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Good Nicknames for Girls

Let’s be real for a second, Everyone loves nicknames. To show affection, to get closer and to create funny moments, We all like to be called or call our loved one with a sweet name like “Cupcake”, “Sweety Pie”, or “Pookie Bear”. This list is dedicated to all you guys out there who are looking for cute nicknames for your special girlfriends. Some of them are sweet and sappy, other are funny and silly, or just plain daft. Check out this long list of cute and cool nicknames for girlfriends.


11 Honey

This is just a great generic, cute name that rolls off the tongue. Honey is sweet and if your girl is sweet “honey” is the name to go with. I’ve noticed more serious relationships tend use this cute name more than new relationships. For some reason married couples seem to use this one a lot.

1. Honey

22 Sweety

My boyfriend typically pulls this one out when I’m a little irritated. Sometimes it calms me down and sometimes it is like throwing fuel on the fire. Use at your own risk.

2. Sweety

33 Babe

When you are yelling across the house, this is a good one because it is short and sweet. For the love of everything good in this world, do not take out the second “b”. BAE is not okay.

3. Babe

44 Baby

Just go watch “Dirty Dancing” if you haven’t already, you’ll get the point. If your girl has seen the movie and you know she loves it spin her around in the kitchen one night all romantically and call her “baby.”

4. Baby

55 Darling

An old school, classy, sophisticated nickname that you can’t go wrong with. I wish my boyfriend would call me this more often. It makes me feel like I am a high class woman with a prince for a boyfriend.

5. Darling

66 Sexy

Let her know you think she is the hottest thing on the planet. It makes me feel like I could compete with models in a magazine. Make sure to use it only in the proper setting, overusing “sexy” can make it seem like you are just interested in her body. Mix it in with the following two…

6. Sexy

77 Beautiful

I think this one is a no brainer, but it is nice when you want to tell her she is amazing inside and out. When my boyfriend calls me beautiful I feel like I am beautiful inside and out.

7. Beautiful

88 Gorgeous

This is a good one to use when she gets all dressed up to go on a date, to a dinner, wedding, or anything else that calls for extra mascara for.

8. Gorgeous

99 Pumpkin

This is one of those that gets just a little too close to being thrown into the sea of sappy, but the occasional usage would be okay. Just don’t over do it.

9. Pumpkin

1010 Doll Face

I am just a sucker for the old school ones. We’ve heard this used in dozens of different movies based back in the day. Buy her some flowers and call her doll face… maybe wear a fedora and suspenders too.

10. Doll Face

1111 My Everything

This can be hard to work into a sentence, but if it fits by all means use it! My boyfriend is everything to me and I try to let him know that all the time. Some men though, like mine, have a hard time expressing themselves, but I promise a little goes a long way. When he tells me I am his everything, it makes me feel so loved.

11. My Everything

1212 Sugar

Maybe she will give you some sugar if you call her sugar… it’s, at least, worth a try. It may make her laugh at you, but her laugh is amazing so that’s okay.

12. Sugar

1313 Future Wife

I get butterflies when my boyfriend calls me his future wife. I get so unbelievably excited that I get to spend my life with him. It makes my day.

13. Future Wife

1414 Pretty Lady

“Hey, pretty lady,” is a darn good greeting if you ask me. Especially when it is followed by a kiss. It’s flirty and sweet, and can be used in almost any situation.

14. Pretty Lady

1515 Partner in Crime

This one will make her feel like she is more than just a girlfriend. It is a good way to show her you think she is fun and that you love to spend time with her. Best friends use this term, and in good relationships your SO needs to feel like a best friend too.

15. Partner in Crime

1616 Bonnie (& clyde)

This goes along with the “Partner in Crime.” Bonnie and Clyde were outlaws on the run with only their love… and bags full of money from the bank they just robbed. I wouldn’t suggest robbing banks, but dipping into your wild side could be good for the two of you.

16. Bonnie (& clyde)

1717 Cutie

if you were looking for cute nicknames for girls, this one is the cutest! For when she is looking extra adorable in her sweatpants and messy bun. Like most on this list, using “cutie” in the right situation can be flattering and cute, but if used in the wrong situation when she has been working for an hour on her winged eyeliner “sexy” or “gorgeous” are viable options.

17. Cutie

1818 Light of my life

Let her know just how much she brightens your day. This implies that she is best thing in your life. Every girl wants to hear how important she is to her boyfriend or husband.

18. Light of my life

1919 Sweet thang

This is another flirty but sweet term that can be used in any situation.

19. Sweet thang

2020 Girl of my dreams

This is the way to tell her she is everything you could ever hope for and more. If any of you know my boyfriend put this name in his vocabulary for me. I’ve dreamed of being called the girl of his dreams. I know I am, but still, it would be nice to hear it.

20. Girl of my dreams

2121 Nerd

Looking for cute and funny nicknames? If she is smart and you both know it, bring this up in conversation in a positive way, and then it can be your little inside joke/name. Typically when my boyfriend calls me a nerd it is because he is so proud of me for going to college and working so hard. He smiles, hugs me, and says “you are such a nerd, I love you.” It’s his own little way of saying you are awesome.

21. Nerd

2222 Smarty Pants

One of my favorite sweet and funny funny girl names. This, like the previous, can also be taken in a negative way if you don’t set it up correctly. If you set it up in a way that she knows you are saying it because you love that she is so smart you will be golden. However, if you just say, “Hey what’s shakin smarty pants,” she might think you are saying “she is a know-it-all.”

22. Smarty Pants

2323 Lovely

“Why hello lovely,” is a great way to say you bring life to the room, I love your face, and I love the way you make me feel.

23. Lovely

2424 One and only

Que the heart skipping a beat. LOVE when my boyfriend calls me his one and only. I always think, “I am so lucky.”

24. One and only

2525 Monkey

One of the cutest pet names for girls! Similar to pumpkin, “Monkey” is cutting it a little too close to sappy, but use with moderation and it shouldn’t be a problem

25. Monkey

2626 My Sweet, Soft Hungarian Devil

Tombstone, the movie, is an American Classic in my book. Val Kilmer plays Doc Holliday in the western film and everything that comes out of his character’s mouth deserves to be printed on a T-shirt. This is one of his sayings. This is another movie you need to watch.

26. My Sweet, Soft Hungarian Devil

2727 Soulmate

A little sappy, but if said sincerely it will make your girl’s heart flutter. According to Greek Mythology humans were once four legged creatures, but this scared one of the gods so he split humans and made them two legged creatures. As the tale goes, we spend the rest of our lives searching for our other half. The term “soulmates” doesn’t have a direct connection to this tale, but it is what comes to mind when I hear the word and how romantic is the thought that we are in constant search for our other half… I’m pretty sure I’ve found mine.

27. Soulmate

2828 Buttercup

If you haven’t seen The Princess Bride, stop reading and go watch it. Princess Buttercup is the star of the film and her Wesley who obeys her every command with “as you wish”

28. Buttercup

2929 Perfect

All girls have their insecurities, heck even men have insecurities, so calling her perfect lets her know she is and always will be perfect in your eyes. Use this when she doesn’t look her best, you will for sure get a smile.

29. Perfect

3030 Her Name

I love hearing my name come out of my boyfriends mouth. It’s extremely surprising how little it happens too. When he decides to say my name instead of “babe” or “honey” it almost always puts a smile on my face immediately. We’ve heard it from our parents, teachers, and friends our whole lives, but hearing your name come out of your SO’s mouth is something magical.

We hope you’ve found the perfect nickname for you special girl in this list of nicknames for girlfriends!

30. Her Name


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