20 Questions to Ask a Guy You Like

questions to ask a guy you like


20 Awesome Questions to Ask a Guy You Like

Even if you don’t have a boyfriend right now, odds are that you have your eyes on a special someone. You know that you want to be able to get his attention somehow, but you may not know the best way to get him to notice you in that way. Don’t worry, lots of girls have trouble with this and we are here to help! The first tip is to accept there is no magic word that will let you snag any guy immediately because every guy is different. Even though that would be awesome, the good news is that there is a ton of easy and smart ways to get your guy to notice you.

1Things You Should Know

The key is finding out what specific things your guy is interested in and engaging him in conversation. Yes, you may already know he’s perfect for you, but the trouble is, he doesn’t know it yet so you need to show him! Although we know you have great taste in guy crushes, don’t forget that you may also realize that he’s not the guy for you when you learn more about him. Asking your crush questions is the best strategy to figure out if you are compatible and also gives you the opportunity to show him how great you are if you know he’s the one. In order to help you out, we have compiled this list of 20 awesome questions to ask a guy you like. We hope you enjoy this list and that these 20 questions help you find success with your crush!

2“What is your favorite and least favorite type of music?”

Why this is a great question: If you like the same music, that’s awesome because you have even more things to talk about! If he knows you share a passion for the same type of music, maybe he will ask you out on a date to go to a concert or even dinner where you can discuss this shared interest. On the other hand, odds are that if he hates the music you love, this could be a red flag because one of the great things about having a special someone is being able to listen to music together, whether that be on a road trip or going to a concert together. Don’t worry, even if you don’t have compatible tastes in music, there are still a lot of other ways to see if you are a good match!

3“What type of hairstyle do you like girls to have”?

Why this is a great question: Hair is one of the first things that guys notice about girls, and it is a particularly good sign if his favorite hairstyle is similar to the one you have! If he mentions that he loves girls who wear ponytails, you now have some insight into what he finds attractive and can make an effort to wear ponytails if you want to get his attention. However, if you have short curly hair for example, and he says that he hates short curly hair on girls, he may not be the guy for you. You deserve a guy who embraces you for all your gorgeous and unique features!

4“If you could have a super-power, what would it be and why?”

Why this is a great question: This is an awesome question to get to know a guy because it requires him to think outside the box and it also reveals what his interests and priorities are. If your crush says that his super-power would be to be invisible so that he could commit crimes undetected, that is a major red flag. However, if your guy says he would want to be able to be invisible so that he could show sick children his cool disappearing skills, that is super sweet and reveals an interest in helping people besides himself.

5“Who is your favorite actor or actress?”

Why this is a great question: This is a great topic of conversation because you can discuss movies that your crush’s favorite actor or actress has been in. Even if you aren’t super familiar with your guy’s favorite actor or actress, you can always look up some more information and discuss the topic further at a later date. Speaking of “dates,” if you are super brave, you may even consider asking him to see a movie with you that stars his favorite actor or actress! Everyone likes movies so he will probably say yes and he will appreciate that you remembered who his favorite entertainer is.

6“What is your idea of a romantic date?”

Why this is a great question: One of the best parts of having a boyfriend is enjoying romantic dates together, so it is a good idea to learn as much as you can about your crush’s dating style. Make sure you pay attention to his answer to this question because if his idea of a romantic date is dirt-biking and your idea of a romantic date is making dinner together, you two may not be compatible. All couples compromise on certain things, but dating is not fun if you hate each other’s favorite activities.

7“If you could only take 3 of your possessions to a deserted island what would the items be and why?”

Why this is a great question: Like the superpower question (#3), your crush’s answer will provide some insight into his priorities. However this question is also more realistic and will help you learn a lot about his daily life because he is telling you the things he can’t live without. Pay attention to the “why” aspect of this question. You may learn that your crush is very resourceful and clever which are great qualities for a potential boyfriend.

8“What’s your favorite way to spend free time?”

Why this is a great question: This is a great get to know you question because you can learn about your crush’s interests. If you find that you like to spend your free time in similar ways, you two can talk about doing some of these activities together. Or, if you are too shy to discuss the idea of doing these activities together, you can at least bond with your crush about how much fun these activities are!

9“Where is your favorite place you have traveled to and/or where would you like to go?”

Why this is a great question: Travelling is an awesome experience because no two people have the same stories to tell even if they went to the same place. Travel stories are a great way to bond because you can talk about funny things that happened, things that you didn’t expect and some of the new people you met. Even if your crush doesn’t have any travel experience under his belt, you guys can still talk about places you’d like to visit.

10“What do you think is your worst quality?”

