Kiss Quotes

Kiss Quotes

40 Kiss Quotes For Him And Her

Everyone loves when a kiss feels extra special. There are some kisses we replay over and over in our memories. Especially, if it’s an extra special first kiss with someone who is too good to be true. If you want to reminisce about some of your favorite kisses, take a look at this totally relatable kiss quotes that will have you dreaming of the next kiss with your sweetheart.

1Never Enough

There are some people who have addictive lips. And, maybe your boo is one of them. If you can’t get enough of your lover’s sweet kisses, then this quote is for you.

2First Kiss Quote

A special first kiss can make you feel completely alive. It can take you from living an ordinary to feeling the most extraordinary thing of all- love! This quote definitely describes the ideal first kiss between two lovers.

3Kissing Workout Quote

So, the truth of this quote is that it probably depends on how hard you’re working during these kisses. But, it’s a great excuse to get in some extra cardio with your bae. Even if it’s just a little.

4You Look At Me

Locking eyes with your partner before you kiss them can definitely turn the heat up. It’s that connection that brings a kiss to new heights. So, if you are all about the intimacy, don’t forget the eye contact.

5The Best Kiss

The building of tension is so important to a first kiss. Thinking about the first kiss over and over again before it actually happens will make it even sweeter when it does!

6Don’t Want Anyone Else

Finding a home in someone is extremely special. You don’t want anyone else to steal your spot, so you stay faithful and dedicated to the relationship. And, of course, enjoy all the kisses it has to offer!

7And Then We Kiss

There are some kisses that stop time and completely change your life forever. If you have experienced a kiss like that, consider yourself lucky. Not everyone is so blessed!


Sometimes it feels like you are just begging to be kissed nonstop. When you haven’t seen your lover in a while and then you finally get to see them it’s like you can’t keep your lips off of them!

9Not Just On The Lips

This quote is a little scandalous, but we’ve all felt it! Sometimes just kissing on the lips isn’t enough and you want to appreciate all of your partner’s body!

10A Kiss

There may come a time when you can’t stop thinking about someone and all you want for them to do is to kiss you. You may feel like that’s all you’re doing- sitting and waiting to be kissed.

11Makes Me Smile

If the first kiss with your sweetheart makes you smile, that’s a good sign. It means you are with someone who genuinely makes you happy and who properly takes care of you! Don’t let him go!

12Kissing Someone For The First Time

This can happen when you have a friend you have feelings for. You sit and wait for them to kiss you. And, when it finally happens, it’s like fireworks going off in your brain!

13Kisses You Passionately

There are few things better than a deep passionate kiss from someone you are totally in love with. If your man kisses you like this often, you’ve found yourself a keeper!

14Second Best Thing

Smiling is the second best thing you can do with your lips, so obviously kissing is the first. If you truly believe this, then this is the quote for you!


The sexual tension that builds before a first kiss can be painful and maddening. But, it’s so worth it when you finally get that sweet passionate kiss. All your stress will melt away and you will feel utterly blissful.

16Close To You

There are some people who just seem magnetic. They have this strange attraction that you can’t quite understand. All that you know is that it’s hard to keep your hands off of them.

17Cruel Not To Kiss

Some people are very welcoming open presences. And, when they are their smile almost calls out to be kissed because of the energy they are radiating.

18World Light Up

A kiss on the forehead from your guy is one of the sweetest gestures around. As girls, it makes us feel loved, safe, and secure. And, we know that they are ours!

19Kisses Each Day

A simple kiss can make someone’s day. If you look forward to kisses from your man every day, then you definitely found someone who impacts your life in a positive way.

20Instead of Missing You

Long distance relationships can be really hard. And, often times we wish we were kissing our partners instead of just missing them. Talking on the phone is not the same as a goodnight kiss.

21Who Knows How

This classic quote really tells it like it is. Bad kisses can be super unsatisfying. A kiss is not just a kiss. You definitely need to have a little skill to make your partner feel special and well taken care of.

22Snowflake Kisses

Sending some a blizzard of kisses would be a great gift idea, if it were possible! There is nothing better than a million trillion kisses to make you feel special.

23Not Easily Kissed

There are some kisses that you have to wait patiently for. But, that’s what makes those ones extra special. If the person you are pining after takes their sweet time, you know when they kiss you, they really mean it.

24The Only Two

There are some kisses that make time stand still and it feels like you are the only two people in the room. Those kisses are the ones we remember with people we could never forget. If you felt this with your boo the first time you kissed, know that he is someone to hang on to.

25The Only Thing

Some kisses take us by surprise and they end up being ones that completely change our lives. If this has happened to you, then this quote definitely fits your kissing history.


I think we all can relate to this word every once in a while. If you have ever felt an overwhelming desire to kiss someone, then add this new word to your vocabulary. I am sure you can use it at least once or twice a week.

27Under The Moon

Kissing under the moon is definitely a romantic gesture. The soft moonlight mixed with the sounds of crickets, maybe. Nature, in general, really helps to heat up moments of passion. So, take your lover outside tonight and plant him a kiss on the lips under the moon!

28Appreciate The Moment

A first kiss can sometimes make you fall in love right away. It’s like your whole world changes with the simple locking of lips. The connection between you and your lover could have you surrendering your heart for the taking. Hopefully, he’s gentle with it.


Kisses can be very addictive. Once you’ve had the perfect one from the perfect person you can’t stop craving them. If you think about your man’s kisses every day, this quote describes you.

30Melting Me

Have you ever just felt like melting into someone when they kissed you? Almost like you couldn’t stand anymore. Or, maybe like the walls that you have built for yourself just melt away when their lips touch yours? This is a special kind of kiss that should not be taken for granted. You are with someone that makes you feel safe and that is truly special.

31Kiss Me Awake

Coffee is an essential in the mornings in order to get up and ready for the day. But, if you have a lover with energetic lips, then that is an even sweeter way to start your morning. Get kissing to get the blood flow going!

32Forgot To Breathe

A kiss that feels like it is the only thing that matters is a sign that you are with someone special. Distractions definitely don’t get in the way when you are spending time with this partner.

33How Many Times

We have all been in a situation where we have a crush on someone, but have never kissed them. Maybe we see them all the time in class or they are one of our best friends. So, we spend days and days dreaming about all the things their lips would do to ours.

34In A Relationship

Cuddling and kissing in a relationship is so important. It creates a more intimate connection between the two partners. And, it makes you feel safe, secure, and of course, desired which is equally as important.

35I Was Hooked

Sometimes one kiss leads to another which leads to another which leads to absolute addiction. And, at some point, there is no turning back. You’re stuck to them like glue. So, get used to it.

36I Remember..

A sweet and romantic quote to text your bae showing them your first kiss together is unforgettable.

37Before you kiss a girl…

Send this ‘list’ your special guy…

38The best feeling

There’s no better feeling than a first kiss you’ve been waiting for a long time to happen..

39The Purity Of A Kiss

A kiss can change your world..

40The best kiss

Eyes are a window to soul and that long look before a kiss is the most powerful and romantic moment.

41One kiss

Sometimes all you need is warmth and a sweet kiss on the forehead.

42I seriously wouldn’t mind

If you want to make your bae smile, send them this flirty and cute text.

43I could go for one of your kisses

Send this to your bae to show how much you miss them.

44Kiss you forever

You want to kiss them forever!

45My lips

..wants to cuddle with yours

46Just one kiss

Sometimes that’s all it takes.

47I wanna see you, Hug you, Kiss you

If you feel this way about your bae, make sure to let them know..

48Kissing you

49Morning kisses



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