100 Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

cute names to call your girlfriend


100 Good Nicknames for Girls

Pretty much every couple uses nicknames when referring to their boyfriend or girlfriend but instead of sticking to the usual classics like “Babe” or “Hun”, why not spice it up a little bit with nicknames that are either super adorable and will make her heart melt, or which acknowledge precisely how attractive you think she is. With our list of 100+ cute girl nicknames, you’re certainly not going to run out of nickknames for your Bae.

1#1 – #5

Angel – She’s just so perfect, she looks like she’s fallen down to Earth from heaven.

Mon Amor – They always say that French is the language of love so what better way to make your girl swoon than a French name meaning “my love”

Mi Amore – Just as romantic as French is the Italian language, and “Mi Amore” is Italian for “my love”. Aww!

Babe – A classic nickname. When you are yelling across the house, this is a good one because it is short and sweet.Babe works in any situation.

Baby Doll – If she has perfect features just like a doll, you can call her doll or baby doll.

2#6 – #10

Baby Girl – You’re her big, strong hero and she’s your baby girl that you can protect.

Bambi – If she’s sweet and pretty but a little on the ditzy side, this is a great nickname.

Barbie – She is so effortlessly flawless and beautiful. Just like a Barbie Doll!

Beautiful – What girl doesn’t love to be called beautiful? This reminds her that you find her attractive. Bonus points for you if you use this one when you guys are just chilling at home and she’s not applied her makeup.

Beaut – A shortened version of calling her beautiful. If your girl’s pretty then she’s a beaut.

3#11 – #15

Beauty – Another sweet one to acknowledge just how pretty she looks today (and every day, of course)

Bella – Italian for beautiful.This is a nice, exotic name for her.

Bizcocho – A beautiful Spanish name that is also a dessert. Let her know how tasty you think she is.

Boo – Let her know that she’s the one for you and she means a lot to you.

Bon-Bon – Bon-Bons are sweet and delicious and so is she.

4#16 – #20

Bonita – Nothing’s more unique than giving your girl nicknames in foreign languages right? Spanish for attractive, Bonita will remind her just how gorgeous you find her.

BooBoo – Completely different to boo, boo boo is just a super cute nickname and a nice way to show affection.

Bright Eyes – If she’s got beautiful, sparkly eyes they are green or blue, you can use this one to let her know how attractive you find them

Bubble Butt – Be careful with this! If she’s got a booty like J Lo and she’s proud of it she’ll love this one. Let her know how much you appreciate her curves.

Bunny – Bunnies are cute and innocent just like you’re girl!

5#21 – #25

Candy – Like your favorite candy bar, you just want to have a taste of her.

Candy Kisses – A cute play on calling her “Candy”

Caramel – She’s sweet and delicious, just like the candy.

Cheeky – She’s mischievous and sometimes a little naughty so let her know how much you love those traits!

Cherub – She’s got a cute little face, like an angel or a cherub.

6#26 – #30

Cleopatra – Like the Egyptian Queen, she’s beautiful and feisty. This is a great nickname for independent ladies.

Cookie – Who doesn’t want to be named after a super yummy sweet treat?

Cowgirl – Acknowledge her wild and adventurous streak with this nickname.

Cuddle Monster – She is the king of cuddles.

Cupcake – She’s perfectly presented and delicious, just like a celebration cupcake.

7#31 – #35

Curvy – If she’s got a fuller figure, let her know how much you appreciate her womanly curves.

Cutie – If you were looking for cute nicknames for girls, this one is the cutest! A classic nickname and for good reason! Your girl deserves to know just how cute and adorable you find her, For when she is looking extra adorable in her sweatpants and messy bun.

Cutie Pie – A play on the nickname “cutie”, she’s just so cute that you want to serve her up and have a slice after dinner.

Daisy – She’s beautiful and delicate, just like the flower.

Darling – A popular oldschool nickname, darling is nice because it’s sweet without being too cheesy.

8#36 – #40

Desert Blossom – If she’s exotic looking and incredibly pretty, you can give her this nickname after a wild desert flower.

Diamond – She’s your queen and she always looks like a million dollars so a name like “Diamond” let’s her know how perfect she is to you.

