Small Hip Tattoos For Girls

Small Hip Tattoos For Girls

Cute and Small Hip Tattoos For Girls

Have you been considering getting a small hip tattoo to add to your current tat collection? Well, the hips are some of the best places to get tattoos. They are super easy to cover up when necessary but can be shown off when rockin’ low-rise jeans or a skimpy bathing suit. We love hip tattoos because well, they’re sexy! That’s why we compiled a list of some of the best small hip tattoos for girls! Get ready to crave some ink!

1Live A Little Quote Tattoo

This ‘live a little’ tattoo is a good reminder that it’s ok to let go and forget your responsibilities for a while. Life is not all about work and you have to remember that. So, get ready, world, because this girl is about to live her life!

2Girl Power Hip Tattoo

Everyone loves a classic girl power tattoo. So, why not tattoo one onto your hip? It will remind you that you are a strong independent female who don’t need no man! You’ve got this all by yourself.

3Diver Hip Tattoo

This cute small diving tattoo is the ideal design for someone who likes to go deep in all aspects of life. If you crave deep conversations with meaning, consider this design. Of course, it’s also an appropriate tattoo idea for a swimmer or diver.

4Mountains Tattoo

This beautiful mountain range tattoo is for the nature-lover in you. So, if you like hiking, adventuring, and just being outdoorsy, consider this design.

5Flowers Hip Tattoo

This delicate flower and weed is natural and innocent and reminds you that you are a natural beauty who doesn’t need to fuss over their hair and make-up. So, go ahead, and roll out of bed with no time to spare and go out there and live as your beautiful natural self.

6Cowboy Boot Tattoo

This cowboy boot is for the country-western lover in you. If you grew up in Texas or practicing line-dancing and riding horses, then this design should hit home for you. Your roots should always have a place in your heart…or, on your skin.

7Heart On Hip Tattoo

This small heart design is simple and innocent. It will remind you that you are full of love for yourself and for the world. It also looks absolutely adorable.

8Mermaid Scales Side Hip Tattoo

This sexy mermaid scales tattoo design is perfect for the person who loves the ocean and wants to carry a reminder of it everywhere she goes! It also carries a fierce and magical vibe that’s ideal for the fearless mermaid in you.

9Butterfly Tattoo

This small hip butterfly tattoo design is customizable as you can change the colors to your liking. It’s a design that will have people complimenting you wherever you go!

10Owl Hip Tattoo

This cute little wise owl tattoo makes the cutest addition to your tattoo collection. It is cartoony but not too cheesy and it definitely will make you smile everytime you look at it.

11Small Knife and Rose Tattoo On Hip

This rose with a knife design is feminine and fierce. It gives an edgy flair to a romantic symbol and will definitely bring out the independent lady in you!

12Flame Hip Tattoo

This simple flame tattoo design is a great one to put on your hip. It is not too intricate of a design and it’s super sexy. You will remember just how hot you are.

13Disco Doll Side Hip Tattoo

This unique and small hip tattoo design reads ‘disco doll’. It is absolutely adorable and it’s a definite conversation starter. If you are a disco doll at heart, then consider this design!

14Sexy XO Hip Tattoo

This cute little xo hip tattoo design is a great choice for anyone who leads their life with love. Hugs and kisses make the world go ’round and here is your personal reminder!

15Hello Kitty Tattoo

Every little girl love Hello Kittty. And, just because you’re a big girl now doesn’t mean you still can’t have the same obsession for her! Here is a stamp for your childhood!

16Ying Yang Matching Tattoos

A ying-yang is a classic symbol of harmony. And, if you are a true believer in living a peaceful harmonious life, then ink this little ying-yang on your hip.

17Scorpion Hip Tattoo

A scorpion is incredibly fierce. It has no mercy. If you consider yourself similar to a scorpion, then this tough animal would definitely be the one to tattoo on your hip.

18Bow And Arrow Side Hip Tattoo

This bow and arrow design is adorable, cute, and downright badass. If you are a hunter, or maybe just one tough chick who knows how to get what she wants, then this is the tattoo for you.

19Because I Say So Quote Tattoo

‘Because I Say So’ is a strong phrase. And, it’s one that we should always remember. So, why not print it on our body in order to empower ourselves every single day?

20Paw Prints Tattoo

These adorable paw prints are perfect for the animal lover in you. They are also a great commemorative tattoo if you have lost a pet and want to be reminded of their presence every day.

21Cute Giraffe Hip Tattoo

22Love Me Quote Tattoo

23Bow Side Hip Tattoo

24Love Never Fails

25Colorful Stars Tattoo

26Unicorn Hip Tattoo

27Dreamcatcher Tattoo

28Elephant Tattoo

29Strength Hip Tattoo

30Live Love Sing Tattoo

31Rose Hip Tattoo

32Happiness Side Hip Tattoo

33Mandala Hip Tattoo

34Simple Flower Hip Tattoo

35Long Quote Hip Tattoo

36Small Rose Tattoo on Hip

These small hip tattoo ideas are all so unique and different. So, there is surely something for everyone’s taste.

There are tattoos that contain quotes. These quotes are completely customizable. You can choose to say whatever you want! And, it’s ok to be bold because it’s on your hip so you can easily hide it during family parties or work events!

Then there are some tattoos that are symbols of peace and harmony and love. These are classic tattoos that have a universal meaning, so you will never have to explain yourself to anybody.

There are also animal and nature hip tattoos which are always a cute choice. They show what kind of person you truly are and where your priorities lie. Also, there are so many options to choose from!

Hopefully, this list inspired you to get your next tattoo on your hip. It’s the perfect place for so many designs. Good luck choosing though!


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