True Love Quotes

True Love Quotes


True Love Quotes

True love is a special and rare happening. And, when you feel it you’re immersed in something magical and powerful, much bigger than yourself. That’s why there are so many true love quotes that attempt to describe what it feels like. And, although, they can’t totally get a handle on the real true love feeling, these quotes we compiled come pretty damn close.

1It’s Amazing

There are some people the come into our lives, that bring new meaning to living. You begin to wonder how you ever managed without them. But, don’t worry because if it’s true love, you will never have to live without them again.

2In All the World

This beautiful Maya Angelou quote reminds us why we love her. She has the kindest soul and has a way of describing human emotions in such a simple way.

3I Don’t Care

Love can get complicated sometimes. But, you know it’s true love when it doesn’t matter how tough the going gets. If you love someone truly, you’ll want them beside you no matter what.

4I May Never Find Words

When someone means so much to you, you want to be able to tell them. But, sometimes the words are hard to find. Words can never beat the beauty of people, but you can continue to try to find words that come close.

5And I’d Choose You

If you only have eyes for one person in this world, then you will definitely relate to this beautiful quote. No matter what life throws at you, you will always choose that one person to endure it with.

6You Found Parts of Me

True love oftentimes brings out the beauty in you, that you didn’t even know was there. That’s what we call the power of love. And, it’s the most beautiful kind of magic.

7A True Relationship

Real love is all-encompassing. There are no picking parts of your lover that you love and getting rid of those which you hate. If you truly love someone you love every bit of them.

8We Loved

This quote from an Edgar Allen Poe poem is beautifully simple yet so relatable. If you’ve felt true love, you will understand that it feels more than anything you can describe in words.

9True Love

True love takes hard work. It doesn’t happen by accident. It happens when you find the right person and work hard to make efforts to keep them and make them feel loved and appreciated.

10To Love is Nothing

To love feels effortless when it’s true. And, to be loved is the most special gift you will ever receive. A gift that keeps on giving every single day.

11Your Arms Feel More Like Home

When you find that special someone, then they will feel like home. A home that you never knew you even had. You will want to cuddle up in them every day.

12I Will Love You

Making a promise to love someone forever is what true love is all about. You will never have enough time with your sweetheart if they are really your true love.

13True Love Isn’t Found

True love is built over hours, days, weeks, and months. It is something that keeps growing as time goes on. It is not a one-day miracle. It’s a lifelong effort.

14Distance Between Two Hearts

When two people are in love, distance doesn’t matter. It is merely a reminder that there love is strong enough to endure such heartache. Distance is temporary, but love is forever.

15Some People Search

True love doesn’t come easily for everyone. It comes at the right time in your journey. People searching will rarely find love. Love has a way of sneaking up on you.

16I Don’t Believe in Magic

Love is magical. There is nothing quite as powerful as love. So, if you don’t believe in magic, then you don’t believe in true love. Simple as that.

17And Then She Knew

When you are feeling homesick for that special someone, you know it’s true love. Having a person that feels like home is one of the greatest gifts imaginable.

18You are Always the Hero

When you are truly in love, your eyes don’t wander. You have that one person that holds your heart in theirs and you can find comfort in knowing that your love will live on forever.

19I Wish I Could Turn Back the Clock

There never seems to be enough time when you love someone with all your heart. You want to spend every waking minute with them. And, even in your dreams, you’re thinking about them.

20I Want You

Flaws aren’t even a thing when you’re truly in love! The person you spend your life with could be imperfect in every way and you would turn a blind eye to it. Love covers all the flaws.

21For It Was Not

22I Can’t Promise

23I Swear I Couldn’t Love You More

24I Have Found

25Love Doesn’t Need to Be Perfect

26Softly My Thoughts Whispered

27I Love You

28I Fell In Love

29True Love is Rare

30Sometimes the Love of Your Life

31How Beautiful it is

32A True Love

33All That You Are

34In One Lifetime

35Not Just Here for the Pretty Parts

36Love is Not Finding Someone

37Habit of Coming Back

38When You Are Truly in Love

39Every Cell in My Body

40This Thing We’re Doing


42If forever exists

43Without words

44Your Shield


This list is chock-full of beautiful true love quotes that really tear at the heartstrings. They are a reminder to us all that true love is something we, as humans, try our hardest to put into words. But, oftentimes, it’s impossible to describe the beautiful nature of love.

There are quotes on this list that talk about having that one person that feels like home. They are the only person you want to be with and spend time with. And, of course, there is never enough time.

Then, there are quotes that talk about how true love is not found by accident but rather built over time. It is something that keeps building throughout your journey with your partner, and it is hard work.

Hopefully, one of these quotes will be perfect for you to send to that special someone. It may just brighten their day and make them smile!


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