Doll Face – Her face is so beautiful, she’s just like a little porcelain doll.

Duchess – If your girl is a Princess type that likes to be looked after, she’ll love being called duchess. It shows her that she’s like a royal to you – super important and you’ll do anything to keep her happy and protect her.

Damsel – To inject a little fairy tale magic into your relationship, calling her Damsel is like saying she’s the beautiful princess and you’re her hero, always there to protect her.

9#41 – #45

Fave – A shortened version of favorite, fave lets her know she’s your best (and only) girl.

Feisty – If she’s a girl with a strong personality and an attitude, calling her feisty or feisty lady will acknowledge just how vibrant she is and how attractive you find that.

Fluffy – She is just SO adorable. Like a little kitten or a big ball of fluff.

Foxy lady – Meow. A good one to use if you find her super feisty.

Gorgeous – To you, she is the most beautiful woman in any room and this nickname tells her that perfectly.

10#46 – #50

Hermosa – Spanish for gorgeous, hermosa is just such a nice sounding word don’t you think? Let’s say it again… Hermosa!

Her Surname – It’s super cute and hot when guys call girls by their surnames. There’s just something more personal about it, don’t you think?

Hot Lips – Remind her how beautiful her pouty lips are and how much you want to kiss them with this nickname.

Hot Stuff – You’ve found yourself a hottie and you know it.

Honey – She’s sweet and delicious, just like honey!

11#51 – #55

Baby – Just go watch “Dirty Dancing” if you haven’t already, you’ll get the point. If your girl has seen the movie and you know she loves it spin her around in the kitchen one night all romantically and call her “baby.”

Honeybun – A little more original than just calling her “honey” and it sounds way cuter, don’t you think?

Honey Pot – Your girl isn’t just sweet as honey, she’s as sweet as the entire jar!

Hot Mama – Well she is, isn’t she?

Khaleesi – A good one if she’s a game of thrones fan! Let her know that she’s your Khaleesi (your queen). A good nickname for strong, feisty women.

12#56 – #60

Kitten – She’s cute and playful, just like a little baby kitten. N’aww.

Little Lady – If she’s petite, this one is super cute and makes her feel protected.

Lollipop – She looks delicious and she’s super sweet, just like a lollipop!

Love – A classic nickname that’s romantic without being corny, and can be used even out in public because it isn’t embarrassing.

Love Bug – Like a cute little creature of love that you just want to hold and squeeze.

13#61 – #65

Love Muffin – A little cheesy for some maybe. Love muffin emphasizes just how much she means to you.

Lover – A little cheekier than love. Lover acknowledges that she’s your girl.

Ma Cherie – French for “my love”, this one is so romantic, it’ll make your girl just melt.

Mama – Cute and simple, mama is a nice, quick little affectionate term to use.

Mamacita – Pretty and exotic, just like she is to you.

14#66 – #70

Micielo – Spanish for “my sky”. Swoon.

Minx – She’s hot, and she has a bit of a mischievous, naughty side.

Mivida – This is a really beautiful word and nickname and it means “my life” in Spanish.

My Goddess – She is so amazing and beautiful that you practically worship the ground that she walks on, just like a goddess.

My Life – This nickname lets her know that she is your world, your everything and being with her means a lot to you.

15#71 – #75

Naughty Girl – If she’s really pretty and innocent looking in public but she has a wild streak when the two of you are alone, this one is playful and perfect.

Peaches – She’s sweet and delightful, just like the fruit!

Playgirl – A nickname that perfectly suits her more mischievous side.

Precious – She’s valuable to you and you think the world of her, just like a precious metal or stone.

Pretty Lady -A good morning text with the words “hey pretty lady” is sure to make her smile. Simple yet charming.

16#76 – #80

Pretty One – Like pretty lady, calling her pretty one is sure to put a smile on that pretty face.

Princess – If she’s a girly girl that always looks elegant and classy, this nickname will suit her perfectly.

Pud – A cutesy little play on “pudding”. You can even call her pud pud for maximum cuteness.

Pudding Cup – A cute and playful name. She’s sweet and delicious.

Pumpkin – A great nickname for an adorable person that you love.

