Inspirational Depression Quotes

Inspirational Depression Quotes

Overcoming Depression Quotes


Depression can be difficult to explain to others. It is different than just feeling sad or having an off day. Overcoming it can feel challenging if the people around you don’t understand what you’re going through. These quotes can help you feel less alone, or give you a way to show others how you’re feeling. The important thing is to get the help you need and take even the smallest step toward taking care of yourself. We know it can feel impossible some days, but you will overcome this hurdle. Allow this list to encourage you as you give yourself space to heal. 

1Cling to it Anyway

Even if you don’t believe you could possibly feel better, allow yourself to cling to that thought anyway. Soon enough, you may start seeing progress that will restore your sense of hope.

2Be Gentle

One of the most frustrating parts of depression is when we are hard on ourselves about it. Remember to be gentle with yourself and acknowledge that you are doing your best.

3Beautiful People

As difficult as your circumstances feel now, you are strong enough to move past them. When you do, you may eventually be able to find beauty in your story.

4It Never Rains Forever

In the middle of difficulty, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just like the weather, the light will return to your life eventually.


Depression can make you question the purpose of the struggles you are facing. One day you may see that these challenges helped you grow.

6Search for the Colors

Maybe right now you feel that the color has been drained from your life. Keep searching for tiny pockets of joy anyway. Sometimes hope can be found in the tiniest details.

7You Have Courage

Dealing with depression does not make you weak. In fact, it takes tremendous courage to keep moving forward.

8Dance in the Rain

Even if you are struggling with depression right now, you can find moments to resist your negative feelings. Find moments of joy whenever you can, because you deserve them.

9Take Care of Yourself

This quote reminds you to take a look at your energy reserves. If you are feeling drained, you can take a break, and jump back into your responsibilities when you are ready.

10You Are Enough

Depression likes to play tricks on your mind. It might tell you that you are not worthy, but you are so worthy of love and happiness. You are enough as you are right now.

11You Will Feel Better

It’s okay to go through the motions when you are not feeling yourself. Just keep taking care of yourself, and you will feel better soon.

12Fighting Yourself

This quote encourages you to fight back against what your mind is telling you. Keep it on hand when depression threatens to steal your light.

13Have a Day

Today does not have to be a good day. It can just be a day. Find little ways to get through it, like staying comfortable, hydrated, and well-fed.

14What We Don’t Need

If you are struggling, please be good to yourself. Depression is an unfortunate, yet natural, part of being human, so there is no reason to be ashamed for feeling this way.

15I Refuse

If depression is making you feel like you are drowning, remember this. Simply refuse to let it win. You can keep yourself afloat long enough to get through it.

16You’re Not Your Struggle

When you are depressed, it may be easy to think of depression as your whole identity. Remember, you are so much more of your depression. It is just one tiny part of you. There are so many other vibrant facets that make up who you are.

17Self-care is Fuel

In order to have energy, we have to have fuel. Take care of yourself and you will eventually feel even the smallest amount of energy be restored.

18Sit with You

When you are depressed, this may be all you need to hear from a friend. It’s okay if the world feels dark, but having someone to sit with you through it can make all the difference.

19Light is Near

Darkness and light make up a portion of each day. If you feel like things can’t get any darker, hold on to hope that light is on its way.

20You Are Strong Enough

No matter how weak you feel, you are strong enough for the life you were given. Give yourself time to recharge and recover and you will begin to feel the strength you need to make it through this.

21Love of Self

22Light in Darkness

23Keep Moving

24Never Forget

25Not Forever

26Not too Broken

27Nothing is Permanent

28It’s Okay

29Full of the Overcoming

30Be Patient

31Release it

32Repeat After Me

33Strength to Rise

34The Story Isn’t Over

35Show Up

36Without the Dark

37Strength Grows

38Invincible Summer

39You’ve Survived

40Two Wolves

41It’s Ok!

42Keep Your Eyes Lifted


Depression feels different for everyone, but we assure you that you are not alone. There are millions of people working to become more mentally healthy, just like you. There is no shame in discussing how you feel and taking extra time to care for yourself.

I encourage you to seek help from someone you trust, talk about what you’re going through, get some rest and take one small step to care for yourself today. While you heal, we hope these quotes can provide even the smallest amount of hope.

There are some quotes here to remind you that you are stronger than your depression. Yes, it may feel like you’ll never get through it, but you have survived up until this point. You have the strength inside of you to make it through today too.

A few of these quotes compare depression to a sense of darkness or lack of energy. If this describes how you feel, remind yourself that everything comes and goes, and your light and energy will return once again.

Some quotes here remind you to not allow depression to become your identity. Everyone in the world faces some kind of struggle, but we are all much more complex, strong, and beautiful than anything that ails us.

There are quotes here that remind you that overcoming depression takes time. It’s okay to not feel good some days. Remember that you are doing your best, and know that it is okay to try again tomorrow.

If you or someone you know is working to overcome depression, recognize how courageous this endeavor truly is. Be patient, sit with your difficulties, and take comfort in the quotes here. We know you will get through this. Even if you don’t feel it today, you are enough, you belong here, and your light will return again soon.


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