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10 Facts About Brazilian Blowout

what is a brazilian blowout


10 Facts About Brazilian Blowout

Have you had one of those days where you leave the house with your hair looking wonderfully on point after all that hard work you did to achieve that fabulous look? But then you come across a mirror and see that even in that short amount of time your hair is already a hot mess and all you can think is “OMG how long have I been walking around like this?!”.  Having a great hair day is not only a huge confident boost but heck, it can totally make your day go smoothly cause when you look good, you feel good!  It may be difficult to get those great hair days especially without a personal hairstylist, but with this miraculous, increasingly popular hair relaxing treatment known as the Brazillian Blowout the odds of a great hair day is at the tip of your fingers. Many people including top A+ celebrities have found the great miracle of the Brazillian Blowout and won’t leave home without their hair looking smooth, silky and perfect while being kept up on their treatment regimen. But before you jump the gun, here are some facts and questions that you should know and ask before choosing which stylist will be updating your new look.

1What Is A Brazilian Blowout?

So what is a Blowout? A Brazilian Blowout is a widely used, increasingly trendy way to have those great hair days more often.  The Brazilian keratin hair treatment forms a protective keratin layer around your hair shaft which will result in healthier, beautiful, silky smooth and frizz free hair. The appearance of the hair will look healthier as flyways, frizz and damaged hair are tamed and maintained to create long lasting sleek, soft hair with lots of volume and body. The keratin treatment will fill in the areas where keratin is lacking  which will reduce the frizz and dryness of the hair.

2Can Everyone Get The Brazilian Keratin Treatment Done?

The Brazilian Blow out will work on men and women who experience difficult, unmanageable hair.  Those people with curly, processed, damaged, wavy, frizzy or even static prone hair benefit greatly from receiving the Brazilian Blowout as their hair becomes smoother and easier to manage.  The Brazilian hair Blowout will not work well on all hair types, including those with thin hair.  To make sure the Blowout hair treatment is right for your hair type, ask a professional for a consultation to guarantee you will be getting all the benefits of a Brazilian Blow out.

3How Long Does a Brazilian Blowout Last

The Brazilian Blowout is not a permanent solution for straight hair.  The Blowout is a hair relaxer that will relax the strands of hair making it much easier and quicker to straighten and manage.  If you have straight or wavy hair, it will help leave you with the appearance of naturally straight hair.  One treatment will not give you permanent results, as it is a semi permanent solution which lasts between 3 to 4 months.  To keep your Brazilian Blowout maintained, you must get your hair touched up for 3 to 4 month maintenance. The more you keep up with the blowout the better and healthier your hair will become.

4Brazilian Blowout Cost – How Much Should I Expect To Pay?

Just like you wouldn’t get a $10 tattoo out of the home of a friend of a friend,  (If you are one that has or have thought about it…my condolences…good luck with that one.) you wouldn’t want to get risk not only poor quality but also the many dangerous side effects of poorly performed Brazilian Blowout.  Just like they say, you get what you paid for; so before you go schedule an appointment at that salon advertising  $100 Blowouts, expect that you will not only be saving lots of money upfront but you will be losing lots of money on the cost to fix all the damage that poor quality blowouts can leave you with.  Brazilian Blowouts typically run between $150 to $600 and require maintenance every few months in order to have the best results.

5Can My Stylist Perform A Brazilian Blowout?

Is your stylist licensed?  Just because a stylist says that they can perform a Brazilian Blowout doesn’t mean that they SHOULD.  Those that are legally certified to perform Brazilian Blowouts receive special training courses in addition to their cosmetology license.  A cosmetology license does not include the additional certification allowing them to perform these types of blowouts. Even if you feel shy asking, this is a MUST and you should ask before or during the consultation.

6What Should I Ask When Finding A Stylist Before Getting A Brazilian Blowout Done?

  • Are you licensed to perform Brazilian Blowouts?
  • May I see your certification?
  • How long have you been certified to perform Brazilian Blowouts?
  • How often do you do Brazilian Blowouts on clients?

7Are There Any Dangers In This Process?

There have been many controversies with the fact that there is Formaldehyde used in this process.  For those of you that do not know what Formaldehyde is, it is a disinfectant, and a preservative embalming agent that will help by creating and modifying the keratin hair proteins. There have been studies to show that used in large amounts, there is a risk of potentially causing cancer but the amount used typically for a Brazilian Blowout stylist use less than .1% Formaldehyde but to play it safe, make sure you ask your stylist.  Risks of hair loss, hair breakage and excess damage to your hair are more likely to happen if you do not get a professional consultation to fully discuss how well your hair will benefit and handle the treatment. Only get Brazilian Blowouts from Certified stylists to have risk free, beautiful results.

8What Should I Expect?

Don’t expect to be out of the salon in twenty minutes but you surely will not be staying as long as other straightening treatments that last over three hours.  When your stylist works on your Brazilian Blowout, it should take about an hour and a half to two and a half hours but really will depend on the stylist and the length, thickness and type of your hair.  Once the keratin treatment is applied to your hair, your hair will be sealed with flat ironed with a high heat of 450 which will seal the product on to your hair. In order for your hair to properly seal in the keratin treatment, it will take three days to completely seal, bond and securely coat the hair.

9How Can I Help Maintain My Blowout?

Your stylist did all the hard work in creating that beautifully smooth and luxurious hair, now it’s up to you to maintain your fresh blowout.  Some tips on keeping your hair looking amazing and making your Brazilian Blowout last longer, are very simple and easy to do.  Do not wash your hair for the first three days as this is the time that is needed for the product to adhere properly.  In those three days avoid getting your hair wet including showering with the steam or even sweating from a good workout. Once the initial three days are over, use brazilian blowout products, sodium lauryl sulfate free shampoos, and leave in conditioners to cleanse your hair once a week.  The more you wash your hair and the more you use incorrect products, the sooner you will need to go in for maintenance as it will quickly ruin your blowout.

10Are You Ready For A Brazilian Blowout?

You’ve decided to make your life much easier and take your beauty routine to a whole new level so you want to schedule an appointment to give your hair a revitalizing and rejuvenating Brazilian Blowout but first, make sure you follow these steps:

  • RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH! I can’t tell you enough how important it is that you research information on a Brazilian Blowout including the process as well as post care.
  • Check Out Brazilian Blowout Reviews. Go online and check out reviews left from clients from salons near you that perform Brazilian Blowouts.
  • Have A List Of Questions. I know this may feel silly for some, but how else will you know if you have asked the important questions like ‘Are you certified to perform Brazilian Blowouts?’
  • See That Certification! Don’t just take a simple ‘yes’ that they are certified to be performing Brazilian Blowouts because as you remember a basic cosmetology license does not include all the courses and training to do this procedure. They physically have to have their certification at the salon where they will be performing the blowout.
  • Schedule A Consult and A Patch Test. Before taking the plunge, schedule a consultation with a certified Brazilian Blowout Stylist so she can help with any questions or concerns you may have.  Let her know of any allergies you may have and have her perform a 24 hour patch test to make sure that you will be able to tolerate the chemicals without any irritation. Once you know you’re in the clear, go ahead, schedule your Brazilian Blowout appointment and enjoy!

So are you ready to take the plunge and blow out hair?



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