17#81 – #85

Pussycat – It’s both sweet and flirty.

Queen – If she’s stylish and sophisticated then there really is no better nickname for her.

Señorita – A hot, exotic nickname for your hot, exotic Bae.

Snuggle Bunny – She is just so totally adorable that you want to snuggle her all day.

Spicy – Your girl has a little bit of a wild side.

18#86 – #90

Sugar Lips – Her lips just look so sweet and perfect that you just want to kiss her and see if she tastes as good as she looks.

Sugar Mama – She’s a hot mama that’s sweet like sugar. What more of an explanation do you need?

Summer – She’s so pretty and fun to be around that she reminds you of a summers day, even in the middle of winter. Use this nickname to let her know that she makes you feel great about yourself.

Sweet Butt – Women are often self conscious about their bodies so it’s always appreciated when you compliment their features. If she has a nice curvy butt, you can use this nickname to make her feel good about it.

Sweet Cheeks – Okay so you’re talking about her nice butt, but this one is a little cuter than just coming out and saying it directly.

19#91 – #95

Sweetie – A cute classic. She’s your sweetie.

Sugar – She’s sweet like sugar, duh!

Strawberry – Who doesn’t love strawberries? They’re just about the sweetest of the fruits, just like she’s the sweetest of the girls.

Tapatio – This one’s both funny and flattering. Nickname her tapatio after the hot sauce to acknowledge just how hot and spicy she is.

Tigress – She’s beautiful to look at, and she has a feisty, wild side that is constantly keeping you on your toes.

20#96- #100

Temptress – She’s seductive and mischievous. A perfect temptress.

Tasty – She looks good enough to eat.

Tasty Cake – She looks good enough to eat and you want a slice and seconds!

Vixen – A perfectly mischievous name for a perfectly mischievous girl.

Wifey – Lets her know how important she is to you. Not only is she your girl now, you see her in your future too.

21#101 – #105

My Everything – This can be hard to work into a sentence, but if it fits, by all means, use it!

Buttercup – If you haven’t seen The Princess Bride, stop reading and go watch it. Princess Buttercup is the star of the film and her Wesley who obeys her every command with “as you wish”.

Partner in Crime – This one will make her feel like she is more than just a girlfriend. It is a good way to show her you think she is fun and that you love to spend time with her.

Bonnie (& Clyde) – This goes along with the “Partner in Crime.” Bonnie and Clyde were outlaws on the run with only their love… and bags full of money from the bank they just robbed. We wouldn’t suggest robbing banks, but dipping into your wild side could be good for the two of you.

Light of my life – Let her know just how much she brightens your day. This implies that she is the best thing in your life. Every girl wants to hear how important she is to her boyfriend or husband.

22#106 – #110

Sweet thang – This is another flirty but sweet term that can be used in any situation.

Girl of my dreams – This is the way to tell her she is everything you could ever hope for and more.

Nerd – Looking for cute and funny nicknames? If she is smart and you both know it, bring this up in conversation in a positive way, and then it can be your little inside joke/name. It can be your own little way of saying you are awesome.

Smarty Pants – One of our favorite sweet and funny girl names. If you set it up in a way that she knows you are saying it because you love that she is so smart you will be golden.

Lovely – Why hello lovely,” is a great way to say you bring life to the room, I love your face, and I love the way you make me feel.

23#111 – #115

Monkey – One of the cutest pet names for girls! Similar to pumpkin, “Monkey” is cutting it a little too close to sappy, but use with moderation and it shouldn’t be a problem.

My Sweet, Soft Hungarian Devil – Tombstone, the movie, is an American Classic in our book. Val Kilmer plays Doc Holliday in the western film and everything that comes out of his character’s mouth deserves to be printed on a T-shirt.

Soulmate – This one is sooo romantic, and will make your girl’s heart flutter.

Perfect  – calling her perfect lets her know she is and always will be perfect in your eyes.

Her Name – We’ve heard it from our parents, teachers, and friends our whole lives, but hearing your name come out of your SO’s mouth is something magical.

We hope you’ve found the perfect nickname for you special girl in this list of nicknames for girlfriends!



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