I Love You More Than Quotes

I Love You More quotes


Cute and Funny I Love You More Than Quotes

‘I love you more than’ quotes are simple cute and funny quotes you can use to let your partner know how much you really care. They are sometimes sweet and sometimes a little bit sassy. But, they are always genuine and a fun way to celebrate your special love with your significant other!

1Found A Way

Sometimes you can’t put into words how much your loved one means to you. And, that is exactly why this quote exists- to remind us that it’s ok when we feel more than we can say.

2Coffee Quote

Telling someone you love them more than coffee is definitely a big statement of love. It means their love can wake you up and energize you more than your morning cup of Joe. And, if you have a love like that, then definitely hold onto it.

3All The Stars Quote

There are millions and millions of stars in the sky. So, by using this quote to celebrate your love, you are saying that your love is even more wide and vast than these stars can cover. Your partner is your star and the only one that matters.

4Anything Ever

This quote is sweet and silly. When you find someone that makes you happier than you have ever felt before, you have found the one. This person can make you smile even on the darkest of days.

5Free Wifi Quote

Everyone loves free wifi. Especially when you are close to using up all your data for the month. So, if your boo is better than a free hotspot, you have found someone who will make your life a little more stress-free.

6Tomorrow Quotes

Love is always growing. If you are with the right person you will find that you love that person more and more each day. This quote definitely commemorates the ever-growing and ever-changing dynamic of love.

7Loves Money

Not to say that lawyers are greedy, but they definitely do love to get some money. This funny quote depicts how much you really love your man by using a popular stereotype.

8Kanye Quote

It’s a fact that Kanye West LOVES Kanye West. This quote is perfect to use on your partner, especially if HE loves Kanye West too. I mean, don’t we all a little in some weird way?

9Shopping Quote

Shopping is a girl’s outlet when she is sad. There is nothing better than retail therapy except maybe your boo-thang. If, your lover makes you feel as good as shopping on your darkest days, this quote is a great choice for you.

10I love you more than pizza

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, he will definitely understand when you say that you love him more than pizza. That’s A LOT for anyone. I mean, EVERYONE loves pizza.

11Serial Killers

This is for all the girls who are currently obsessed with crime docs on Netflix. And, it’s a fact serial killers really do love nondescript vans. So, if your relationship makes you feel like cuddling up to these true-life crime shows, you can definitely use this quote on your bae. It’s just another way to make Netflix-and-Chill a little sexier.

12I love you more than cookies

Cookie Monster loves cookies. But, so does everyone else in the world. If you tell your partner that you love him more than cookies, he will definitely understand this is the real-deal. Seriously, he might even get down on one knee.

13More Than Yesterday

This quote is perfect for the couple that tells it like it is. Relationships are not always easy. And, you will definitely get on each other’s nerves sometimes. But, this quote will remind you that you will love them just as much as you once did when you’ve had time to calm down.

14My Books

Yeah, you can love your bae more than you love your books. But, that doesn’t mean you want them always bugging you when you are trying to read. Sometimes, you need a little time for yourself.

15Bacon Quotes

The world is full of bacon-fanatics. And, everyone is trying to put bacon into every recipe around. So, if you say you love your boyfriend more than bacon, he will definitely understand that you always want him around.

16Richard Simmons

This is for the hardcore Richard Simmons fans…if there are still any around. This iconic man always showcases himself in the jazziest outfits, but he totally rocks it. If your guy is the fan of the 80s, he will definitely appreciate this sentiment coming from you.

17Pinterest Quote

If you are a girl, chances are you are obsessed with Pinterest. I mean, how could you not be? It offers us so many ways to change our hair, our wardrobe, our rooms, try new recipes, and plan the perfect wedding! If your guy is full of ideas, this is the quote for you.

18Fruit Loops Quote

If you and your boo are children at heart, then he will definitely feel the love when you tell him you love him more than fruit loops! I mean, who doesn’t love these deliciously sweet circles?

19Cheese Quotes

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love cheese. Cheese is great on everything! Add it onto any recipe to take it to the next level. And, it goes great with wine! So, if your boo is like a fine wine, then definitely share this quote with him.

20Paula Deen

Paula Deen loves butter. It’s a fact. And, she is not trying to hide it! If you and your boo do a lot of country cooking, then this quote may be just perfect for your relationship dynamic.

21Cupcakes Quote

Cupcakes are adorable cute little cakes! And, if your partner is just as cute, tell him you love him by saying you love him more than these sugary treats.

22Psychedelics Quote

The 60s were full of some weird stuff. And, psychedelics were definitely one of them. If your partner is a 60s hippy at heart, let him know you love him with this totally groovy quote.

23Cake Quote

This classic quote speaks volumes. Maybe, it’s a little insensitive, but hey, we all have a fat kid inside of us! So, if you tell your man you love him more than a fat kid loves cake, he’ll get it.

24Pumpkin Spice Lattes Quote

Every basic girl loves a pumpkin spice latte. And, there is no shame in that. They are delicious. And, they only come out once a year, so for some reason the waiting makes them taste even better.

25Pope Loves Jesus Quote

The Pope loves Jesus without a doubt. And, if you and your partner are religious as well, he will definitely understand when you say that you love him more than the Pope loves Jesus. But, don’t have him expect for you to start praying to him.

26Sweet Tea Quote

For any Southern girl, this is a true sentiment of love. Sweet tea is a Southern tradition and it’s absolutely delicious. So, if your guy makes you feel ‘at home’, then share this quote with him.

27Friends For Dinner

This one is for the funny couple that loves each other so very deeply, but definitely doesn’t take life too seriously. Share this with your funny guy to get him to chuckle.

28Macaroni and Champagne Quote

Macaroni and champagne are two things people love! And, if your lover makes you willing to give those up for a healthier lifestyle with him, then you have found a once-in-a-lifetime love.

29Superheroes Quote

Superheroes are always in tights. They seem to love them! And, if your partner is a superhero nerd, then he will love when you say this silly quote to him in order to celebrate your love.

30PB and J Quote

I imagine that peanut butter and jelly must be head-over-heels in love because we are all in love with the way they taste together. If you and your boo are a star couple, this is a quote that really sums up your love.

31Pig Loves Slop Quote

Pigs love slop! It’s true. So, if you and your boo are country lovers, then he will totally get what you mean when you say that you love him more than a pig loves slop! Really, he’s so cute, you just want to gobble him up!

32Tacos Quote

Who doesn’t love tacos? They are a staple in our culture now. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have a favorite taco spot. Let your lover know your his favorite too by saying this ‘I love you more than’ quote to him.

33Candy Crush Quote

Some people are totally addicted to games on their phones. And, Candy Crush is definitely one that can have you staring at your screen for hours. If your boyfriend makes you stare at him too, then this quote is the one for you.

34Bumper Stickers Quote

When driving down the highway, you always see parents who are praising their honor roll student via bumper stickers. If your boyfriend makes you just as proud, use this quote to celebrate your relationship.

35Except My Dog Quote

Dogs take number one priority in the heart of a girl. So, your boyfriend may be great and all, but you still will never love him as much as your pooch.

36Bad Sequels Quote

Hollywood has never really perfected the sequel yet. But, hopefully they’re working on it. However, if your boo is a film-fan, this quote will definitely pull at his heart-strings.



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