t stand, what were/are yours? Friends are the only way most people survive school in the end.

32Are You Early Birds Or A Night Owls?

Both early risers? Both creatures of the night? One of each?

33How Long Does It Take Each Of You To Get Ready In The Morning?

Whether you both have a signature “I woke up like this” style or do you believe your appearances matter above all else, the bff definitely knows your schedule. This includes your daily prep time.

34What Are Your Dream Weddings?

One day, one of you may call upon the other to help her start a new chapter in her life. Because of this, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the envisioned special days before the pressure is on.

35Who Are Your Celebrity Crushes?

Every girl has on, so which lucky star would get your bff? Of course, you know that no one, not even Ryan Gosling himself, will ever be good enough for your angelic best friend

36What Are Your Favorite TV Shows?

You have to know which shows will soon become your favorite wastes of time. TV show viewing is contagious, and spreads quickly between BFFs.

37What Are Your Dream Cars?

Who knows, maybe one of you will win the lottery. Then of course you’ll get your favorite human the car of their dreams.

38What’s The One Thing You Each Would Save If Your Houses Were Burning Down?

Their phone? That note their crush wrote them in 5th grade? A picture of their best friend? We all have something, and one of you might be called upon to save it for them someday.

39What Are Your Favorite Forms Of Exercise?

Hiking, biking, or couch surfing, exercise makes us all happier humans. Don’t worry, be happy!

40What Are Your Favorite Books?

Think of that one book you would trade all the wifi in the world for. Books allow us to travel anywhere and when we want, so when and where will you two go?

41What Are Your Wildest Dreams?

You both probably have pretty amazing dreams and people you want to become, do those dreams intersect in anyway? Some people’s dreams are planted together, while others grow together.

42What Are Your Biggest Goals At The Moment?

Goals are a little more concrete than dreams. Does one of you want an A in Math? To finish a novel? Do you have any of the same goals?

43What Are Each Of You Doing To Reach Those Goals?

One of the best things bffs do is hold you accountable. They’ll call you out if you’re talking the talk but not walking the walk, so it’s important to identify the small steps you’re each taking towards your big goals.

44Where Do You Each Want To Travel?

Rome? Fiji? Paris? What are your dream destinations? Maybe you can even get there together.

45What Do You Each Want To Be When You Grow Up?

May you grow up, never apart.

46What Will You Two Go To Jail For Someday?

Stealing gummy bears? Kidnapping a crush? What will it be?

47What Do You Think Your Best Friend’s Darkest Secret Is?

Okay, maybe you don’t have to share this one with the world. Just ask them if you’re right.

48What’s A Secret You’ve Never Told Your BFF?

The pressure’s on! We all have our dirty little secrets. We bet they’ll still love you anyway.

49If You Each Could Change One Thing About Your Friendship, What Would It Be?

Do you wish you spent more time together? We all have at least one thing we wish was different in every aspect of our lives, so what about here?

50If You Each Wore A Warning Label, What Would It Say?

You know each other better than anyone else. You know what makes your bestie beautiful, and also what makes them dangerous, so what would their label say?



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