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35 Pink Eye Makeup Looks

Pink Eye Makeup Looks

Pink Eye Makeup Looks

With Spring here and Summer on its way, it is definitely time to start changing up your make-up routine, from all the muted and warm tones of Winter. One of the hottest eye makeup trends for summer is pink – any tone of pink will do, as will any finish whether it be matte, metallic, glitter and gloss. Whether you like bright and bold colours, or something more nude and natural, there is going to be a shade of pink eye shadow or liner that will suit you. You could even experiment with some popping pink mascara if you are feeling brave. Get all the inspiration you need with some of our favourite pink eye make-up looks.

1Sunset Pink with Winged Liner

The sunset colours of this eye make-up are just gorgeous and have been blended so well together. The thick black eyeliner contrasts perfectly with the hot pink at the lash time and the gold glitter at the inner eye is a great finishing touch.

2Glitter Pink Smokey Eye

This pink eye would be beautiful for prom or any other special occasion. The Pink glitter has been blended out into a gorgeous deep Merlot almost up to the browbone. Loving the winged liner and bold lashes!

3Rose Gold Eyeliner

How simple but effective is this lovely eye make-up. The lid has been brushed with a delicate blush pink and a a gorgeous rose gold eyeliner with metallic shimmer has been applied. Dreamy!

4Dusky Rose Eye Make-Up

Dusky rose is such a big beauty trend at the moment and with this stunning eye make-up, it is not hard to see why. The luxurious shade has a subtle sheen that allows the beautiful tone to shine through, and look at those lashes!

5Bubblegum Pink Inner Eye

Sometimes something simple can have a big impact. Instead of the standard highlighter at the corner of the eye, why not go for a touch of bubblegum pink? Cool, fresh and youthful.

6Blush Pink and Gold Smokey Eye

This model has skin to die for and she has chosen a beautiful shade of blush pink which complements it to perfection. The metallic gold at the inner eye adds highlight and helps draw attention to gorgeous eyes. Stunning!

7Silver Glitter and Bright Pink

There is something so Barbie and so brilliant about this pink eye make-up look. The silver glitter looks amazing with the bright pink and the deep black liner. Plus, how crisp is that cut crease? Amazing!

8Soft Rose Pink

This soft rose pink eye shadow really complements the model’s beautiful blue eyes. The colour is subtle and the application is delicate, so simple mascara without liner or false lashes is the perfect choice.

9Neon Pink Under Eye and Matching Lip

If you aren’t afraid to embrace bright colours, draw attention to your eyes with some neon pink on the lower lid. It contrasts with the gold and thick black liner of the upper lid, and the matching lipstick is so fantastic.

10Nude Pink Smokey Eye

This nude pink smokey eye is so versatile, being suitable for both day or night. Keep the liner soft and the lashes natural during the day, and switch to a bold thick winged liner and some false lashes at night. Gorgeous!

11Glitter Magenta Eye

For something a little more dramatic, how about this rich magenta eye, with a super pigmented eye shadow topped with gorgeous glitter? It really has the wow factor, don’t you think?

12Barely There Pink and Dewy Skin

This make-up look is ideal for summer. The dewy skin looks so hydrated and fresh and works so well with the barely-there pink eye shadow and highlighted browbone.

13Glossy Nude Pink Eye

Glossy eye shadows are a big trend for 2019 and this nuder pink shade is to die for – so natural and beautiful. If you don’t have any gloss shadows, you can actually use lip gloss, just be sure to prep the eye with primer before applying.

14Cool Coral Pink Eye Make-Up

How vibrant and bold is this coral pink eye? The orange-pink shade is gorgeous against the model’s peachy skin tone and with those killer lashes.

15Neon Pink and White Eyeliner

Experiment with some coloured eyeliners this summer, like this amazing hot pink and white, winged liner. It is so subtle yet so effective, that pop of colour just above the lash line.

16Sunset Smokey Eye

Sunset eyes are a big make-up trend for summer and this eye is gorgeous with gold blending through to orange and into a deep hot pink. The full black lashes create a silhouette effect against the lid.

17Pink Glitter Cut Crease

18Soft Shimmering Pink

19Dusky Rose Eyeliner

20Stunning Pastel Shades

21Hot Pink Lid and Bold Lashes

22Subtle Splash of Pink

23Vibrant Pink and Blue Eye

24Shimmering Rose Gold Eye

25Pastel Pink Eye and a Touch of Mascara

26Bold Raspberry Pink Eye

27Blush Pink Eye with Glitter

28Couture Neon Pink Lashes and Under Brow

29Rosy Pink Smokey Eye

30Baby Pink Eye with Matching Lip

31Sunset Eye with Cerise Lower Lid

32Glossy Bubblegum Pink Eye with Boy Brow

33Gothic Magenta Smokey Eye

34Hot Pink Eye and Lashes

35Contemporary Hot Pink Under Eye

36Glitter Pink Hazel Eyes

37Warm Pink Eyeshadow


There is so much fun to be had with pink eye makeup – you can go as subtle as you like, choose a classic smokey eye with a pink twist, play with bold colours with an unconventional application, or pile on the glitter and go for all-out sparkle.

You don’t have to worry about eye colour either when it comes to pink eye makeup. There will be a shade of pink to go with all eye colours. for example neon pink and hot pink look amazing with blue eyes, rose gold and dusky rose shades look gorgeous with green and hazel eyes, and nude and blush pinks are just stunning with brown eyes. But really, you shouldn’t let your eye colour dictate what shade of pink you choose. If you want to experiment with a vibrant and striking pink, then you definitely should.

Keep you pink eye shadow looking highly pigmented and the cut crease sharp all day, by applying an eye primer to the upper and lower lid before putting on your make-up. Concealer also works well as a primer as it helps eye shadow to appear super pigmented when applied over the top. Have fun being pretty in pink.


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