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Wedding Day Love Quotes

Quotes about love on your wedding day can add a nice touch to your wedding decor! You could place them in programs, on tables, or even use them for seating assignments. The possibilities are endless! So, if you are getting ready for your wedding and are looking for some ideal quotes to place around your venue, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the best wedding day love quotes.

1An Endless Sleepover

Marriage shouldn’t be all serious. It should be fun. And, if you are excited to get to spend every single night for the rest of your life cuddled up with late-night giggles with your sweetheart, then this quote is for you.

2Hand in Hand

Your wedding day is the day that your life together starts. And, this quote does a great job of celebrating that idea. Get ready for a lifetime full of adventure and happiness!

3Our Love Story

Every love story is unique, but I am sure that yours is your favorite. So, why not tell everyone on your wedding day how beautiful and special your story really is?

4Together wedding quote

Sometimes it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as your together! And, if that describes how you feel about you and your soon-to-be husband, then this is the perfect quote for you.

5You Are My Home

In life, we move around a lot as we grow older. But, when you meet someone who makes you feel at home wherever you are, then you know they are the one.

6All Of My Stars

To say someone is your universe is a big thing, but if that is how you feel about your soon-to-be husband, then this E.E. Cummings quote is perfect to commemorate your love on your special day.

7He’s more myself than I am…

Everyone loves a good Emily Bronte quote! There are so many to choose from. But, this is one that is works perfectly for a marriage between two soulmates.

8You Are My Always

This simple quote makes so much noise in the world of love. Being someone’s everything all the time is a powerful statement. If your love with your boo can move mountains then consider putting this quote somewhere around your venue.

9Love You More Quote

Love is always growing and changing. And, if you know that you love your partner more and more each day, then this is an excellent choice for a wedding day quote.

10The Best Is Yet To Come Wedding Love Quote

The wedding day may seem like the best day of your life, but, girl, it’s only going to get better! You and your sweetheart have a whole life of adventure ahead of you, so hold on tight!

11My Heart Whispered The One

Some couples believe they were loves at first sight, and if you and your bae think the same, maybe this is a quote you should put on top of your cake!

12Hold On To Each Other

Smart couples know that as long as they are together they can get through anything no matter what. Marriage can bring a lot of tough times, but as long as you hold onto each other, you will be alright.

13Can’t Put Into Words

Weddings are supposed to leave you speechless. It’s a happy day full of love and bliss. So, embrace the moment and don’t waste your time thinking about the future. Live for now.

14Something Magical

Some women want the total fairy-tale wedding! And, if you think you’ve found your Prince Charming, then add this quote to your wedding quotes list.

15You Are Part of Me

The wedding ring is to commemorate your love and to be able to carry it wherever you go. But, it’s not just a symbol. It carries the love of your sweetheart. So, whenever you feel lonely look down to your left hand and know that he is with you, always.

16Endless Love quote for wedding day

Love runs deeper than the ocean and it moves and breathes like the ocean tides. If you are having a beach wedding, this would be a wonderful quote to display on your special day

17I Promise quote

‘I choose you’ is a strong statement. Your partner could have anyone in the world, but you are the one that they want and that they are choosing to spend their life with. So, celebrate that fact with this beautiful wedding day quote!

18An Understatement

If you and your boo are total literary fans, then this quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald should suit your wedding nicely. Not only, is it a classic quote, but it’s genuine and beautiful and fit nicely into any wedding decor.

19Because of You

Sometimes people don’t reach their full potential until they meet their soulmate. If you feel like you and your lover lifted each other to new heights, then consider putting this quote around your wedding hall.

20Forever in Love

You don’t have to be Irish to use this wedding blessing. It’s a beautiful reminder that marriage is not just between two lovers, but also between two friends.

21Fairy Tales

Finding the love of your life can feel like an absolute dreamy fairy-tale; One that you have wished for ever since you were a little girl! If you feel like you found your happily-ever-after, then consider this quote to celebrate your marriage.

22You Feel It

Love is a word that we feel. It’s all-encompassing and more powerful than anything we could ever dream of encountering. If you love Winnie the Pooh and your partner, then definitely consider this quote to be apart of your wedding day celebrations.

23Taste of Love

Are you and your lover total Johnny Cash fans? If so, this quote is for you. Love with the wrong person can be bitter and unsatisfying but with the right person, it’s always sweet as pie.

24Love You Longer

We always wish we could have more time when we are doing something we are enjoying. And, that includes spending time with your soulmate. We can’t really turn back time to love them longer, but we can make the best of the minutes we have now.

25The Best Thing

There are some loves that surprise us. They make us realize that there was something we didn’t even know was missing. And, that is truly special. Consider this quote if your lover shows you what it really means to feel loved.

26As Soon As Possible

Sometimes lovers are accused of rushing into things. But, if the love is right, you can’t help wanting your life with them to start as soon as possible. No one can judge a relationship from the outside. Only the people in it know the right speed.

27An Adventure

Love isn’t meant to feel safe and secure all the time. It is meant to be an exciting adventure that will grow and take you places that you never dreamed of. So hold on and buckle up!

28The Rest of My Life

If you can look at your lover and see everything that you have ever wanted right there in their eyes, then it’s a sure sign that they are the one. Get ready for a beautiful future together; From pets to children to moving to adventures- you have a so many adventures to look forward to with this one!

29Cannot Live Without

There are a lot of people you can live with. But, there are very few people that you can’t live without. And, one of those should definitely be your soon-to-be husband. So, if you couldn’t imagine your life without your bae, then consider using this quote as part of your wedding decor on your special day.

30Perfect For Each Other

No one is perfect. And, it’s definitely important to remember that in a relationship because mistakes will happen and chances are you will have to get through tough times. But, if you and your lover are perfect for each other then this is a great quote to incorporate into your special day.

31Becoming the Me

Sometimes a lover helps you meet your fullest potential. And, when that happens it’s completely magical. Couples that work together to make each other better are total power couples. So, definitely don’t let this one go! You will continue to raise each other up all the way through your marriage.

32Now and Forever

This is a sacred vow that beautifully describes all the feelings you should have on your wedding day and throughout your marriage. Love is not weak, it is fierce. So, I hope you and your lover fiercely love each other until your dying days.

33There Comes A Time

A smile is worth a thousand words. And, if your lover can make you smile at any moment, then this is a great choice for a wedding day quote to celebrate your special love.

34Love Songs

All our lives, we listen to love songs on the radio. And, when we meet that special person, they are all we can think about when we listen to these familiar tunes. Celebrate your day with this quote, especially if you are music-lovers!

35I Hope My Wedding Is As Good…

…as what I’ve pinned on Pinterest…:)

36Wedding cake

A really funny speech joke idea for the bets man..

The Goal is..

Have someone special you can laugh with for the rest of your life.

37In You I’ve Found

You’ve found in each other not only love, but a true friendship.

38You are the sunshine

A super cute and romantic text to send your love on your wedding day!

39Thank you for coming into my life

This will make a great wedding vow to show your love how much you appreciate and love them.

40You are my today

You are there for each other forever after.



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