Why this is a great question: This is a smart question to ask because you can see if he is capable of being self-reflective and if he sees room for improvement for himself. It is also useful because you can get a heads-up about his less than ideal quality instead of being surprised by it later on. However, be wary of guys who say their worst quality is something like “I work too hard.” This kind of “fault,” similar to a humble-brag, is a disingenuous response because he is still saying that he is a hard-worker without revealing any true vulnerability.

11“What is your favorite sport and sports team?”

Why this is a great question: It’s no secret–most guys love sports. This is a great question to ask because even if you are not super interested in sports yourself, your crush will enjoy talking to you about a topic that he is passionate about. You will get extra points in his eyes because he will appreciate that you made the effort to ask him about something you thought he would like to talk about.

12“What is on your bucket list in the next 10 years?”

Why this is a great question: This is an awesome get to know you question and also will help you understand the goals that your crush has. If your crush plans to move across the world in the next couple years and live there permanently, you may need to cut your losses on this one since permanent long distance is difficult.

13“What qualities in a girl would you not consider dating”

Why this is a great question: Keep in mind that although most guys do not have a specific “type” that they strictly date, most guys do have a number of qualities that they know are not compatible with their personality and preferences. If you fit one or more of his “deal breakers” it is probably best that you find someone who is better suited for you.

14“What do you notice first about a girl?”

Why this is a great question: This is a great question to ask because his answer may indicate that he’s actually noticed you in a positive way. For example, if you have striking big eyes and he says he notices a girl’s eyes first, you are in luck because he’s definitely noticed you. Remember, just because a guy notices a physical quality doesn’t make him superficial! Odds are something about his appearance immediately caught your eye too.

15“What do you think is the funniest show on television?”

Why this is a great question: One of the most important aspects of determining compatibility between a guy and a girl is if they share a sense of humor. If he thinks the funniest show on television is a show that you think is very unfunny, this is probably not a good sign. However, there are lots of couples who don’t have the exact same sense of humor, so if you are willing to put in the effort, continue to find out what other things he thinks are funny to see if you have anything in common when it comes to humor.

16“Who do you think is the hottest female celebrity?”

Why this is a great question: This question will help you understand what he finds physically attractive. Even though you can’t magically morph yourself into his celebrity crush, there are characteristics that you can try to emulate such as hairstyle and makeup choices. Don’t fret if you look nothing like his celebrity crush though, almost all guys know that famous females have a whole team of people helping them look their best!

17“What is your most embarrassing memory?”

Why this is a great question: Even though you may not have known your crush well or for that long, its fun to get to know a part of his life that you don’t know about yet. It is attractive for guys to be able to laugh at themselves, so hopefully your crush has a hilarious story he can share with you!

18“If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?”

Why this is a great question: Although we know that money can’t buy you happiness, it can buy opportunities to experience joy and personal fulfillment! This question will help you learn more about your crush and his interests which creates future talking points for you. Your crush gets extra points if he would share his million dollars with his family, friends, or even a charity.

19“If you could have any talent, what would it be?”

Why this is a great question: Although you can tell that your crush probably has a lot of talents, everyone has something that they wish they were better at. If you are willing to put in a little extra effort, you should consider asking him to join you in an activity that would help you guys hone this skill together. He will appreciate that you remembered and want to help him reach his goals.

20“What are your thoughts about when girls ask boys out instead of the other way around?”

Why this is a great question: This question will help you understand if your crush is more traditional meaning you should wait and hope for him to ask you out, or if you should make the first move because he appreciates girls taking the initiative. This is an important question to ask because many girls have thought their crushes did not like them, when in the reality, the guy was just too shy to make a move!

21“Have you ever been in love?”

Why this is a great question: Although this can be a nerve-wracking question to ask, it is important to get as much information as you can about your crush’s dating history if you are seriously interested in trying to take your crush to the next level. Too many girls waste time chasing crushes who may still be hung up on an ex, seriously interested in another girl, or completely uninterested in dating at all. Even though this may be a hard question to ask and your crush may not provide the answers you wish, it is better to know earlier so you don’t get too invested.

Hopefully you enjoyed this list of 20 questions to ask a guy you like! Remember, there is no perfect thing you can say to get your crush to magically like you, but at least there are lots of questions you can ask to see if you two are a good match and get him to notice you. Most importantly, don’t overthink it! Getting to know each other is fun and easy when you have ideas about what questions to ask!



  1. Well, I have a crush on this guy, and he behaves like he likes me too but he just acts all rude n stuff abt it. Then all of a sudden he calls me babe. I was in awe. So I just went my normal way and asked: “Is this Jake?”. And it worked perfectly fine:)


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