Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Couples Costumes for Halloween

DIY Couples Costumes For Halloween

Couples costumes on Halloween are a total given if you are in a committed relationship with your boo. And, it’s even more fun if you have a little day DIYing together to make sure that you have costumes that will have everyone eyes on you. Here are some clever and fun ideas for costumes that will definitely make everyone at your Halloween celebration super jealous!

1Boo and Sully Costume

Boo and Sully are the cutest pair! This costume works great for the couple who’d rather be cute and nostalgic than sexy and hot. And, it’s so easy to make! All you need it a big pink tee for Boo. And for your man, a matching blue top and bottom with some purple dots taped on!

2Jim and Pam Couple Costume

There is nothing more iconic in today’s society than the innocently charming relationship of Jim and Pam from the hit TV show, “The Office”. If you and your boo feel like the real Jim and Pam of the world, then friends will love if you dress up like this for their Halloween party. Or, even better, rock this DIY masterpiece to a work party if you are both co-workers and lovers.

3King and Queen Costumes For Halloween

This simple and classic DIY Halloween costume is perfect for the power couple who knows how to get things done. Speaking of getting things done, this costume shouldn’t take long! All you need is a few white tees and some red paint for the hearts and you’ve got yourself a King and Queen of Hearts.

4Stranger Things Costume

Everyone is still gushing over “Stranger Things”, so why not be hip with the times and create a fun Halloween costume commemorated to this hit show? Just make sure to find lights that are battery-operated so your lover doesn’t have to stand against an outlet the entire party.

5Firefighter and Dog Costume

A firefighter and his firehouse dog is a great couples costume to consider if you aren’t into pop culture that much. This classic costume will win the hearts of everyone at the party. And, it gives your man a chance to get a little sexy.

6Dirty Dancing Costumes for Couples

“Dirty Dancing” is the ultimate couples costume. Everyone knows it. And, everyone loves it. It also is super easy to DIY. All you need is some pink and some black and Ta-dah! You’ve got an iconic costume that everyone will recognize. It also gives you an excuse to pull out your best moves at the party.

7Hunter and Deer Couple Costume

For the country couple, the hunter and the deer is a perfect couples costume. It’s not only adorable and clever, but it also pays homage to your country roots.

8Popeye and Olive Oil Costumes

Popeye and Olive Oil are two characters that are popularly represented on Halloween. And, there’s a good reason! They’re a couple that everyone loves. So, if you and your lover are a top-notch couple then this might be the costume for you. Bonus points if you can do the character voices!

9Adam and Eve Costumes

Is there a couple more classic than Adam and Eve? Probably not. And, these costumes are not only easy, they’re sexy as hell. Who wouldn’t want to see you and your boo covered in just leaves?

10Wendy and Peter Pan Costumes

On Halloween no one ever wants to grow up. They want to eat candy and stay young forever. So, why not have your babe dress as the longest living child around? Peter Pan! And, of course you get to be Wendy and look all cute next to him!

11Picasso and The Starry Night Costumes

Picasso and his painting “The Starry Night” is a wonderfully unique idea for a couple that is totally into art. You can also guarantee that no one will have the same costume. You can choose to paint on a dress or do full body paint. Either way, everyone will be looking at you like a work of art.

12Mimes Couple Costumea

Mime costumes are super adorable and super easy to put together in a flash. All you need is some white face paint and a white and black striped shirt. A beret helps, but is totally not necessary to convince people that you are actually a mime. Just remember not to talk!

13Panda and Bamboo Costumes

A panda needs its bamboo, just like you need your boo! So, this Halloween consider dressing up as this cuddly bear and have your boy be your stalk of bamboo. It’s totally clever and very easy to make.

14KFC Chicken Couple Costume

If you don’t mind looking a little silly with your partner, consider this Colonel Sanders and his chicken costume to commemorate KFC, our nation’s favorite fast food chicken. All you need is a few feathers, a fake beard, and a red apron, and you’ve got yourself a grade A Halloween costume!

15Astronaut and Alien Costumes

Are you and your boyfriend completely out of this world? Then consider this astronaut and alien DIY Halloween costume. All you need is a white suit and some funky make-up and you’ll convince everyone that you’re straight from space.

16Minnie and Mickey Couple Costume

Everyone loves Minnie and Mickey Mouse and there are so many ways to put together this popular costume. As long as you have the colors red and black in your wardrobe, then you are already halfway there! All you need are some mouse ears.

17Buddy and His Syrup Costume

No one will show up as Buddy and his maple syrup, so if you and your boo choose this one, then you are definitely in the clear AND in the running for best couples costume! Buddy loves his maple syrup more than anything, so if that describes how your boo feels about you, definitely get DIYing on this one.

18Jack and Jill Couple Costume

Jack and Jill is a great costume to put together in a pinch. They really can be wearing whatever you want them to as long as they have boo-boos and name tags! Also, a pail of water doesn’t hurt to reinforce who you are portraying.

19Barbie and Ken Costumes

Barbie and Ken are total #RelationshipGoals. They are perfect in every way! I mean, look at them! They’re still in plastic. If you and your bae have time to make these cute Barbie and Ken boxed costumes, you’ll be the hit of every Halloween party you attend.

20Mario and Princess Peach Costume

For the video game lovers, Mario and Princess Peach are an obvious choice. These costumes may be a little harder to DIY than others, but the colors of the costumes and the Mario hat and mustache are what really matter in order to portray this duo.

21Tigger and Pooh Couple Costume

Pooh and Tigger are the best of friends. And, if you and your partner act like best friends, then this is a cute idea for a couples costume that will everyone applauding.

22Tootsie Pop and Owl Costume

The owl and the tootsie pop is an easy DIY costume for couples who want something unique and fun. All you need is to create an owl mask and a tootsie pop label on a shirt and you’ve got an award-winning Halloween couples costume!

23Betty and Jughead Costumes

“Riverdale” is super hot right now and so everyone is jumping on the Jughead and Betty costume train. And, it’s so perfectly innocent and steamy at the same time. However, feel free to dress as any of the other characters! Archie and Veronica would make an adorabely sexy couples costume too.

24Oreo Couple Costume

If you don’t mind being stuck next to your boo the entire night, then this Oreo Halloween costume is perfect for your night out. All you need is a couple of pieces of decorated circled cardboard and some white tees and you have yourself a couples costume.

25Rainbow and Unicorn Costume

If you want to be a unicorn this Halloween because it’s all the rage, then you need to find a similar costume for your boyfriend, so why not a rainbow? If he’s willing to do it, this costume will be super cute and no one else will have it, for sure.

26Sandy and Danny Grease Costume

Sandy and Danny are perfect for that couple who wants to look bad-ass and sexy this Halloween. All you need is some red lipstick and leather and you will be singing “Summer Nights” at the party for everyone to enjoy.

27Sun Flower and Gardener Costume

This easy DIY couples costume is perfect for the nature-loving couple. All you need are some fake flowers, a gardening apron, and a tutu skirt to make your couples costume dreams come true.

28Cookie Monster Couple Costume

A cookie and the Cookie Monster are the perfect combination for a couples costume this Halloween. Pair a blue tutu and a crop top for a sexy but fierce monster look. And, as long as your man has brown attire, you are all set!

29Soap and Loofah Costumes

The soap and loofah costume is such a fun one! It’s definitely a classic combination. And, the loofah dress almost feels high-fashion as it’s super out-of-the-ordinary!

30Lilo and Stitch Couple Costume

Lilo and Stitch is such a tribute to childhood and Disney. So, if you and your partner are total Disney nerds, this is definitely a cute costume to DIY together for you Halloween adventures.



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