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Late nights; it’s what we thrive on. Parties, sleepovers, study sessions, dates, movie marathons, gossip groups. Sure you could do it during the day but there is something about the night time that drives us wild. But those late nights have repercussions when that 7am alarm rolls around for school and work. I’m here to share with you my secrets to looking well rested even if you’ve been out all night. Don’t worry, I made sure to perfect this post with a few late nights myself!


As soon as that alarm goes off just get up. I literally mean sit up and put your feet on the floor then turn your alarm off. This will totally kill any temptation for “a few more minutes of shut eye”. Still not feeling it? Guzzle a tall glass of water to jumpstart your internal organs and give you that fresh zing. I always keep water next to my bed, it’s so important to rehydrate in the A.M.

Now go splash your face with some cold water and let’s get that face in order.

2Give your skin a drink

Apply a revitalizing, hydrating serum and a light moisturiser in gentle circular motions to boost circulation (like you got up early for a run). I love this Radiant Youth Super Serum and the Radiant Protecting Day Cream (SPF 15), both from the Boots Botanics Range.

3A light, dewy base

Smooth out your dull, tired skin with a light gel foundation. This will keep the moisture levels up and give your skin a dewy finish. The Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Boosting Gel Foundation is always my go-to!

4Bring a little light to your life

With a brightening concealer like this Highlighting Pen From L’Oreal’s Lumi Magique. Apply this under your eye area and T-Zone to brighten your skin.

5Get that sparkle in your eye

Using your fingers, Pat a light, slightly pink, shimmery eyeshadow over your lid and into your inner corner. Smudge a little under your brow for a little lift too.

Hisilicon K3

I really like this shade in the Maybelline The Nudes Palette. Really open your eyes by curling your lashes and using a mascara like the Lash Sensational from Maybelline that really fans out your lashes. See how awake I look already?! Actually, I just look like I’m going to sneeze.

6That “just went running” flush

With a shimmery pink blush, gently kiss the apples of your cheek with your brush and sweep up towards your ears. The Bourjois Blush in 95 Jasper Rose gives a really nice, natural flush as well as a brightening highlight.


Finish off with a silky, pink-nude pout to look really put together. I love Julianne’s Nude colour from the L’oreal Colour Riche Lipsticks range!


In 5 simple steps you’ve gone from Bleary-eyed plain Jane to Doe-eyed Beauty Queen!


Now grab your jacket, you’ve got an all-nighter to fill your friends in on (even though they won’t believe that fresh face).

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