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20 Hairstyles for Oval Faces

hairstyles for oval faces


20 Best Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Whether you’re brunette, blonde, black-haired or everything in between, there always has been those moments, when you have to scratch your head because you are puzzled by all the availabilities and possibilities in the realm of hairstyles that you can go with; for that transformable oval face of yours— the choices are made so vast you are too easy getting lost in the sea of fabulous styles that you can go for, preparing to welcome the next season. That’s why we prepared for you this time the most fabulous, refreshing hair styles you can consider putting on for this season, narrowing down all the gorgeousness into just 20, so you don’t have to scratch your head as much as you could have.

1The easy lob

This is the look that grants you the relaxed feel versatile for both workplace and off-duty time. Unlike the serious bob, it feels more approachable and easy-going. For just the right amount of casualness blend in the wave and the length, this is your effortless choice when you demand that undetectable sense of laid-back in your style.

2Give it some sassiness

This is the deliberate messiness that actually refines your appeal. This is the perfect hair for a party-night. The spirit is in the air – the iconic messiness overhauls the whole style and adding up the peppiness in your daily appeal. When think about something bold and unintentional, this sophisticatedly messy look would be your best shot.

3Punky Tom-boy

If you’re feeling it, then this is good for you. Because the neutral, powerful tom-boy look is certainly for the ones that are the most confident and comfortable with their somewhat dramatic transformation in terms of the first impressions you deliver to others. But if you absolutely feel comfortable with the length and the feel, this would reform you as a person in an unexpectedly surprising way.

4Be sensual

Nothing works better than the hair that blends in and tells for itself. That’s one of the reasons why the lengthy waves are never pushed out of the stage of fashion. Both for the easiness in its preparation and the feel of sentiment it naturally has. This is the hair that doesn’t need much change in length while keeping your daily look upscale.

5Keep it short and sweet

Can the short length be feminine and elegant? Yes it could, with the help from the right shape of the bang and the relevant makeup. Achieving such elegance requires some extra effort carefully put into the makeup of your eyebrows and lips, as softer and lighter style will neutralise the hardness in the short length.

6The happy bob

Somewhat careless, somewhat care-free. This is your new go-to hairstyle this fall that shouts out the cuteness and sensibility. Similar to its “messy looking” counterpart yet different, it doesn’t have that “sticking out” edgy feel which is loud and proud, instead, it’s softer, touchy and delightful, go for this style especially if you have a joyful personality.

7Stretchy curls

This is not just square and round face-con, depends on the occasions; you can definitely put up the layered lengthy look that fits to your mood and prolonging your chin, which makes your face even slimmer. The sentimental curled tips on the end of the hair keep your feminine look upscale.

8The laid-back lengthy

Less statement, easy-going yet still refined, this keep-‘em-on-the-back lengthy style could be your next choice of the day when it comes to the moments when you want to stay natural and true to your own heart, while staying sensual and sexy. A little ironing goes a long way.

9“Bunny flowery”

Happy with your current length and planning to keep it going through this winter? You’ve got an excellent option right here just for you. It’s all in the statement bun. This DIY-friendly style could easily convert your daily lazy, loosened long hair into a ballerina princess. So simple, so clean, so elegant, you’ll be surprised.

10Sober and slick

One of the best work-con hairstyles for oval faces is always going to be the slick and neat ponytail. The secret is in the detail in this matter. The low-tightened ponytail allows you to emphasize more of your facial complexion and accessories such as earrings. If you consider it a possibility for you this fall, then focus on the colour that you want yourself to go for. A nice dye would refine it even further.

11Go free-style

One of the best ways to uplift your lengthy hair, which you don’t want to change in terms of its length, is to make them more tactile. Like this classic free-styled wavy length, you get just the right proportion of hobo that comes with the right bang and the richly layered natural-felt waves.

1250’s vibe rewind

The secret for making the mid-length more luxury lies in the curling technic that stress out the front part of your hair while leaving the rest almost undetectably formed into the wholesome of classiness.

13The staying Bang

Never had a serious bang in the front before? Then this might be the best time for you to try out this sensitive and somewhat quiet style. Bangs are always here to stay, especially when you have the oval face which is ideal for such style.

14The pouring stream

This is the style that emphasizes more to its statement bang design. Are you up to looking both cool and elegant? This would be your perfect go-to style to grab 2 effects in just ONE.

15The age-accelerator

Not just in the time-travel movies, the curl-backed bob makes you much more mature and sensual than you actually are, while making you powerful in a classic feminine way.

16Full-length wonder

Who says the to-the-chest length is too much?! When they’re taken good care of and able to stay sleek and sticking to your sides, they make loud statement effortlessly. Keep it lengthy, but keep them well.

17Barbie doll bang

Every one of us has our most innocent and playful side. Why not trying out this adorable Barbie doll hair style and lightening up your winter? The front bang makes you look younger while the sides shape your face just right.

18The statement bob

So short and so slick it becomes timeless. This is your must-have style if you’re up to showing off your ear-bling and the most sophisticated side in your personality. Utterly refined, staying real, what more do we have to say about this statement bob?

19The wavy queen

One is introvert, the other is extrovert. One takes, the other give. The wave design of this to-the-chest hairstyle gives the sensible layers to your hair while keeping the impression of an out-going personality in the eyes of the others, less distant, and more approachable than the in-ward curls.

20Ombre focus

There’s an unbeatable advantage when you want to keep the length of your hair – you have more freedom when it comes to changing the colour of your hair. Trying out different highlights to see which one best suits your mood and flattering your personality, and put up some intriguing transitional changes to the top of your hair this fall.



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