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Mental Health Inspirational Quotes


You may often hear that mental health is just as important as physical health. This is very true, but we often forget to give them equal attention. Just as we give our bodies healthy food and exercise, our minds need to be nourished in healthy ways to stay in good shape. If you’re dealing with mental illness, or just hoping to focus more on your mental health, let this collection of quotes inspire you. You deserve to take care of yourself and celebrate your efforts along the way. A little self-care, speaking to people you trust, and a few inspirational quotes can all go a long way on the road to improving your mental health!

1Be Proud

It may be frustrating when you don’t see a lot of improvement right away. Just take it one day at a time, and be proud of each step you have taken, no matter how small!

2Consider This

When you know you need to work on your mental health, it can be easy to overanalyze your flaws. Realize that even your flaws help make you who you are, and contribute to your unique beauty and growth.

3The Same Care

Many of us focus more on the needs of others than we do our own. Caring for yourself is not selfish, and it will actually help you show up for others more fully in the long run.

4In Need of Change

Consider this when you are tempted to blame yourself for negative circumstances. Sometimes it is not your fault. Instead, you can focus on changing the situation in order to feel better.

5Change You Choose

Many of us have experienced negative life events that were out of our control, but have impacted us deeply. While we can’t change these things, healing allows us to slowly gain control of how we feel once again.

6Clear Your Path

While things may seem impossibly difficult right now, remember this. Once this challenging season is behind you, you may realize that it was helping clear your path for positive things in the future.

7It Doesn’t Define You

Mental illness can feel all-encompassing. It may be tempting to let it define you, but you are really so much more than any disorder or illness you may be facing.

8Your Feelings

On the path to better mental health, you may feel like your thoughts and feelings make no sense, or the people around you do not fully understand. Know that whatever you are feeling is completely valid, and you are not alone in feeling them.

9A Fighter

Sometimes the path to mental health can make us feel weak. No matter what, know that you are not a victim. You are so strong, even if your scars are invisible to others.

10Remind Us

Even nature can offer a good metaphor for mental health. Not every day is sunny. Even the most beautiful flowers need a bit of rain in order to bloom.

11Forward is Forward

If your healing feels slow, remember to be patient with yourself. You are taking steps every day, no matter how small, and that still means you are moving forward.

12Friendly Reminder

In today’s society, it is really tempting to overwork ourselves. You do not have to exhaust yourself in order to do your best. Taking care of yourself is an important step for ensuring long term success.

13One Day

The highs and lows of life are inevitable. If you feel low today, just remember that later you will look back and know that days like today helped you grow.

14Start to Heal

If you do not feel fully heard and understood, it can feel impossible to heal. Find someone you trust and open up to them about how you are feeling.

15Just As Important

Once again, never forget this important fact. Despite the invisible quality of mental health, it is just as important as your physical health.

16It’s Okay

If you do not feel okay today, know that this is okay too. You do not have to convince anyone, including yourself, that you are okay.

17Keep Looking

Even on the darkest days, you may be able to find one thing to be grateful for. Allow the smallest amount of gratitude to be the light that guides you for now.

18Let Them Pass

You do not need to believe everything you think. If your mind is good at churning out negative thoughts, you can slowly learn to observe them and let them go with ease.

19Living to Please Others

Pleasing others is very tempting for some people, but it is often a source of mental health issues. Reexamine your life and make sure that you are living in a way that feels true to you.

20Master Peace

This play on words works as a helpful reminder. We are all beautiful the way we are, and we are slowly working to master peace within our own minds.

21No Advice

22Not for Them

23Not Linear

24Soft Reminder

25Only Human

26Be Patient


28It’s a Process

29Recycle Your Heart

30Still Show Up

31Silent Battle

32The Strongest People

33More Important

34Get Through Today



37I Am

38Take Care

39Take Time

40Going Through Things

41It’s OK

42Some Credit

43Self Soothing

44You Are Not

45Always Find Time

46You Are Human

47All That You Are

48What If?

49Everything will be OK


The importance of your mental health cannot be overstated. If you are experiencing mental health issues, it can be tempting to hide or downplay how you feel. We created this list of quotes to inspire you to celebrate your healing process instead. Working on your mental health is brave and courageous. We hope these quotes remind you to take care of yourself, take pride in your hard work, and honor how far you have come.

Some of these quotes are meant to remind you that having flaws is a completely natural part of being human. Your flaws make you who you are. If you can make peace with them, you will be on your way to being a little bit kinder to yourself.

Other quotes remind you to take care of yourself like you would take care of anyone else you love. If a loved one were in pain, you would be there for them, right? Offer the same love and support to yourself and watch your mental health begin to improve.

Some quotes remind you that healing is something you can control. Maybe your past circumstances have made you feel lost or afraid. Now, you get to control your own healing and help yourself get to a healthier place.

A few quotes remind you not to second-guess yourself. Your feelings are valid, your path is beautiful, and you can get yourself back on track no matter how lost you may feel. Once you know this, nothing can stop you on the road to healing.

Mental health issues can make us feel alone, afraid, or isolated. I promise you that you are not alone in this. Millions of people are currently working to improve their mental health, just like you. No matter where you are in the process, celebrate yourself, use a quote from this list to get inspired, and keep moving forward at your own pace.


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