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20 Best Makeup Brush Brands

best makeup brushes brands

20 Best Makeup Brush Brands

Brushes are the stars behind awesome makeup. They can blend disasters into on-point looks, and help you add minute details that you probably couldn’t do with your own hands. Your makeup skills don’t need to be that of a makeup artist, let your brushes do all the work. Here are some of our favorite makeup brush brands, that are definitely worth a mention!

1Spectrum Makeup Brushes

Spectrum’s brushes are so crazy and out there! We love the design, that is girly and appealing. But it’s not a case of style over substance here, they are delicate and precise, and are very versatile. They get into all those nooks and crannies and blend in perfectly to give you a natural look.

2Real Techniques

Real Techniques give you top-quality brushes at a fraction of the price of their competitors. Whether it’s a flattering contour you’re lusting after, or you are aiming for that perfect smokey eye, Real Techniques have everything you need. They are highly recommended by bloggers and makeup artists alike, and with good reason! The $30 mark for a kit ain’t half bad!

3Urban Decay Makeup Brushes

Urban Decay comes up with innovative products, whether it is their makeup or their brushes. Our current favorite is the Flat Optical Blurring Brush – perfect for blending that foundation in and giving you those natural-looking results. Urban Decay brushes are cruelty-free like their makeup and the brush hair is synthetic, leaving it less likely to collect gross bacteria than those made from animal hair.

4Zoéva Makeup Brushes

Zoéva’s brushes are so aesthetically pleasing. Get ready to get Instagramming your latest purchase ladies! They are just the coolest brushes, and they are soft on your skin. You would think you were using high-end brushes from the feel and the use of these babies, but still, the price remains reasonable.

5Sigma Makeup Brushes

Sigma is a fairly recent cosmetics brand, having only launched in 2009. They aim to combine quality with innovative makeup techniques to give you cutting edge products. We love their 3DHD Blender, which unlike your typical beauty blender, is a half-egg shape, the flatter side and the pointed edges allow you to get into those spots that your regular beauty blender won’t reach.

6Nars Makeup Brushes

Brushes from Nars are so sleek, sophisticated, and make you feel in control – even when you may not feel it! The creator, François Nars, once said “You cannot achieve good makeup without good tools”, and luckily for us, he has provided us with the best. On fleek eyebrows will help you feel ready for whatever the day throws at you, the #48 Brow Defining Brush will reach between the eyebrow hairs and create a perfectly even blend. The brush is firm and despite its size, easy to handle and applies with precision.

7Nyx Makeup Brushes

We love Nyx for their top-quality products at drugstore prices. The brand is proof that top-quality products don’t need to cost you an arm and a leg! Their latest and most amazing of their brushes is the Total Control Drop Foundation Brush – the dip in the brush hair is to apply makeup to in all those hard to reach places and fits into the natural curves of the face which will help you gain a smooth and natural look.


BareMinerals do everything to give you cosmetics that are easy on the skin, they are cruelty-free and nourish your skin for the best results. These products will make you feel good in your skin before and after applying them! They don’t just do makeup brushes but also for skincare – the Double Cleansing Brush should be part of your everyday beauty regime as it cleanses your skin and eliminates pesky problem-zones. It also massages your skin and really is a miracle product!

9Morphe Makeup Brushes

Morphe are huge because of their tiny price tag, with prices ranging from $4, it would be rude to say no really, wouldn’t it? The E19 Pointed Lip brush has so much going for it – firstly at $4.99, the value for money is outstanding, and the pointed end will help you perfect that heart-shape and put an end to overlapping! Say hello to kissable lips in a flash!

10Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anatasia Beverly Hills is one of our favorite brands, and the fact they do brushes makes us love them even more (if that is possible)! Though they have less choice than some of their competitors, what they do have, they do it well. Their Duo Brush #20 is versatile – if you’re trying to hide those stubborn spots or define your brows, their brush can help you with so many of your day-to-day makeup crises. It is small and robust, making it the ideal travel brush too!

11Makeup Geek

The vegan brand is renowned for providing us with synthetic and cruelty-free cosmetics. For us, their brush to watch is the Bent Liner Brush, with a bent handle to facilitate application, you will never have a bad makeup day ever again! It is perfect for doing on-point looks, so you can put down those makeup wipes and get the perfect the cat eye!

12Lottie London

Lottie London, like Makeup Geek, create vegan makeup tools to make sure you get a natural look with healthy materials. Their brushes are girly ranging in a wide choice of colors from hot pink to pastel tones. Plus, they are so affordable! We were in shock in front of the prices! Their priciest set of brushes is at around $26 – the price of just one with some of their competitors!

13Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown never let us down with their luxurious-feeling products. The brand encourages their customers to be who they are, and give us the most trendy and timeless cosmetics. Their Bronzer Brush is soft on the skin to give you a smooth, flawless application. The wooden handle just adds style to this lovely brush.

14Too Faced Makeup Brush

What don’t we love about Too Faced? There is nothing bad we can say about their products, and in particular, their brushes. We are fans of their girly packaging that is already enough to entice us. Then we have the fact that all their products are cruelty-free! The Retractable Kabuki Brush is just perfect for applying bronzer as its bristles grab and blend your favorite color. Plus, it comes with a lid, making it ideal for a girl on the go!


E.L.F’s brushes are innovative and futuristic – we love them! When we saw the silver mirror-like handles we were expecting exorbitant prices, but boy, were we wrong! Prices start at $3 up and yet the products are amazingly great value for money. The E.L.F Highlighting Brush in black is versatile as it can also be used for contouring. It also gives you precision for a flawless contour and highlight experience.

16MAC Makeup Brushes

What can’t MAC do? If there is one thing they do exceptionally well, it’s their brushes. They provide us with the best tools to apply some of the most famous makeup products in the world. Though they are a bit more on the expensive side, let’s face it, it’s MAC, it is worth the investment! The 204 Lash Brush coats each individual lash and separates them, avoiding that dreaded gooey-eye look!


Sephora has so many great brands that we do tend to neglect Sephora’s range of wonderful products. We love the sets as they come in super cute rolls! We have heart-shaped emojis in our eyes just thinking about their Two Ways About It Brush Set. Treat yourself to their gold handles and pastel pink roll, go on, you deserve it!


Stila’s brushes will give you the runway look on a day-to-day basis. Reveal your inner makeup artist with their Double Ended Blending Sponge – a beauty blender with a difference. The pointed tip will get into those difficult spots and the soft sides will give you a flawless finish. And even though it will get dirty in a flash, we are in love with the stunning plum color too!

19Smashbox Makeup Brushes

Smashbox brushes are the business! Their red and black packaging is just empowering and striking. Their brushes are cruelty-free but still give you a photo-ready look. Made for the photography studio, they will give you the most precise finish possible – there is absolutely no chance of a makeup flops here! Their Crease Brush #10 is ideal for getting that smokey eye, and will give you a smoldering night time look – perfect for date night!

20Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier gives you smooth and sleek products at the fraction of the price of the high-end brands. Mercier, renowned for her “Flawless Face”, provides timeless French looks with a hint of modernity to provide us with only the best. Her Lip Colour Brush is dainty, yet does the job, the natural-feeling tip is soft on the lips and applies smoothly. It doesn’t put a foot wrong! Say goodbye to messy lipstick and hello beautiful!



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