Queen Quotes

Queen Quotes


Quotes About Being A Queen

Every girl should consider herself a queen! And, that’s because it’s important to remember that you are a strong, independent lady, who can make anything happen! But, sometimes in this crazy world it’s hard to remember that we are royalty and deserve to be treated as so. That is why we decided to compile a list of queen quotes that will have you straightening your crown and putting on your best outfit.

1Gangster Queen

Not all queens are prim and proper. Some queens can go super street in a matter of seconds. But, that’s ok! Every queen is different and if it gets the job done, then it is A-OK.

2Listen To Me, Girl

Never lower yourself or your standards for a man. If he was a real king, then he would relish in being on your level. A king and a queen are a team, remember that!

3Badder Than Bitches

Queens are “bad” because they know how to get stuff done without being cruel. They have power, logic, but still a sense of humanity about them.

4Cold Queen

Sometimes, you have to be cold to be a queen. You can’t get wrapped up in the emotions around. It can soften you and drive you away from your goal.

5Like The Queen You Are

Queens go through hard times, just like everybody else. The difference is that when their hard times are over they walk away like nothing happened…but with even more strength than before.

6Evil Queens

Life can get us sometimes. It can create bruises that there is no healing from. The evil queens are just the princesses who weren’t saved. But, hey, they’re making it work!

7To Become A Queen

Playing princess is fun for a while, but the real power is when you move up to queen. Queens are the strong rulers, that don’t need a man to save them! Start playing queen!

8Pain Into Power

Tough times and hardships do not make a queen sweat. They will simply take this little setback, overcome it, and turn all the tears into power. They know what they’re doing.

9More Powerful

History has proven that the queens that do not have a man holding them back are much more powerful. And, we all know history is deemed to repeat itself. Just accept your fate, queen!

10To All The Girls

Fairy-tales are still real. There is no reason you should ever give up your childhood dream of living happily ever after. So, pick up your chin and start dreaming again!

11The Queen

A real woman is a queen. And, a queen comes without drama and knows how to treat their partners. She is smart, encouraging, and positive. Guys, find yourself a queen.

12Real Queens

Real queens fix each other’s crowns. They do not criticize or harm other queens, even if they are less powerful. Queens are humans who want to help in the best way possible.

13She Is You

Queens are warriors at heart. They know the depth of their strength and they will ignore anyone who tries to take it away from them. They are picky with who they let in.

14You Are A Queen

Queens need a real king to love. Someone who is powerful, thoughtful, genuine, and who will treat them like royalty. So, stop settling for the jokers!

15Think Like A Queen

Queens know the importance of taking risks, even when there is a chance of failure. They know that if you don’t take risks, you will never make anything great happen.

16Every Queen Wants A King

It’s always nice to have someone by your side. But, a queen is different than most; she wants someone by her side, but certainly doesn’t need anyone! She can get things done on her own.

17High Heels High Standards

Queens know how to dress and act. They do so in a way that radiates confidence and beauty. A queen can be intimidating to some, but that’s just because they’re not on the same level. Level up, girl!


A queen thinks her own thoughts. She doesn’t have someone whispering in her ear and telling her what to say. She is uniquely powerful and has her own ideas.

19Be A Queen Busy With Her Kingdom

Queens work on themselves. They do not sit around wishing and praying for a king. Instead, they improve and build their own lives so they are ready for when the king comes.

20In Her Soul

It’s true that your crown is not the most important part of being a queen. A real queen is born from a kind, gentle, and spiritual soul that can clearly see the bigger picture in life.

21Her Courage

22I Will Rule

23Queens Don’t Chase

24Crowns Aren’t Made Of Rhinestones

25A Queen Seeks Respect

26Deserve To Be Treated

27Remind Them

28Your Crown Has Been Bought

29A Queen Is Not

30Real Queens Don’t

31I’ve Got This Handled

32Don’t Let Anyone

33She Wears A Crown

34I Walk By

35Not Afraid


This group of queen quotes about being a queen touch on many different aspects of this royalty title. Most importantly, they remind us that being a queen is about being kind. Sure, queens may seem tough and evil, but in reality, they are in charge because of their dedication and attention to humanity’s needs. They see the bigger picture in life, and they believe in giving back to people in need, encouraging others, and spreading kindness throughout their kingdoms.

Some of these quotes talk about the strength of queens, which is also a very important quality in a queen. Queens do not let themselves get setback by small hardships and tough situations. Instead, they straighten their crown and get back on the playing field in order to spread positivity to the other players in the game.

A few of these quotes also touch on the fact that a queen does not need a king to complete her. She is damn good at doing any job herself! However, it is nice to find a king that treats a queen like she deserves to be treated. But, queen, remember to be picky! Some jokers pretend their kings.

Hopefully, these queen quotes reminded you that you are a queen and your strength and kindness are unmatched! Keep these quotes about in mind in order to feel confident while you move toward your dreams.


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