30 Good First Date Questions

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Good Date Questions To Ask On a First Date

Has it ever happened to you that you went on a date, and afterwards still felt like you really did not know the other person? Or have you had to navigate the awkward silence because suddenly your mind blanks on what to talk about? Use this list of 30 questions to ask on a first date to get to know each other as quick as possible and avoid running out of subjects to talk about.

1How Are You?

Yes, it may seem basic. But if you ask this question with the intention to really listen to the answer and be interested, it will give you great insight in your dates personality. Also, it will make your date like you more, because it is not often that people really listen to each other.

2What Are Your Hobbies And What Do You Like About Them?

Asking about their hobbies is something everybody does. Specifically asking what they like about it gives them more to talk about. You also get to see them being enthusiastic about something and that is always fun.

3What Is The Worst Book You Read And Finished?

Most people want to know about the best book or the favorite book. Why not change it up and ask about the worst one? Knowing their dislikes gives you just as much insight in their personality as knowing their likes does.

4Who Is Your Best Friend And Why?

Although people look for different things in friends as they do in relationships, it says a lot about someone what they admire in their friends. It is also a red flag if they mention that they don’t have any friends, or if they cannot think of anything good to say about them.

5What Is The Weirdest Thing You Have Ever Eaten?

This question will let you know how adventurous they are when it comes to food. It is very important to be compatible in this area, otherwise picking a restaurant becomes a problematic issue every single time. Nobody wants to do the restaurant dance every time you go out.

6What Are You Looking For In A Romantic Partner?

This does not mean that after this date you guys are partners right away. However, knowing if there are some glaring differences in expectations helps the both of you not to waste any time. That does not mean you cannot be friends, of course, if there is enough to like in each other.

7How Long Ago Was Your Last Relationship?

If you are looking for something serious, you do not want to be a rebound. And someone who comes out of a relationship and has not been single for at least a month or two is most likely not ready for something serious.

8What Is The Number One Item On Your Bucket List?

This one is always a fun conversation starter. Not only does it tell you something about how adventurous they are, it also gives you a chance to talk about some more unusual things.

9Are You A Morning Or Evening Person?

I’m not saying that it is a deal breaker, but compatibility in this area makes life so much easier in a relationship. Although there is also something to be said for your partner getting up before you and you waking up to a hot cup of coffee and scrambled eggs with bacon.

10Do You Have Any Siblings?

This is a standard question, yet important not to skip over it. It shows that you are interested in your date, and want to know more about where they are coming from. If they prefer not to go in depth about their family life however, leave it for a fifth or sixth date. Do come back to it, because if you marry into crazy, you may want to know about it beforehand.

11If You Won The Lottery Tomorrow, What Would Be The First Thing You Spend On?

This is a great question to estimate how selfish they are. If the first thing they think of is something fun for themselves maybe they are thinking about themselves first in other situations as well. However, if they would pay off loans, or invest in something useful, that indicates a level of maturity and common sense. If they buy presents for others, they are most likely the type of person who puts others ahead of themselves.

12What Is Your Favorite Sport To Do?

Even if you don’t mind your date being chubby and somewhat out of shape, if you are planning a relationship and long life together, you want to make sure that they are healthy enough to be around for that life. That means eating healthy and doing some sports at the very least.

13Do You Prefer Video Games Or Board Games?

There is, of course, no right or wrong answer here, but there is the matter of compatibility. It is very boring to be sitting next to someone who is always playing video games if you are not into that, or having to drag them to board game night where they have a bad time and want to go home early.

14Are You An Introvert Or Extrovert?

It is not impossible for an introvert to successfully date an extrovert, but it makes life so much easier if you are both on the same page. A relationship of endless negotiations is not much fun, nor is it healthy to have to adjust your life too much in a relationship.

15What Is Your Favorite Color?

Yes, it is a bit of a nonsense question but a good one if you run out of topics or if you just want to be silly. Sometimes the simplest questions can lead to the most interesting conversations.

16What Other States or Countries Have You Traveled To?

Especially if traveling is important to you, this is a good lead-in question to see if they could share your passion. And it is always fun to exchange interesting facts and ideas about new places that you might not have been to yet.

17What Is The Best Movie You Have Ever Seen And Why?

This is a good one to lead into movie preferences and you might learn about a movie or two that you haven’t seen yet. It is also fun to ask about why it is their favorite movie, as that gives you a lot of insight into their personality.

18What Is An Absolute Deal Breaker For You?

This is a bit of an advanced question for a first date, but still important to ask if the conversation is going well. You do not want to fall head over heels in love with someone only to realize after that they don’t want children and you want 10.

19Have You Ever Cheated On Someone?

Even if they have cheated before, that does not necessarily mean they’ll do it again. The way they explain it is very important though. If they put all the blame on their ex partner and take zero responsibility for their actions, it is likely they’ll do it again.

20Are You More Of An Indoors Or Outdoors Person?

Putting someone who loves camping together with someone who prefers to cuddle up on the couch with a book will lead to at least some very interesting negotiations. It is good to be open to new experiences though. Who knows, you might come to like it.

21What Is Something That Annoys You More Than It Should?

It is amazing the things you can learn about someone when they are on a roll talking about a subject. And if you happen to have this in common, it is a great way to bond with your date. It also might reveal some red flags, for example if they start ranting about men’s right and how women should stay in the kitchen, and you are a convinced feminist.

22Do You Like Your Job?

We spend most of our waking times at our job. It is impossible for someone to not have an opinion on what they do, or what they would rather do instead. It is also something easy to talk about in the beginning of the conversation when you do not yet feel that comfortable with each other.

23What Would Your Perfect Vacation Look Like?

There is a big difference between people who like hitchhiking across countries, or those who prefer to sip margaritas by the pool in a 5 star resort. It is also a fun topic to explore together and often gets people in a good mood even just thinking about holidays.

24How Do You Think Your Good Friends Would Describe You?

People do not always know how to describe themselves well, so asking this question gives them an easier way to do so. It is also another one of those not so common questions and will get you a smile at least.

25Is There Any Music Type That You Cannot Stand?

Favorite music is a topic that comes up naturally, but just as interesting is knowing what types of music gets them to turn off the radio immediately.

26Do You Prefer Texting Or Calling?

Besides being a very useful bit of information to have, it is also not something everybody will ask. It will set you apart from other people they might be dating.

27Are There Any Wrong Assumptions That People Often Make About You?

First impressions count and yet you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. People who are aware on how they come across often have good emotional maturity in other areas as well.

28Would You Like To Be Famous?

This is especially a fun question if it diverts into a conversation about the pros and cons of being famous and what they would be famous for.

29Would You Want To Live Forever?

The answer to this question gives you a lot of insight to what is important to someone. Either people, experiences, or materialistic things.

30What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

Guilty pleasures are always a great way to get to know someone more intimately. And, if the date goes well, it is something you can light-heartedly tease them with.



  1. Not having any friends is a red flag? For what? There could be various reasons why someone don’t have any – moving to live in another country, passed away friends…


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