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20 Best Glitter Eyeshadows

best glitter eyeshadows

20 Best Glitter Eyeshadows

Finding the perfect glitter eye shadow can be quite tricky: because of its chunky texture, glitter tends to cause a lot of trouble, but don’t worry, with these great list of the best glitter eyeshadows, you are guaranteed to find the one you are looking for!

1Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadows

If you are just starting to experiment with makeup and glittery eyeshadows, we recommend starting with pressed glitters – an easy and quick way to achieve a sparkly, glittery finish. Unlike loose glitter shadows, the pressed version are definitely more „forgiving” while the application process: you can play with it and move it around more on the eyelids, as well as make quick touch ups. Urban Decay’s Moondust glitter shadows are known as one of the best pressed glitters out there. Because of their refined, smooth texture, they have a sophisticated feel to them, while giving you that 3D, metallic glitter effect. Available in various colors from soft champagne to electric blue, Uban Decay offers a wide color range to choose from for every occasion.

2Mac 3D Platinum Glitter

This glitter pigment speaks for itself, and over the years, it has become an absolute beauty favorite. Unlike Urban Decay’s Moondust, it has a loose glitter pigment texture, which allows you to apply this pigment not only on your eyes but to your lips, skin and even hair for a very extravagant look. The iconic 3D Platinum shade is a shimmery, gorgeous silver glitter that looks beautiful on its own as well as with a smokey, smudged eye makeup.

3Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eye Shadow

Similar to Tom Ford, but way more affordable – if you are looking for a more subtle, easy to use glitter shadow, this is the perfect choice for you. These beautiful Max Factor cream glitter shadows have a smooth texture, and because of their almost liquid texture, they also have a glossy finish.

4Wet n Wild Glitter Icon Single Shadows

If you are looking for an affordable alternative for a glitter eye shadow, we recommend checking out the Wet n Wild glitter singles! Besides the blinding color payoff of these shadows, the color selection is absolutely amazing as well: you can find gold, silver, shimmery white turquoise and hot pink shades in this collection. To keep the glitter in place, always make sure to apply an eyelid primer or base shadow first, and to apply the glitter, use a glitter glue and a synthetic, flat brush and gently tap the glitter instead of the regular blending.

5Dior Long-Wear Professional Mirror-shine Eyeshadow

Its name already reveals why this Dior shadow is such a favorite. With the gorgeous glitter pigments, this shadow has a blinding, mirror-shine effect, and with its luxurious shine, it is the dream eyeshadow for any special occasion such as weddings, New Year’s Eve or a fancy dinner date. From this collection, our favorite is definitely the lighter shades, which almost has a reflective shine to them. To get an even more intense finish, apply the shadow with a wet brush.

6Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows

If you want to experiment with a completely different texture than the regular glitter shadows, we’ve got the perfect match for you. The Stila liquid glitter pigments have a gorgeous, reflective shine to them, and because of their liquid consistency, it is also super easy to apply them. You can rock these shadows on their own or with a powder glitter on top to intensify the glitter shine. Stila is known for their beautiful, pigmented shadows, and with this one, they definitely created a beauty cult favorite.

7Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow

If you are looking for that glowing, bronzed goddess makeup essentials, Bobbi Brown’s Sparkle shadow is a must for you. Although it is a bit pricy, you are not only paying for a fancy name: Bobbi Brown is known for creating high quality, professional makeup that allows even application and will stay in place throughout the day. This shadow line mixes edgy with sophisticated with the finely milled pigments and glitters, especially with the brown and bronzed shades, which can be used in endless different ways, both for subtle looks and for more glamorous makeup ideas as well.

8Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick

We know, it is a glitter eye shadow list, but because Kat Von D products are known to be all vegan and eye safe, you can easily experiment with this gorgeous, glitter lipstick on your eyes as well! If you are looking for a multifunctional product that can be used as eye shadow, liner and lipstick all at the same time, check out this beauty in stores!

9Too Faced Glitter Bomb

Instead of one blinding, glittery shade, Too Faced came out with a palette that features eight different, pretty shadows.  These sparkly shades were created by using pure pigment, but besides these stunning shadows, the palette also comes with two matte bases (a black and a white shadow)) to make the application process easier. While the white shadow will brighten up your whole makeup look, the matte black base will intensify dark glitters, such as green or blue. The bases can also be used to smoke out the look and create a more gradient, ombré makeup.

10Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow

If you are not a big fan of liquid glitter shadows and would like to try out a pressed pigment with a very similar overall effect, Stila’s magnificent metals foil shadows will become your new must-have pigments. Besides the shadow itself, the little pack also comes with a liquid that will help you intensify the look, but you can also use the shades by themselves, and the result is absolutely breathtaking! We also love the jewel toned color choice of this collection with golden, silver and bronze shades.

11The Balm Overshadows

As their name suggests as well, The Balm’s overshadows are great to give your matte or pearly finish shadows a little extra sparkle! These highly pigmented, loose glitter shadows will create that gorgeous, shimmery finish for any party. Our favorite from the collection is definitely the copper, which has a warm, gold undertone to it, making it perfect for a brown or orange-toned makeup look, but there are other shades as well, such as shimmery champagne pink, white toned silver, and glowing gold.

12Inglot Crushed Pearl Shadows

Who wouldn’t fall in love with these glitter shadows from Inglot after seeing the swatches? There is something very unique about these glitter shades: besides being shimmery and stunning, they also have gorgeous, reflective (“oil slick”) shades that are perfect for a more creative makeup look. If you’d like to rock it on an everyday basis (and why wouldn’t you?) simply mix it with matte shadows.

13MAC Dazzleshadow

Let’s be honest: loose pigments can be quite tricky to apply and messy with all the different fallouts, but Mac’s pressed glitter eye shadow will spare your time with the same amount of beautiful shine. Because of its consistency, it is easy to apply – both with flat and blending brushes.

14NYX Glitter Cream Palette

As its name suggests as well, this NYX glitter palette has a very unique, different texture compared to most glitter shadows: instead of a simple, pressed powder or loose glitter, this has a creamy texture, so besides being shimmery and glittery, it is also easy to work with. It’s cream consistency will let you move the product around and blend it with other shadows as well without using a glitter glue.

15The Estee Edit Gritty & Glow Magnetic Eye Palette

With the Estee Edit brand, the iconic Estee Lauder company had one aim: to speak to a younger audience, and with this palette, they definitely won us over! Besides the beautiful color choices (the deep turquoise, the gold, the copper and the black together is just mesmerizing), the pigmentation and glittery glow of the palette is amazing as well.

16Ulta Glitter Eye Top Coat

Yes, glitter shadows don’t necessarily have to be super expensive: Ulta offers an affordable, yet stunning glitter eyeshadow version in various colors from popping purple to burnt orange, black, and copper. Besides the main, base color, there are thousands of other glitters in each shadow, which makes the shade look even more unique.

17Givenchy Ors Audacieux Radiant Eye Shadows

Don’t be afraid to use warm gold and even red shades when it comes to glitter – and if you are looking for something warm toned for summer and autumn, make sure to check out this Givenchy palette. Although it’s on the pricier side, you are not only paying for the fancy name and packaging: the shadows in there are actually pigmented, glitter and long lasting. With this glitter quad, we can absolutely imagine a beautiful, matte burgundy lip!

18Tom Ford Cream Glitter Shadows

Another cream consistency that will shine beautifully on your eyes! Tom Ford is known for its highly pigmented, glossy shadows, but with this beige and bronze collection, they really took cream glitter to a whole new level! For the best application, apply the cream with your finger tips and instead of blending right away, gently tap the cream to your center and inner corner of your lid.

19NARS Single Shadows

After their beautiful blushes and contour palettes, we are obsessed with the NARS single glitter eye shadows as well! With the tiny, finely milled pigments, it definitely has a more luxurious effect and more smooth texture than most glitter shadows, not to mention it is super easy to apply with any blush.

20Obsessive Compulsive Glitter Eye Shadows

If you would really like to play around with glitter and would rather spend a bit more time with your makeup but ensure it is 100% glittery ad shimmery, check out the Obsessive Compulsive glitter eye shadows. With the help of a synthetic, flat brush and a bit of glitter glue, you can make sure even the chunky pieces stick in place all day.



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